Friday, April 1, 2011

Open Blog - Friday

Watch out for the pranksters out there!


OrbsCorbs said...

First! Good morning.

I've reverted back from Firefox 4 to FF3. Still a few too many bugs for me. I couldn't copy/paste with a right click of the mouse anymore, although I could do it using the toolbar. Double clicking on an item in my google search history would not bring that page up, nor could I copy and paste it. My favorite online classical station's media player would not work in FF4, so I had to open IE just for that. And I did not notice any improvement in speed. I am using an old machine, but I have Road Rummer Turbo.

I am not slamming the new version. I was functional on it within minutes. 99% of it worked fine. I guess I'm not a power user of the net, so I only have a few tabs open at a time. There are improvements that are immaterial to me. This is the way it is now, there are new versions of everything coming out all the time. I'll just wait till the bugs are worked out of FF4 and they force us to upgrade.

Have a good day mate!

SER said...

IIIIII Matey, I went down there once last year. There were so many people there wasn't any place to park, so that was the end of that!

Happy Friday to ya'll.

lizardmom said...

Happy Friday!!
Twice to the chiropractor and no headaches to wake up to for the last 2 days, I feel like me again!!! :)
I don't do crowds, they make me buggy and very claustrophobic, I must be getting old, they never bothered me until the last few years, now, forget it!

kkdither said...

Thanks for the update on FF4! I decided to hold off a bit when you said the speed did not seem improved. My main reason for updating would have been the speed increase they were touting or the potential for upgraded security.

I must be getting crotchety with age. I get so frustrated when I want to do something on the computer and I can't find it immediately. I am still going through major crabbiness in switching over to Mac OS X from windows. It is like learning a new language.

OrbsCorbs said...

I've been involved in a war with Time Warner Cable that isn't even of my own making. A neighbor complained to them that our building's cable box was unsecured, literally wide open to the elements all winter long. Now that the snow is gone, people and animals can access it. He asked me to file a complaint, too. That violated my Prime Directive concerning TWC: NEVER rattle their cage unless you absolutely have to. After dozens of emails and phone calls and even the police involved because TWC keeps parking in our Handicapped Zone, I give up. Please leave me alone, TWC. I am so sorry that I ever dared to complain. Please just go back to charging me outrageous prices for services that you don't deliver. Please.