Tuesday, July 14, 2015


From Racine Community Media:

"City Says, 'NO' to fixing Northwestern/State Street, And 'NO' To Residents Flowers. Instead, Reduces Speed Limit To 20MPH."

"Residents frustrated with street conditions and basic lack of street maintenence on behalf of city officials, have taken to fixing potholes themselves, some safe, some not so much.

"Northwestern/State Street in Racine is in such bad shape that the city has just lowered the speed limit to 20 mph on the stretch between Spring Street & West High Street.

"City Superintendent Bill Folstrom said this about Northwestern Avenue to the Racine Public Works Committee,

"'The road is shot, we all know that, and we can’t keep up with the potholes. We just don’t have the people to do that. This is not an active construction site, but it might as well be!'

"The city has also ordered Alicia Villa 1935 State Street (located on the road the city say’s is unfixable and shot) to remove the flower decoration in a painted tire from her property.

"It comes down to waste and reuse to Villa and the city should observe the differences. Villa has made what most consider a beautiful work of art that adds a bright spot to an already destroyed city street.

"Alica Villa plans to attend the next City Council meeting on July 23rd at 7pm in City Hall to address her concerns and encourages all to attend and speak up.


Read more: http://racinecommunitymedia.tumblr.com/post/124043090913/city-of-racine-says-northwestern-state-street-is

No money for potholes or streetlights, but plenty to give to lying John's friends.


OrbsCorbs said...

The Journal Times story on this has 38 comments.

kkdither said...

I love the last one. We should hire this guy to do the rest of them.

kkdither said...

Do you remember when they decided that there was no money or real need to cut the grass in the medians? I knew the guy who donned a reflective vest and went and cut the grass on the median himself, as the road was becoming dangerous. They tried to fine him for creating a dangerous situation by being on that median. People made a stink about it... and miraculously, they found the money to cut the medians again. Maybe that is exactly what we need to do. Fix it ourselves. They'll find a way to come up with the money to make the needed repairs.