Friday, January 22, 2016

Open Blog - Friday

If it's Friday, it has to be good.


OKIE said...

It's FRIDAY!!! A good one too as none of us live in the path of this monster snowstorm.

Thanksgiving weekend we had a nasty ice storm, followed by another one on Christmas weekend. Yesterday, they finally picked up all the tree limbs in the neighborhood. I have to admit we were getting a little frustrated with the mess, but then Saturday we got a robocall stating they would be cleaning up this week.

Have a great day Irregulars and stay safe.

OKIE said...

LM - Are the Christmas decorations still up? I had taken everything down and it was hubby's job to put most of it in the attic. Well, he decided that he could cram everything in the house. I should take a picture of the one closet he managed to get 4 containers in. I can't get in it and I sure can't get anything out.
I guess next year will be easy since everything will be "handy". Sigh...

Toad said...

I unplugged the Christmas lights that surrounded the front porch yesterday. Was that too early?

OrbsCorbs said...

I took the ribbon off of my front door yesterday.

Not as good day for me. I've been contacting some of the companies that auto-withdraw from my checking account because I'm broke until my Homestead Credit arrives.

Anthem Blue Cross made a complete mess of things and hit my account anyway, thereby triggering a $35 overdraft fee. They also said I had to drop out of auto-withdraw for this one time and re-enroll for next month. They even emailed me a form for re-enrolling next month.

Meanwhile, Safeco, my truck and renters insurance company, had no problem with resetting my due date to Feb 7 for one time and then going back to the auto withdraw date I already use. No un- or re-enrolling in anything.

What a difference in experiences. Because I'm disabled, I believe I can change health insurers at any time. Maybe I'll shop for one that's more user friendly.

OrbsCorbs said...

And now I can't get a prescription from my asshole primary doctor because he originally prescribed it for two times a day. After about a week, I told him it wasn't working. He said to take three pills daily. However, my prescription still says twice a day. So today I'll run out of the medication, but my insurance says it's too early to refill. I called asshole's office and of course no one is there. He's only in about 2-1/2 days a week. A nurse is supposed to call me back, but at this point I don't give a fuck. Fuck him and fuck the prescription. I'll run without it. I suspect I'll be doing a lot of that as the year unfolds. Why should I even try? My drug prescription premiums have jumped 300% in three years as well as my co-pays), but they cover less prescriptions, like Nexium.

I'm so tired of fighting bureaucracies with no weapons of my own. They just shit on me and there's nothing I can do. I wish we still had debtors prison. There I'd be assured of three hots and a cot, and no one constantly trying to squeeze enormous amounts out of a paltry benefit check.

These are not the credit card companies. Fuck them, I can handle them. I just fart into the phone. These are my insurers and doctors. Immediate effects upon me with no recourse.

OrbsCorbs said...

I went downstairs to get the mail. Guess what? My prescription drug insurer is no longer going to cover the primary medicine for my stomach troubles. I pay them and pay them and they cover less and less. The only reason I stayed with this company is because they cover this drug. That's why I chose this insurer in the first place. Back then, I was assured I was "grandfathered" in on this medication and will never have to worry about it again. Ha!

Last year they tried to cut me off and my gastroenterologist convinced them otherwise. Same promises, I'm grandfathered in. Today I get a letter saying they're cutting me off again.

Seriously, I can't handle this shit anymore.

lizardmom said...

Christmas decorations are still up, likely coming down next weekend, as Mrs. Froggy is off and she is usually the one to help :)
Orbs, sounds like we need to rally the troops and go into action against the evils at hand!

OrbsCorbs said...

Sorry for venting my anger here. I should've posted it on

Of course, my primary care asshole's nurse never got back to me. I can't believe the incompetence.

Dr. Asshole always talks down to me and treats me like a child. This is the last straw. I'm changing primary care doctors. If any of you have a doctor you're very satisfied with, please email me with his/her name.

Otherwise, I'm switching to another Aurora doctor who I know is a pill pusher and will give me whatever I want in medications. I'm sick and tired of being told I can't have "the good stuff" because I'm an alcoholic. If anything, Dr. Asshole's refusal to prescribe me appropriate medications will drive me back to drinking. These people don't know shit about alcoholism. They take a class while in med school or read an article and then they're "experts" on alcoholism. Most of the info that's out there about alcoholism is incorrect. That's because treatment centers need to generate more and more $ to cover their lies. Seriously, they have a success rate of 3%, versus AA's 50-75%, but they're going to tell me, 22 years without a drink, what is and isn't appropriate. Fuck them.

Beejay said...

Cool weather, but all Christmas decorations down and away a couple of weeks ago.

Orbs, that stinks.....

Winter in Florida normally isn't rainy...been crazy.

kkdither said...

My Christmas stuff was away long ago. To me, it starts to look like clutter.

Orbs, the problem is.... you still have cognition. The doctors/caregivers and system look at your age, look at the things you've been through in your life, and treat you like you are incapacitated, and not able to think or advocate for yourself. I saw it with my mother, too. You become an "it," no longer able to think for yourself and easily pushed into whatever is the easiest treatment plan they can prescribe, or take advantage of you financially. Yes, look elsewhere if you are that unhappy. Maybe bring someone else with you when you go, so they have to be more accountable. My mother always had better care when they knew I was watching. I'll say it again, the elderly NEED an advocate who cares about them, as an individual.