Thursday, January 4, 2018

Norton and Me

About three weeks ago, I removed Norton from my computer with the plan to reinstall it without so many permissions.  Norton will take over your computer if you let it.  Their headline product, Norton 360, did just that.  I've noticed that they've stopped making that horseshit program.  I've always gone with Norton Internet Security because it offers many more options and doesn't try to rape your machine.

I renewed my Norton back in June.  I remember that as I removed the program from my computer, it stated I had 199 days left.  Three weeks later, I go to reinstall my Norton and it says that my subscription has expired.  Boy, I got on the telephone to them after that.  And, no, my subscription has expired and did so back in June of last year.  They claimed I had no Norton products installed on my computer.  They say it's been 7 months since I had Norton.  WHAT?

This is the (cheap) thing with Norton: they will try to squeeze every last penny out of you.  After arguing on the telephone for two days, I told them to stick their fucking program up their asses.  Bingo.  My Norton products started working with the rest of my subscription showing.

Why in the fuck do they do that?  I've been a customer for 20 years and often I have to fight them for my rights.  I think what turned this one around was my statement to the customer service rep: "I can't make you do anything, but you and I both know that I have half a year of coverage coming.  You know who else knows?  God.  When you die, God will ask you why you screwed me over a measly $40."  Next day, I noticed my security was back up.


Anonymous said...

I think you should become a preacher

OrbsCorbs said...

I agree.