Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"From One Freedom Fighter to Another – Happy B-Day While Working For The Same Goal But by Different Means"

From News The JT Can't Use:


"From Fort RUSS:

"Heroes of Donbass: Happy Birthday, Givi!

 "This is no Hollywood war movie – but it could have been, given the Ukrainian conflict is permeated with US dollars. These scenes are very real and they are what brought fame (or is it notoriety, in this context?) for commanders 'Motorola' and 'Givi', as they are known, who appear in the first clip.

"Givi is commander of the 'Somali' militia in Donetsk, and to whom Western mainstream media like to refer to as a 'pro-Russian separatist'. Givi is a Donetsk national of Georgian roots, who has (in better days) served in the Ukrainian armed forces.

"Since the start of the Ukrainian conflict, he has been defending the Donbass region from the Ukrainian army, the far-Right Ukro-fascists, paid mercenaries, and their Washington-based founders.

"Meanwhile, Murdoch media paints a picture to the contrary – does this look like a 'Russian invasion' to you? Which side is defending and which side is attacking? Since 2015, Givi has been on the European Council’s list of 'sanctioned people.' I’m sure Givi would wipe his ass with it if he had a copy.

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The masses have Schulz syndrome:
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