Monday, January 1, 2018


Dear Village Board,
The City of Racine is now facing at least 2 lawsuits over the Machinery Row debacle. In the rush to force positive economic growth, inept/incompetent/malfeasant  Political Actors failed to act according to Statutes, Ordinances, and basic human decency. Thus, the lawsuits and economic woes are the only thing which continues to grow in Racine.

Will the rush to welcome Foxconn cause the same problems in MTP? Cindy and I are certain that it will. Have you ever heard of  Maharashtra, India? Well - google it if you will. Anyways - you will hear about it shortly.

Attached - for your perusal is a copy of the second Machinery Row Complaint. It is important that you view it and study it - as it is INSTRUCTIONAL - in why Bureaucrats MUST follow statutes, ordinances, and basic human decency.

Who knows? In the future - all the land emptied and confiscated by MTP to promote a dream of a manufacturing revival in SE WI might lead to another State Recreation Area - ala Bong Air Force Base. Cindy and I have decided that this will be the best purpose for this land - and it shall come to pass.

Once designated to be a jet fighter base, Richard Bong State Recreation LocationArea is fittingly named after Major Richard I. Bong, a popular WI native who was America's leading air ace during World War II. The air base was abandoned three days before concrete was to be poured for a 12,500-foot runway. Local citizens had the foresight to protect this open space for future generations.
Tread lightly, and be sure to dot  those i's and cross those t's.

A copy of the Olson Complaint is attached for your instruction/study.
Happy 2018!
Tim & Cindy
Open Attachment: Olson Complaint.pdf    

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