Friday, July 26, 2019


If all the assholes who can't or won't do their jobs would get out of the way, maybe we could get something done.  In my 68 years experience, things have never been worse than now.

Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you made it through last weekend with the storms. Here are your questions.

1) Do you have any vacation plans for this year?

2) If you do where are you going?

3) When was the last vacation you remember with your parents?

4) Where did you go with your parents?

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Medusa foundation

Those who look on its face, die:
FBI Rocked By Public Suicide of TOP FBI Agent Who Investigated Clinton Foundation
FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

Salvatore “Sal” Cincinelli, a former Wall Street broker who joined the FBI in 2010, died last week during a night out after an FBI training session, sources said.

Cincinelli was one a supervisory special agent who spearheaded many of the FBI’s high-profile and complex Wall Street investigations, including probing the finances of the Clinton Foundation. After leaving his Wall Street career, Cincinelli was first assigned to the New York field office (SDNY) and later promoted to HQ in Washington, DC. He was a native New Yorker as well.

“Very very bright guy,” one FBI insider said. “Such a young guy, it really gets you in the gut. He put in the hours too, was always working hard.”

Cincinelli was 41.

Cincinelli was reportedly out partying with FBI colleagues at the Container Bar, a trendy watering hole in Austin, TX. The group had been drinking and dancing, according to sources. Later in the evening Cincinelli reportedly turned the gun on himself on a crowded dance floor.
If this had happened while Obama was president, we'd assume that he'd been threatened. But given Trump, Q, and Russia Russia Russia, it might be that his corruption by the Clintons is about to come out.
Then again, the music might just have been really bad.


A true genius of science

I have a theory that Neal deGrasse Tyson is actually Eddie Murphy in a scientist suit.


10 Frauds Who Were Massively Successful

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Legal Marijuana Tied to Decline in Youth Usage, Study Finds


From The Shepherd Express:

“Marijuana use among youth may actually decline after legalization for recreational purposes,” the most recent study on the subject concludes. Laws that legalize recreational marijuana are typically followed by an 8% drop in reported recent marijuana use and a 9% decrease in the odds of frequent marijuana use among high schoolers. The same correlation couldn’t be observed in states where only medical marijuana is available.
The study, published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, July 8, was authored by economists from the state universities of Montana, Oregon, Colorado and California.
“Policy makers are particularly concerned that legalization for either medicinal or recreational purposes will encourage marijuana use among youth,” the study says. This is a widespread fear; a majority of opponents of cannabis legalization fear that legal weed will lead to increased consumption by the young and impressionable. It would appear that the exact opposite is true.
Previous research on the subject showed that the link between cannabis legalization and rates of use is complex. Two distinct studies, in February 2017 then December 2018, reached opposite conclusions using different sources of data; both studies looked into cannabis use among eighth and tenth graders in Washington state, but one claims that usage rose slightly while the other estimates it fell. To avoid such biases, the most recent study used data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
“Because our study is based on more policy variation than prior work, we view our estimates as the most credible to date in the literature,” Mark Anderson, associate professor at Montana State University, told CNN. Unlike many other past studies, which were limited to one state, his work includes the entire country with data on about 1.4 million high school students.
Other research, for instance in the American Law and Economics Review or led by the Colorado state government, seems in line with Anderson’s results.

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We won that one

After the media collaborated with Richard Spencer to poison the term "Alternative Right", we simply began to describe ourselves, accurately, as nationalists. Specifically, as "Nationalist Right" to distinguish ourselves from the left-wing imperialists of the Fake Right. Since the media's many subsequent attempts to poison that term have absolutely failed despite their best efforts, both the Left and Right factions of the globocracy are now attempting to capture it.
Nationalism, by its nature, excludes people. Raising one’s nation above others begins with defining what that nation is — and who belongs in it.
It’s theoretically possible to have a liberal nationalism, even a socialist nationalism, that welcomes foreigners interested in joining the nation’s ranks. The last president’s rhetoric about what Americans have in common, and how immigration strengthens the country, strikes me as a species of liberal nationalism.

But conservative nationalism by its nature not like that. It holds that community arises from longstanding and deep connections between citizens, connections that come from their shared identity, history, and cultural values. This is what is “conservative” about it, and also what makes it inclined to view the entry of foreigners into the American polity skeptically.
So now instead of liberalism/socialism vs conservatism they're attempting to set up a false dichotomy of liberal/socialist nationalism vs conservative nationalism. Their problem is that despite their best efforts to redefine "nationalism", the word still actually means something substantial to most people.
And not, as the NatCucks, aka Neoclowns 2.0, would have it, in "a repudiation of racism, libertarianism, and identity politics."

Nationalism, in the American context, means America First. Not "we must defend our Greatest Ally" or "we must bomb X for the children" or "we must invade Y because weapons of mass destruction" or "the problem is ILLEGAL immigration" or "the Z is rotting in the fields!" or "they have the Magic Paper so they are just as American as you". Nationalism means rejecting the Proposition Nation, the Huddled Masses, the Melting Pot, and the 1965 Invasion Act. It means rejecting Judeo-Christianity, the Athens+Jerusalem equation, equality, desegregation, diversity, and every other historical falsehood that is being utilized to adulterate, devalue, degrade, and demoralize America.

And no amount of placing adjectives in front of the word nationalism in order to gatekeep the genuine nationalists is going to work. But the mere fact that they feel the need to do so now confirms that the long-term macrosocietal trends are finally flowing in our favor.


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Monday, July 22, 2019

From Daniel Shay

"and have
no more courts, nor sheriffs, nor collectors nor lawyers"

No Mas Joos.... or Taldumic Jooish rule..... but Christian Rule - and
the Community enforces the Law. See Ten Commandments.

I have been greatly abused

 From Daniel Shay:

I have been greatly abused, have been obliged to do more than my part
in the war, been loaded with class rates, town rates, province rates,
Continental rates and all rates ... been pulled and hauled by
sheriffs, constables and collectors, and had my cattle sold for less
than they were worth ... The great men are going to get all we have
and I think it is time for us to rise and put a stop to it, and have
no more courts, nor sheriffs, nor collectors nor lawyers.

No doubt - I am the reincarnation of Daniel Shay.

Shays' Rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts in opposition to the state government’s increased efforts to collect taxes both on individuals and their trades;[2] the fight took place mostly in and around Springfield during 1786 and 1787. American Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shays led four thousand rebels (called Shaysites) in a protest against economic and civil rights injustices. Shays was a farmhand from Massachusetts at the beginning of the Revolutionary War; he joined the Continental Army, saw action at the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Battle of Bunker Hill, and Battles of Saratoga, and was eventually wounded in action.
In 1787, Shays' rebels marched on the United States' Springfield Armory in an unsuccessful attempt to seize its weaponry and overthrow the government. The federal government found itself unable to finance troops to put down the rebellion, and it was consequently put down by the Massachusetts State militia and a privately funded local militia. The widely held view was that the Articles of Confederation needed to be reformed as the country's governing document, and the events of the rebellion served as a catalyst for the Constitutional Convention and the creation of the new government.[3]
The shock of Shays' Rebellion drew retired General George Washington back into public life, leading to his two terms as the first president of the United States.[3] There is still debate among scholars concerning the rebellion's influence on the Constitution and its ratification.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dave Collum Goes Deep On "Conspiracy Theories": 9/11, Epstein, Pizzagate, JFK, & The Vegas Shooting

Cornell professor, and long-time Zero Hedge friend, David Collum recently appeared on an episode of the Quoth the Raven podcast to talk all things conspiracy. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University and is known for writing his "Year in Review", which appears here on Zerohedge at the end of every year.
On the episode, host Chris Irons notes that Collum's appearance was prompted by a recent Tweet he put out, in defense of being a conspiracy theorist which sparked a massive social media response and outpouring of reactions, both pro and con.

I am a "conspiracy theorist". I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don't think so, then you are what is called "an idiot". If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called "a coward".

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On the podcast, Collum and host Chris Irons tap into every major conspiracy theory over the last couple of decades, as well as several current events and the world of finance.
Some highlights:
Collum Thinks Jeffrey Epstein Could Have Been Working For "Powerful People" And "Setting People Up"
The discussion starts with analysis of the current Jeffrey Epstein fiasco and Collum ponders what "can of worms" could open for Bill Clinton and Donald Trump as a result of Epstein going to trial and documents relating to his indictment coming to light.
"It's going to be bi-partisan," Collum says about the Epstein allegations. "Epstein was working for powerful people, to get dirt on powerful people. Epstein wasn't just a dirtball, he was setting people up," he continues.
Collum comments:
"Nowadays getting photographed on a boat with a blonde sitting on your lap doesn't even cause you to lose a vote. Now they gotta get you with something much dirtier. I think that's where the underage kids come in. I think Epstein has been building a portfolio of dirt, like J. Edgar Hoover."
"What if that crazy ass pizzagate conspiracy turns out to be true?" he asks.
* * *
Collum Doesn't Buy The 9/11 Narrative - "Physics Tells Me There's Problems"
Collum then discusses why he doesn’t believe the mainstream narrative behind the 9/11 attacks. He cites physics, Building 7 and the lack of video footage of the plane crashing into the Pentagon as two of the big reasons that he questions the official story.
"I think there's problems with 9/11, but no one wants to say that because they're embarrassed to say that. But the laws of physics tell me there's problems. I don't give a shit about the squibs or Larry Silverstein saying they decided to pull the building. When I watch two towers come down perfectly and I go 'chaos theory alone says they should have gone asymmetric and stopped tumbling'..."
Collum continues:
""I can't believe Building 7 should have fallen. There's really not a shred of footage of the plane hitting the pentagon. Not one frame. The official frame isn't a frame. If someone's got the footage, let me see it."

* * *
Collum Doesn't Believe the Las Vegas Shooter Story - "There Were People Saying 'You're All Going To Die'"
Dave also weighs in at length on the Las Vegas shooting, questioning with the host why a motive was never found, how somebody could get rich playing video poker as the shooter was alleged to have, whether or not there were character actors on the news after the event and what happened to the security guard who was involved and only gave one quick interview on the Ellen show before "relocating" to Mexico.
"There's about 150 things that just don't add up," Collum says about the Steven Paddock Las Vegas narrative.
He speaks about the security guard from the day of the shooting:
"You got Jesus the security guard. He gets shot in the f*cking leg then all of a sudden goes off the radar. Then he disappears and the word is that he's gone to Mexico. The explanation is that he had a vacation planned. Then he comes back with a cane and comes back - and does one interview with Ellen Degeneres."
Collum also talks about other mysterious occurrences from the day of the shooting:
"There were people saying there was a couple walking around the infield saying 'You're all going to die in 45 minutes' - and then they got escorted out. And then, 'boom boom boom', a lot of them died!"
Collum and the host also take a little bit of time talking about JFK, the moon landings, negative interest rates and the effect of Central Bank policy on the global economy.

You can subscribe to future episodes of the QTR podcast on YouTube here and on iTunes here.
Quoth the Raven
Quoth the Raven #131 - Dave Collum: The Conspiracy Theory Episode
can subscribe to future episodes of the QTR podcast on YouTube here and on iTunes here.

Boston Cops Urge Criminals To "Hold Off" On Breaking The Law This Weekend, Due To The Extreme Heat

In a "Not, The Onion"-esque story, CBS local affiliate in Boston reports that the Braintree Police Department showed that not all cops are African-American-hating, humorless-monsters, as they jokingly (we assume) told residents that they should “hold off” on any crimes they are planning this weekend.

In a Facebook post, they wrote:
“Folks. Due to the extreme heat, we are asking anyone thinking of doing criminal activity to hold off until Monday.”

They said doing so would be dangerous because of the hot temperatures.

Instead, police provided alternatives:
Stay home, blast the AC, binge Stranger Things season 3, play with the face app, practice karate in your basement. We will all meet again on Monday when it’s cooler.
The post was signed:
“Sincerely, The PoPo.
PS: please no spoiler alerts. We’re just finishing season 2.”
Maybe Chicago PD should consider the same message?