Thursday, January 4, 2018

"More Fallout From The Dickert Disaster"

 Paul Curtin saved the North Beach Oasis and turned it into a popular profit center for the City. Lying' John coveted it - took it away from Mr. Curtin and gave it to his friends!
NOW - with Lying' John gone - "the friends" don't want it anymore.....

So WHAT changed? The kickbacks? The Vig? What goes in and out the back door at Festival Hall?


Mar 27, 2017:

RACINE — Fans of Benjamin Beer Co., 507 Sixth St., are one step closer to enjoying its products under the summer sun on North Beach.

On Monday night, the city Finance and Personnel Committee unanimously approved a proposal, pending a fiscal note before the next City Council meeting, which would allow Benjamin Beer Co., Inc., to operate the concession services at the North Beach Bath House, known to many as the North Beach Oasis.

Kathryn Kasper, purchasing agent for the city of Racine, said the city put out two official bid notices and hadn’t heard any responses from anyone.

“It’s a bit of a tough concession to run, we understand that,” Kasper said adding Benjamin Beer Co. approached the city with an offer. “We felt that it was a fair proposal.”

If approved by the City Council, Kasper said the company is willing to pay the city 15 percent of its revenue made at the facility during the first year and 20 percent the second year.

In the past, contracts for vendors lasted five years but Kasper said as the city will be studying the best uses for North Beach as part of the “North Beach Master Plan,” this contract is for two years.


OrbsCorbs said...

Curtin fought off gangs to reclaim the Oasis. Before that, there was nothing, for decades. I grew up 2 blocks away. Once Curtin made a going concern of the Oasis, lying John took it from him and gave it to friends.

Want to fuck up the Oasis? Complain to the health department about conditions there. The plumbing and other amenities are a mess. And they're illegal. If the city didn't own it, the Oasis would be condemned.

TSE said...

With 2 lawsuits filed so far and Dennis MOnett's Criminal Complaint which is being treated like a Hot Potato by LE - it should get more interesting - as fallout fromm the Dickert Disaster increases.

HEY! Everyone was warned of what would come.

Now MTP and Racine County has the Foxconn Fiasco - wait till that ends in tears like so many other politically directed disasters in Racine County.

Good luck to those brave enough to stay.

OrbsCorbs said...

I've come to the conclusion that "everybody" doesn't care. If you don't hit them in the pocketbook, they don't give a shit. Hell, I spent 25 years drinking, ignoring everything, so I can't complain. Now I'm nearing 25 years sober and there's just too much out there to absorb it all.