Monday, January 15, 2018

"Racine police chief has fielded inquires about open Milwaukee chief job"


    Chief Howell
    RACINE — Following Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn’s recent retirement announcement, Racine Police Chief Art Howell said he has fielded inquiries from Milwaukee stakeholders about the job opening.

    Howell’s contract with the City of Racine expires on April 2 this year. He has been the city’s police chief since April 2, 2012.

    However, Howell said in an email to The Journal Times:

    “As of this time, I remain focused on moving the Racine Police Department forward.”
    Flynn announced his retirement on Monday and his last day with the Milwaukee Police Department is expected to be Feb. 16.
    The day Howell received the first inquiry regarding the Milwaukee position, he said he met with members of the Racine Community Outpost to discuss Community Oriented Police houses in Racine. Racine Community Outpost Inc. is the nonprofit that funds and supports the COP houses.
    In Milwaukee, officials there are in the process of acquiring their very first community oriented policing house similar to the houses here in Racine that give police a home base in the community where they can do programming and work directly with residents in problematic areas.
    Howell said the Racine Police Department has hosted several meetings with elected officials and stakeholders from Milwaukee for the purpose of sharing best practices for neighborhood stabilization.
    “We look forward to sharing local best practices with our neighbors to the north,” Howell said.
    That is separate from the Flynn announcement, Howell said.

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Even Art knows Milwaukee is the biggest shithole in the state