Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears!  How are you?  I hope your Labor Day went well.  At least the weather cooperated.  Señor Zanza and I just hung out in the yard.  Junior stopped by with a load of friends looking for free food.  They got what they wanted.  We grilled brats, burgers, and hot dogs.  It was delicious.  I hate to see summer go.  Sigh.  Autumn I can take.  It's winter that I hate.  Only three more months until the s-word becomes a reality.  Yuck.

The Irregular Fantasy Football League starts its season this week.  I can't wait to trounce my competitors, Mr. OrbsCorbs especially.  I'm going to take first place this year - that's my prediction.  The others might just as well not play.  Either way, I'm going to waste them.

Speaking of waste, did you read in the Journal Times about how our Common Council doesn't know what happened to $900,000?  Gee, I wonder why we're looking at a budget shortfall.  They pee away money on consulting firms and other nonsense, then they can't figure out why we're broke.  Idiots and thieves - that's what runs this city.  Mayor Butterball Mason is a lying piece of crap.  $13 million has disappeared into the Machinery Row debacle, and no one will tell us where the money went.  Bunch of crooks.  I'm tempted to put the Zoltar Curse on some of our aldermen, but they're already hobbled.  Clowns and criminals.

The article from Racine County Eye on the 10 worst Wisconsin cities to drive in ranked Mount Pleasant and Racine as number 1 and 2 respectively.  No surprise there.  Anyone who drives in this area already knew it.  We've become a toilet in so many ways.  Heaven help us.

School has started and the school buses on the road just add to the madness.  They've already had two accidents near Red Apple School.  No children were hurt, so that's a blessing.  And Unified has announced that middle school kids have to leave their cell phones in their lockers.  We'll see how that works out.  I think that if a child violates that policy, his/her cell phone should be confiscated.  And smashed.  Oh my!

People who lost their homes to the Foxconn development are still complaining.  Some have been made millionaires.  Would they give the money back to have their homes again?  I wonder.  I don't trust Foxconn.  Time will tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't meet expectations.  The Racine area always gets screwed.

We have the highest (or second or third highest) unemployment rate in the state, but there's a shortage of competent employees.  Perhaps too many people are used to the government supporting them and they don't want to work.  Or they're too stupid to pull it off.  In any case, we have a lot of dead weight in the city.  That starts at the top, Butterball.

I'm sorry to complain so much, but it gets frustrating to watch local government throw away our tax dollars and enrich themselves and friends.  I hear that Mayor Butterball has four or five assistants.  Is that true?  What does he need so much help for?  If he's so incompetent that he can't handle the job, then maybe he should resign.  The taxpayers are fed up with paying so much and getting so little in return.  Butterball always makes an appearance or comment on good news, but he's nowhere to be seen when the poop hits the fan.  What a coward.

That's it, my dears.  I love you all and wish you nothing but the best.  May the bluebird of happiness poop in your coffee.

Don't forget to be kind and respectful to each other.  Love is the answer to all.  Feel it and show it.  Make me proud.
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