Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"Teacher suspended after jamming students' phones"

From Break:

by PhilHaney on 1 hours ago

"The man is a damn hero, yet a Florida science teacher is in some hot water over his decision to not take crap from his students anymore. 

Teacher of The Year

"Dean Liptak, who teaches at Fivay High School in Hudson, Florida was sick and tired of student’s cell phones ringing, beeping and interrupting his class. So he did what anyone who has had to sit behind teenagers at a movie theater wishes they had thought of. He bought a cell phone jammer… and those little bastards’ phones stopped buzzing. 

"There is a lot of rage between people who use their phones at inappropriate times and those who 'aren’t going to take it anymore.' This week on Break we saw a motorcyclist tell a driver to stop texting in the car only to get run over by that driver in retaliation. That is why it is great to see a teacher standing up for himself and the respect of his classroom; after all, simply telling them not to use their phones in school would only make them want to do it more.  Liptak thought the jammer would work only for his classroom. Unfortunately that was not the case;

"A spokesperson from the Pasco County School District, Linda Cobbe told local reporters: 'Verizon had come to the school saying someone had a jamming device, because the cell phone service was being interrupted in the area.'

"Mr. Lipta is going to get some silence for at least one week of school as he has been reprimanded and given a five day suspension without pay over the incident. While cell phone jammers are not illegal, they can be if there are harmful consequences in their use; such as stopping service in the nearby neighborhood. Hopefully these kids learned some kind of lesson from all of this. I know one science teacher that would have made these kids show some respect."

Do you think all schools should use cell phone jammers to stop kids from going on their phones during class?

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kkdither said...

I really believe the I.Q.'s of our students have dropped due to cell phones in their hands at all times. The distraction, the constant disruption of videos, music, beeping, picture taking, texting each other, cheating is too much. It is a constant battle.

As kids, we knew if we brought toys to school, the teacher had the right to take them away. I remember we would play marbles at recess. One boy opened up his desk and all his marbles fell out of that hole that all the desks had... one after another hit the floor. It happened by accident. I remember how he cried when the teacher took them all away. We all learned a huge lesson from that. Now, a teacher is suspended for trying to regain control of his class. What does this teach the kids?

OrbsCorbs said...

He just needs a lower power jammer with less range.

Tender Heart Bear said...

We had that problem with Drew's son because his son's girlfriend had his phone and it was taken away then we had to go to the school and get it. I just do not think that the kids have the right to take the phones to class if they do take them to school leave them in their lockers and only take them out at lunch or when they leave the school. I also think that all the teachers should take them away from the kids if they have them out in class. This would be the only way to get the kids to listen to the teachers and school policy. I have seen this written with the paper work that is given to the parents at the beginning of the school year.

I think the teacher did the right thing but like Daddy Orbs said lower the range.