Friday, October 9, 2015

Fall Colors!

Well after what happened the other day I was able to get some pictures to share with everyone. It is hard to get good pictures with the sun coming in and out when you want to get really good ones. I will be going out more to get pictures to share with everyone. Here are some of what I have gotten so far.

This picture was taken on Lighthouse Dr. in Racine Wi. Yes this was the picture that I had the police at my house for.

                                            This picture was taken on 3 Mile Rd in Racine Wi.

                                          This picture was taken at Cliffside Park in Racine Wi.

                                             This picture was taken at Shoop Park Racine Wi.

                                       This picture was taken on Industrial Dr. in Caledonia Wi.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures and I do have more to share with everyone. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend.


lizardmom said...

the cop story will always be memorable :) maybe you can get one with a cop posing in front of a colorful tree (uh oh, got my sassy pants on!)

hale-bopp said...

Fun to see those pics...we don't get that in Tucson, but you can find some trees dropping leaves if you go up Mount Lemmon.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, THB, for risking arrest and imprisonment to bring us fall color pictures. I didn't realize we had so much color locally already. Be careful. Cops you can reason with, but don't trespass on others' property. You might get hurt.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you everyone for the comments. I promise to keep myself out of jail so I can get more pictures. Yes LM you do have your sassy pants on but I still love you. Daddy Orbs I promise not to trespass on anybodies property.

OKIE said...

Like Hale said, we don't get that many colors down here. Thanks for posting THB. If you get put in jail, let us know and we will so something in order to join you. Irregulars stick together.

Thanks THB!

kkdither said...

I always used to enjoy going down to Pets in Kenosha during the fall and hiking the trails. Gorgeous! I saw on the news that they are removing trees due to the emerald ash borer. Such a shame. Hope not too many of them will be cut down.

Yes, please be careful with the camera. People are edgy with all the craziness in the news. Didn't someone ask you what you were doing last halloween while shooting pictures?

Tender Heart Bear said...

kk- That was for Christmas in Kansasville and the man was so happy that we would be posting on here that he said we could go and walk around in his yard to get the pictures.