Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Racine Uncovered shutting down at end of December

"Saying Farewell" -

I remember when lying John claimed that Beth, I, and others were involved in a "political conspiracy" against him.  Jeez, man, I was just joking around.

Take care of yourself, Beth.  Thank you for everything you've done for Racine.  The mayor should declare Racine Uncovered Day.


Lika's Laments said...

That is unfortunate... I am sorry to hear that.

Tender Heart Bear said...

This is sad I like to read your posts.

legal stranger said...

Hey Lika, how about doing some posts on JTI?
Variety is a spice of life and this site could use a little more uhmpa!
Hey THB, you are doing a great job with your pics and stories of your extended families.

Beth did some good stuff with her site and will be missed.
Best wishes Beth.