Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi everybody.  Sorry this is so late, but I got caught up in household matters.  The temperature has dropped considerably since yesterday, but it's still pretty nice out.  Tomorrow is supposed to be very warm and then we go into yo-yo mode again.  Up and down, up and down. It's still better than snow.  I hope we've seen the last of that for this yeart, but you never know.

Have you seen these articles? and

I swear that Mr. Mayor Shit-Head is out to destroy Racine in any way possible.  He pisses on local firms while hiring criminals from out of state.  I think the best we can hope for is an assasination atempt on Mr. Mayor Shit-Head.  Even if it fails, it might make Mayor Shit-Head think.  People out here are getting very tired of the criminal acts of our Mayor, and serious talk of how to best replace him is taking place.  Racine can't wait for Dickert to quit (and be replaced by another hand-picked criminal).  We need him and all of his acomplices out of town NOW.  Ex-alderman Jim Kaplan has turned and is now preaching an end to Dickert's reign of terror over the Common Council and the people of Racine.

So there.

On a more domestic note, Junior was sent home with a note asking me to call his school adviser.  I did and she was of the opinion that Junior might be helped by psychiatric treatment.  Wanting only the best for my child, I contacted Mr. OrbsCorbs about who he thought was the best fit for Junior.  Unfortunately, he told me there was a psychiatric shortage in southeastern Wisconsin, but Junior would probably see a juvenile psychiatrist.  Mr. OrbsCorbs didn't know any of these. So I went by my doctor's recommendation and took Junior to Dr. Reed, kiddie shrink.  After talking to junior for just five minutes, the shrink hand him  labeled with six or seven syndromes and maladies.  He authorized a mess of prescriptions for Junior.

After talking with Junior, we've decided to forget the medications and maybe forget the shrink, too.  He said the shrink was horrified by what he had to say.  He also called Junior "a danger to others and himself."  Before he could call the nut ward to chapter Junior, I filled his mind with thoughts of nude women while we scooted out of there.

The best therapy is love, family, and friends.  We can give Junior all that, so why worry.  A lot of us had trouble with adolescence, but pulled through.  I'm sure Junior will, too.

Thank you, my friends, for reading my blog today.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I do so love taking Mr. Mayor Shit-Head to task.  Lying prick.  I hope you continue to read future blogs.

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I love you all.  Spring is here, the time of rebirth.  Soon therre will be flowers everywhere you look.  I love this season.  Come out and join me sometime.
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