Friday, September 1, 2017

"Ex-Sheriff David Clarke expected to take job in Trump administration"

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"Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is expected to take a job in the Trump administration after resigning Thursday, a report says.
"The tough-talking conservative will likely be serving in the White House, in a role that won’t require confirmation from the Senate, according to Politico.
"Sources told the outlet that this is because his nomination would surely face opposition from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.
"Clarke, known for his cowboy hat and no-holds-barred attitude, has been an outspoken social media user and avid Trump supporter.
"He’s been very vocal in the past about gun rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and illegal immigration — regularly speaking on television about the issues.
"'Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto,' Clarke has said on numerous occasions, in reference to previous calls from President Obama to reform law enforcement practices.
"On Thursday, Milwaukee County officials said they received a resignation letter from Clarke — but the document didn’t mention why he was leaving office, with more than a year left on his term.
"The sheriff instead referred questions to an email address, which he used to address the Politico report.
"'Will talk about my future plans next week,' Clarke said in an email.
"The 61-year-old had been under consideration for a job at the Department of Homeland Security — and even announced in May that he had taken it. But the agency never confirmed it and he later claimed that he withdrew his name from contention."

It must be police day in the media.

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