Thursday, January 14, 2021

Some Wisconsin hospitals are offering vaccines to staff who don't take care of patients

From JSOnline:
Daphne Chen
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Software engineers. Public relations specialists. Medical records clerks.

Faced with no-shows at immunization clinics and leftover doses, some Wisconsin hospital systems are offering COVID-19 vaccines to staff who do not work with patients or in medical settings, under an interpretation of vaccine prioritization guidelines that federal advisers say is a stretch.

At least one hospital system — Advocate Aurora — has opened up vaccine appointments to all employees. At other health systems, employees listed as administrators or public relations specialists have received vaccines, according to social media posts.

Wisconsin is still finishing the first phase of its vaccine rollout plan, which includes long-term care facilities and health care personnel, with a focus on front-line hospital staff. 

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Pigs at Aurora again.  I'm an "Aurora patient."  I'm 69 and have chronic kidney disease.  I can't get the vaccine yet, but Aurora software engineers are being offered the vaccine.  After all of their screw-ups with the vaccine, Aurora should be decertified as a healthcare provider.  Pigs, pigs, and more pigs.  How much you wanna bet that all of the gold-plated boat anchors in Aurora's huge bureaucracy are already vaccinated?  Oink!

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