Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sent to Rep Robin Vos

Dear Representative Vos, 
DO you understand the problem here? As Racine Police Department Sgt. 
Samuel Stulo declares to a Racine County Sheriffs Department Deputy: 
At one point, Stulo appears to become agitated and ask deputies to get 
off of him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t want to feel like a 
f***ing criminal, man,” Stulo said. 
From JT: 
I have to agree with RPD Officer Sgt. Samuel Stulo, because drunk 
driving CAN'T be a crime! It is merely a civil violation of a 
contractual agreement with Department of Motor Vehicles. 
NOW - RPD Officer Sgt. Samual Stulo did cause injury, and property 
damage, and fled the scene, for which he was rightfully charged. 
But RPD Officer Sgt. Samuel Stulo reveals something in his statements 
and actions for all with eyes to see, and ears to hear - is that under 
NORMAL circumstances - as proven by former Racine County DA Rich 
Chiapete, former Racine Mayor John Dickert, and former Chief of Mount 
Pleasant Police Department Tim Zarzecki - that a double standard 
exists. One for private Residents, one for connected public officials 
whether elected, appointed, or employees. Which is absolutely 
Meanwhile, the Progressive City of Racine, led by Mayor Cory Mason, 
continues to suffer multiple lawsuits and taxpayers are forced to pay, 
while the malfeasant officials who committed the crimes are seemingly 
NEVER held accountable, or required to reimburse the taxpayers. This 
is an OUTRAGE! 
We need accountability in government - and the taxpayers need to be 
indemnified against paying the cost. I am asking that you work on some 
Legislation which will END the looting of the Taxpayers and hold 
malfeasant and  criminal State Actors liable and responsible. 
See also: 
Thank you  for your time.

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