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"Bart Prank Calls Moe - Al-Coholic"

Machinery Row

Dear Racine County Supervisors,

In case you missed the Event where Talking Racine addressed the Machinery Row debacle - Cindy and I covered it here;

The Authority of government officials is statutorily LIMITED. When they act outside of those bounds – they act ILLEGALLY – under the Color of Law – and in the City/County of Racine – it appears that the level of acceptable and tolerated abuse is OUTRAGEOUS! City of Racine doesn’t suffer from “Poor Leadership” – it suffers from CRIMINAL BUREAUCRATS and a total lack of LEADERSHIP- in collusion with Racine County DA Tricia Hanson!

When will it be contained?
Tim & Cindy

"San Francisco’s ‘Diseased Streets’ Are Being Compared to Some of Worst Slums in the World"

A combination of discarded needles and piles of feces on the streets of San Francisco has caused least one expert to say that the city’s slums are comparable to those in developing countries.

Reporters with KNTV investigated what they referred to as the “diseased streets” of the city, and found that each of the 153 downtown blocks they surveyed — an area that encompasses playgrounds, hotels and government buildings — is littered with garbage. Included in this trash were at least 100 drug needles and 300 piles of feces.

Dr. Lee Riley, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, Berkeley, warned that not only do the needles cause viral diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, but dried fecal matter can release airborne viruses like the rotavirus.

“If you happen to inhale that, it can also go into your intestine,” he said, leading to potentially fatal results.

Riley, who has researched and written about conditions in slums across the world, believes that some parts of San Francisco may be worse than the world’s dirtiest slums.

The Western Journal Daily Email

“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,” he said, while pointing out that in those countries, slums often serve as long-term housing, and thus, their residents work to maintain them.

But in San Francisco, he suggested that the homeless do not make an effort to keep the streets clean because they are forced to move around frequently.

The situation on the streets of San Francisco is particularly dangerous for children.

“We see poop, we see pee, we see needles, and we see trash,” said Adelita Orellana, a preschool teacher. “Sometimes they ask what is it, and that’s a conversation that’s a little difficult to have with a 2-year old, but we just let them know that those things are full of germs, that they are dangerous, and they should never be touched.”

Do you think spending more money on the homeless will solve this issue?

Completing this poll entitles you to The Western Journal news updates free of charge. You may opt out at anytime. You also agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

A’Nylah Reed, a 3-year-old preschooler, explained that “the floor is dirty,” making her walk to school difficult.

“There is poop in there,” she said. “That makes me angry.” Reed’s mother, meanwhile, noted that she often has to physically intervene to ensure that her daughter doesn’t step on needles or human feces.
Some city officials are convinced that the solution is to provide short-term housing for the city’s homeless population.

“Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable,” said city Supervisor Hillary Ronen. “We’re losing tourists. We’re losing conventions in San Francisco. All of this is happening because we aren’t addressing the root cause, which is we need more temporary beds for street homelessness.”
The city currently has about 2,000 temporary beds, but Rosen believes about 1,000 more are needed, KNTV reported. This would likely cost roughly $25 million.

“We need to find a source of revenue,” she said. “Whether that’s putting something on the ballot to raise business taxes or taking a look at our general fund and re-allocating money towards that purpose and taking it away from something else in the city.”

Regardless, Ronen said the situation in San Francisco is a human “tragedy.”

“We’re not going to make a huge dent in this problem unless we deal with some underlying major social problems and issues,” she stated. “There’s a human tragedy happening in San Francisco.”

Until a permanent solution is decided upon, all the city can do is remove feces and needles from the streets, an effort that cost about $30 million in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, according to Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru.

Removing just one pile of human waste takes a half an hour, Nuru said.

“The steamer has to come. He has to park the steamer. He’s got to come out with his steamer, disinfect, steam clean, roll up and go,” he explained.

The dirty streets in San Francisco haven’t stopped it from being ranked among the most beautiful in the world. But the city is also one of the most expensive in the U.S., with Fox News noting that this accentuates a large “gap between the haves and have-nots.”

What do you think? Scroll down to comment below.

'"He Never Went In' Officer On Duty Filmed "Doing Nothing" During Florida Shooting

"'Shocked And Outraged': Four Broward Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred"

Blue Light Special

My bedroom.  That stuff growing around the light is kitty grass for Charlie to chew on.  The blue light is always on.  I don't always agree with what law enforcement does, but they're the thin blue line between us and criminal chaos.  Thank you men and women in Law Enforcement.  Thank you very much!

Open Blog - Weekend

Make it a good one.

Friday, February 23, 2018

"Black men speak: 10 honest conversations (TRAILER)"

"Racine was named the 4th worst place for black people to live in the United States. With its high unemployment, infant mortality, school suspensions and incarceration rates for black people, we asked a number of black men if racism exists here. Racine County Eye is kicking off a series of videos on the topic."

"Trump administration levels 'heaviest sanctions ever imposed' against North Korea"

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaks during a press briefing at the White House Friday. The Trump administration announced new sanctions on more than 50 vessels, shipping companies and trade businesses in its latest bid to pressure North Korea over its nuclear program. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) ORG XMIT: DCPM104(Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais, AP)

How long have we been imposing "sanctions" on North Korea?  Decades.  You'd think by this time things would be so tight that they couldn't fart. 

"The new sanctions target 56 vessels, shipping companies, and trade businesses that the U.S. believes are assisting North Korea in evading sanctions"

56 vessels after decades of sanctions?  They're just blowing smoke up our asses.  By now, North Korea should be a dried up patch of black on the map.  The only other sanctions I can think of is telling North Koreans that they may no longer breathe.

"Miller, Leinies and Coors Light themed bars coming to new Milwaukee Bucks arena"

From JSOnline:

Are there any public dollars in this?  This is the way to build an arena: they have commitments from numerous vendors, most notably Miller beer and its "friends." 

You build the arena AFTER you get commitments, not the other way around, Racine.

I've come to believe that there is a huge financial drain on our city that is not publicly acknowledged.  Milwaukee builds an arena and there's no parking meters in downtown Kenosha, but Racine can't duplicate either of these feats.  Why?  Ask the guys at the very top of the downtown building that houses Dewey's Restaurant And Sports Bar, at the southwest corner of 6th and Main Streets.  They're the pigs that run the city.  They're the ones pocketing the money made from our tax dollars..  They want nothing to change.


A mass shooting up there would create an entire new world of opportunities in Racine.

Baby Raper Takes Lead in "Jaw Up" Mugshot Challenge

Our current leader in the Jaw Up Challenge is a sex fiend from Kentucky:

"Vincent V. Judd-Rapp, 25, whose last known address is in the 8700 block of the Sharon Grove Road in Lewisburg, Kentucky, was found guilty by a jury in December of felony counts of first-degree sexual assault of a children under age 12 and failure to register to the sex offender registry."

I hope that Bubba and his "girlfriends" lower that jaw by about 6 inches.  Arrogant piece of shit.

Here's another example of "jaw dropping:"

Isaiah DeGroot is the piece of shit who handed over $3K bond money to get out and fuck up big time.  He stole a vehicle.  He had a stolen gun. He crashed near Festival Foods  He took off the leg of a male pedestrian, and a leg and arm of his female companion, who remains in a coma.  DeGroot, of course, ran from the crash.

Look at his mug shit above. In an act of defiance,  DeGroot pointed his chin at the booking camera.  He is such a tough guy after destroying the lives of others and then running away.

Below is DeGroot's photo after he's been processed:

That defiant chin has dropped considerably.

I think judges should be allowed to consider mug shots in sentencing.  Just look at the mug shots of local "bad asses:" their chins are all held high, too high, as of they're proud of what they've done.

You can read about the developing story of Isaiah DeGroot in Racine County Corruption 

I suggest that we amputate all of his limbs, without anesthetic, and throw him in the gutter.

Four for Fridays!

Hello everyone I hope you are making it through this crazy weather we have been having. I hear we are suppose to have warm temps this weekend but Saturday night does not look to good that is just over night. Here are your questions.

1) Have you been watching the Olympics?

2) Which Olympics do you prefer to watch the summer or the winter?

3) Do you have a favorite event that you like to watch?

4) Have you ever tried to do any of the Olympic events yourself?

Have a great weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

Believe in spring.  Just keep believing, no matter what.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

"The conspiracy theory about Florida shooting survivors that won't end: 'Enough is enough'"

From JSOnline:

, USA TODAY Published 7:05 p.m. CT Feb. 21, 2018 | Updated 6:46 a.m. CT Feb. 22, 2018

Emma MacDonald, center, cries during a vigil for the victims of the Boston Marathon explosions at Boston Common, Tuesday, April 16, 2013.(Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

When Emma MacDonald saw the tragedy unfolding at a high school in Florida, she felt a sense of dread.

She knew what would come next: the same lie that's been spreading for years. 

It's like clockwork. New life is given to the hurtful conspiracy with each tragedy. Each time MacDonald, of Boston, feels to blame because it's her face that is used to promote one of the more popular conspiracy theories over the last few years. 

"Enough is enough," said MacDonald, 25. "This needs to go away." 

It started with a photo of MacDonald breaking down in tears during a vigil after the 2013 Boston marathon bombing. Conspiracy theorists took the image and pasted it alongside other crying women after mass shootings in Newtown, Conn., Aurora, Co. — and the latest addition in Parkland, Fla. 

All are white, thin and brunette. Most are crying. The aim is to try to prove those grieving after the tragedies were actually the same person and a staged actress paid to respond to crisis around the county. The collage has been used after the Manchester Arena bombing and a 2015 shooting at a college in Roseburg, Oregon that left 10, including the gunman, dead.

"When you're short on crisis actors," the photo is labeled, which quickly went viral on social media after last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. 

The post didn't include that the woman added from Parkland, Fla. wasn't a student at all but actually CBS producer Gisela Margarita Perez, who was posing for a photo with student survivors before an interview.

Emma MacDonald (Photo: Courtesy of Emma MacDonald)
Studies have shown people tend to believe even far-flung theories in situations that are out of their beliefs.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. But the internet and social media has made them even more accessible.

Conspiracy theories:Here's what drives people to them, no matter how out there The madness started within months after the photo was taken, MacDonald said. She didn't know anyone who died in the Boston bombings but attended a vigil a day after the April, 15, 2013 attack.

She got emotional after seeing a young boy place a flower down during the vigil and started crying. 

An Associated Press photographer captured the moment and it ended up in newspapers across the country, making her a target of conspiracy theorists. 

"I feel like I was very vulnerable in that image. I was sobbing uncontrollably and every time I see it, I'm right back there and relieve those moments," MacDonald said. "I just feel awful for the victims and families of the other women because they lost loved ones and still have to deal with this madness. It's just exploiting a tragedy."

Friends, bosses and acquaintances have all reached out to her over the years after seeing the theories online. At first, she said, she tried to report those who were posting the false narratives but it became more of an uphill battle after each tragedy.

"Every time it's like what do I do? Do I report every single blog post and try to debunk every theory?" she said. "Part of me genuinely didn't even want to call attention to it because that's just feeding the trolls." 

She reported one of the incidents Tuesday and hopes changes to Facebook and other social media platforms will help prevent against the fake stories from spreading as quickly as they have in the past. 

But social media companies have continued to take heat in the aftermath of tragedies as critics call for filters to stop the spread of conspiracies that mislead the public and compound the pain for victims of violent attacks. 

YouTube apologized Wednesday after a video attacking a survivor of the Florida high school shooting was at the top of its "trending" tab. The video has since been deleted.

MacDonald says there has to be some way of stopping the flow of misinformation and hopes people will verify information before sharing it. 

"I'm just some random girl in some random photo and I hate it," she said. "My face is used as a tool to these people. It's used as a distraction to what's really happening — the grief these people are feeling and the solutions that can help prevent against this from happening again."

Follow Christal Hayes on Twitter : Journo_Christal

[Editor's note: space below provided for your children to draw and color.]

"NOT REAL NEWS: Correcting the record with a look at what DID NOT happen this week"

From Wisconsin

A roundup of some of the most popular but completely untrue headlines of the week. None of these stories is legit, even though they were shared widely on social media. The Associated Press checked these out; here are the real facts:

NOT REAL: Trump refuses to let Jesus into his heart after learning he’s from Nazareth
THE FACTS:  A Christian satire site falsely quoted President Donald Trump as calling Nazareth a “hole” and included an unrelated photo of the president from a year-old interview. The Babylon Bee, drawing a comparison between Trump’s reported remarks earlier this year about African countries, alleged that Trump said he wouldn’t accept Christianity anymore because he thought the town where Jesus came from was poor and undesirable. An accompanying image of Trump is from a January 2017 White House interview.
NOT REAL: BREAKING: Second Parkland Shooter in custody
THE FACTS: Reports about a second shooter at a high school in Parkland, Florida, this week started with a tweet from an account falsely purporting to be former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. The account was later suspended and police say that suspect Nikolas Cruz acted alone in the massacre that killed 17 people. Also, Florida elections officials refuted a report that Cruz was a Democrat, saying that he was not a registered voter. And some social media posts this week wrongly identified Cruz as a man seen wearing a T-shirt with Communist leaders’ images. The man’s attorney said his name is Marcel Fontaine and he “suffered a lot of harassment” over the misused photo.
NOT REAL: BREAKING: 4 million Democrat votes were just declared fraudulent
THE FACTS: A voting machine company didn’t produce 4 million fraudulent Democratic votes; the company doesn’t even exist. The story posted by the site thepoliticonews claimed that Novus Ordo Sectorum Inc., owned by the Obamas and other wealthy Democrats, made machines that disrupted elections in 11 states. The U.S. Election Assistance Commission says that no voting machine maker by that name exists. Novo Ordo Sectorum, Latin for “New Order of the Ages,” appears on the $1 bill on a seal frequently cited by conspiracy theorists as a sign the U.S. is taking over the world with an authoritarian government.
NOT REAL: CDC Funded Study Shows the Vaccinated Shed 6.3 Times More Flu Virus, Just by Breathing
THE FACTS:  The doctor who headed this University of Maryland study dismissed a chiropractor’s conclusion that the study says getting the flu vaccination makes a patient spread the virus more. Dr. Donald Milton says people who are not vaccinated for the flu are much more likely to transmit the virus than those who are. His study in January did conclude that patients who get vaccinated shed six times more aerosols, but said it was based on just 11 cases and does not imply that these patients would spread more flu.
NOT REAL: Philip Morris Marlboro ‘M’ brand marijuana brand cigarettes now for sale in Four U.S. States
THE FACTS: Pot may be easy to find in at least nine states, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the Marlboro marijuana cigarettes to hit stores. Philip Morris said the company is not marketing marijuana products, despite a widely shared false story fearing a doctored, green-colored photo of a Marlboro pack of cigarettes, with packaging reading ‘Marlboro CANNABIS.’ The false story has circulated for years, with the latest iteration saying the ‘M’ brand is for sale in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.

Who is Donte Perry?

Donte Petty is a convicted felon who put up the surety bond for Isaiah Degroot.With Isaiah DeGroot being sprung out of jail by Mr. Petty, Mr. DeGroot was left unsupervised to continue his crime spree, but the question begs on whose behalf?

Is there no investigation or follow up on Donte Petty?
How is Petty related - or come to know and provide shelter to Isaiah Degroot?
Father? Step father? Cousin? Uncle? Neighbor? Concerned citizen? Fencer? Drug Kingpin? 

If Petty is a fencer or drug kingpin, how many more the likes of DeGroot are out there terrorizing the streets on his behalf ?

As you may be aware, Donte Petty was exposed on , Petty's address and phone number are conveniently posted on the site should any of you decide to further investigate. 

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the relationship between Degroot and Petty that warrant further exploration and investigation. 

Are any of you up to this task?

"10 Old Wives' Tales Proven True By Science"

Open Blog - Thursday

It's George Washington's birthday.  Party on!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"News of the Weird: Feb. 22, 2018"

From The Shepherd Express:

Accent on Weird
Michelle Myers of Buckeye, Ariz., suffers from blinding headaches, but it’s what happens afterward that until recently had doctors stumped. Myers, who has never been out of the U.S., has awakened from her headaches three times in the last seven years with a different foreign accent. The first time it was Irish, the second time it was Australian, and both lasted only about a week. But Myers’ most recent event, which was two years ago, left her with a British accent that she still has. Doctors have diagnosed her with Foreign Accent Syndrome, a rare condition that usually accompanies a neurological event such as a stroke. Myers told ABC-15 that the loss of her normal accent makes her sad: “I feel like a different person. Everybody only sees or hears Mary Poppins.”
Get Your Goat
A new golf course at The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Seneca, Ore., will take “the golf experience to a new level” in 2018, owner Scott Campbell announced in early February to the website Golf WRX. This summer, golfers will be offered goat caddies to carry clubs, drinks, balls and tees on the resort’s short seven-hole challenge course, McVeigh’s Gauntlet. “We’ve been developing an unprecedented caddie training program with our head caddie, Bruce LeGoat,” Campbell went on, adding that the professionally trained American Range goats will “work for peanuts.”
Fatberg, Dead Ahead!
News of the Weird reported last September on the giant “fatberg” lodged in the sewer system beneath the streets of London. The huge glob of oil, fat, diapers and baby wipes was finally blasted out after nine weeks of work. On Feb. 8, the Museum of London put on display a shoebox-sized chunk of the fatberg, the consistency of which is described by curator Vyki Sparkes as being something like “Parmesan cheese crossed with moon rock. It’s disgusting and fascinating.” The mini-fatberg is enclosed within three nested transparent boxes to protect visitors from potentially deadly bacteria, the terrible smell and the tiny flies that swarm around it. The museum is also selling fatberg fudge and T-shirts in conjunction with the exhibit, which continues until July 1.
Least Competent Criminals
n Kenneth R. Shutes Jr. of New Richmond, Wis., bolted from a midnight traffic stop on Feb. 6, but he didn’t make it far before having to call 911 for help. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported that Shutes got stuck in a frozen swamp in rural Star Prairie and, after about an hour, became unable to walk as temperatures dipped to 8 below zero. Fire and rescue workers removed Shutes from the wooded area, and he was later charged in St. Croix County Circuit Court for failing to obey an officer, marijuana possession and obstructing an officer.
n Marion County, Fla., sheriff’s officials were surprised to get a text from David W. Romig, 52, on Jan. 30 about a murder scene at his home in Dunnellon. The Ocala Star Banner reported that detectives were called to the home after Romig reported an intruder had killed his girlfriend, 64-year-old Sally Kaufmann-Ruff. Some of the evidence they found didn’t match Romig’s story, and their suspicions were confirmed later in the day when Romig texted a detective, saying, “I think they are going to arrest me”—a text he had intended for his wife. On Feb. 12, Romig admitted he may have killed Kaufmann-Ruff. He was charged with homicide, making a false report and tampering with evidence.
Evolution in Action
Frank Lyko is a biologist at the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg with a narrow field of study: the marbled crayfish. But as Dr. Lyko and his colleagues reported in a study published Feb. 5, there’s more to the six-inch crustacean than meets the eye. Until about 25 years ago, this species didn’t exist, The New York Times explains. One single, drastic mutation created a whole new species of crayfish—one that can clone itself. Since then, it has spread across Europe and other continents, threatening native varieties. The eggs of the crayfish all produce females, which do not need to mate to produce more eggs. Dr. Lyko’s DNA research offers new insights into why most animals have sex, because there are so few examples of sex-free species (they don’t last long). He admits that the marbled crayfish “may last only 100,000 years. That would be a long time for me personally, but in evolution it would just be a blip on the radar.”


Dear Madame Zoltar

Well, hello my rocket men and rocket women!  How are you?  Let's blast off for the Zoltar zone.  Here I'm on equal footing with just about everyone.

I hate to admit it, but I'm bored with our city government.  Without lying John's panache, it's just not the same.  What has Mr. Mayor Cory Mason done?  He's held listening sessions.  Zzzz.....

I believe that a large part of the listening sessions is the sense of deflation of some pretty raw emotions.  It allows some commentary and some soothing to take place.  The purpose is to inform and learn, not cut down.  I guess that as long as people have some place to vent, the less likely that they will riot in the streets.  Then I saw this:  Maybe she could get that bullhorn surgically attached to her face.  Go back to your home and demand to know why your shit sometimes goes directly into the Lake.  Go solve some murders in Milwaukee.  Why do you teach that the police are your enemy?  How many lives has that BS culled?  I'm surprised at times when interacting with children of color how much hatred they harbor for whitey.  Little kids.  They then seem amazed when I do something nice for them.  Ugh, this Donte Shannon crap will dominate the local news for awhile.  If he had been white, there would be little noise.

I was thinking recently of ways to "spruce up" the JT Irregulars.  And ways to attract more people.  Without getting arrested.  If you have and suggestions, you can send them to:

Mr. OrbsCorbs accuses me of trying to "girly up" the site.  Huh, it's not that.  It is cleaning the cobwebs out of the least used areas.  We're in our ninth year.  Some junk has to accumulate.  It's too bad we can't toss out the lies along with the rest of the garbage  Like Mr. OrbsCorbs' dirty picture magazines.  (That will wake him up.)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: In his defense, Mr. OrbsCorbs says, "Magazines?  That's so last century.  If I had shit like that, it would be in digital form."]

The weather has been pretty nice for February.  We even had a couple of spring jacket days.  I don't mess around with changing my outerwear much.  I wear my winter coat until June.  Nothing can get it off before then.  After that, nothing can get it put back on until December.  Happy holidays.

I understand that the Downtown Racine Corp. has declared the ice skating rink on Monument Square to be a success.  Hooray!  Too bad there's no zoo bushes you can jump off the rink and hide behind with your boyfriend at the time.  I always came back out proudly displaying my new hickeys.  I hid them from my mom,   After I left the house, my turtleneck dickey came off to reveal my hickeys.  Dickeys/hickeys, oh my.

I don't want to discuss politics on the national level until we get a real president.  I fear that Trump may destroy the presidency as we understand it.  Hell, I fear that he'll turn the world into a nuclear crisp.  He would probably market them: New! Nuclear Crisps!  For that glow-in-the-dark feeling!

OK.  I'm getting out there a bit.  Time to call it a column.  I hope that you can enjoy your favorite winter activities.  Better yet, I hope you can enjoy your spring ones.  I love you all.
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If you don't like PayPal, send me a note at and I'll send you my street address so you can send a check or money order.  Thank you.

Open Blog - Wednesday

Me, too.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Suspect in Festival Foods hit-and-run pleads not guilty"

RACINE — The Racine teenager accused of maiming a Union Grove couple in a Jan. 14 crash outside Festival Foods has pleaded not guilty to charges related to the incident.

In court on Tuesday, 17-year-old Isaiah Degroot pleaded not guilty to 19 charges stemming from the hit-and-run crash that resulted in critical injuries to Jeff and Cheryl Coopman.

He was originally charged with 27 felony counts, but eight counts of bail jumping were dropped Tuesday.
Jeff Coopman, whose left leg was amputated as a result of the crash, sat in a wheelchair in the back of the courtroom as Degroot made his plea. Coopman’s wife, Cheryl, remains in critical condition at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa. She has lost both her left leg and arm as a result of the crash, family and doctors have confirmed.

The crash occurred just after 10:40 a.m. on Jan. 14. A Racine County sheriff’s deputy identified a vehicle traveling north on Highway 31 at Newman Road in Mount Pleasant with a license plate that did not match the vehicle. Degroot is alleged to be the driver.

The vehicle turned north onto Newman Road. The deputy followed and activated the lights and sirens on her unmarked squad to attempt a traffic stop.

The vehicle then abruptly turned left into the parking lot of the Village Center shopping center, near Kohl’s department store, 5740 Washington Ave. The vehicle continued past the stores west of Kohl’s at a high rate of speed before Degroot allegedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed, striking the Coopmans.

Based on the not-guilty plea, the case is now set to go to trial; a tentative trial date is set for April 30 at 1:30 p.m. at the county Law Enforcement Center, although there is a hearing scheduled for April 16 that could affect the trial date.

Racine County Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Tanck-Adams said that it is “a clear case. It’s all on video.”
The defense doesn’t see it that way and is willing to proceed to trial before Racine County Circuit Court Judge Mark Nielsen.

In the end, Coopman said, “I just want to see justice instead of slaps on the wrist.”

“He is lucky he is not facing murder charges,” Coopman said about the seriousness of the crash.

In preparation for the sentencing, Coopman said his family is going to write a letter to the judge, and they are expecting many more letters from family and friends who have supported them and witnessed the struggles they have gone through since the crash.

Why out on bond?

Coopman said he remains concerned about why Degroot, of the 2000 block of Hickory Grove Avenue, was out on bond the day of the crash.

According to online records, Degroot was charged with felony charges of discharging a firearm from a vehicle (driver), two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety as a party to a crime and a misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed weapon in connection with a shots-fired incident that took place in the 1600 block of Albert Street at about 1:20 p.m. on Oct. 30.

In addition to the April 30 hit-and-run trial date, Degroot has a June 19 trial date for charges connected to the Oct. 30 incident.

Unfiltered coverage here:

You wouldn't believe the contempt I hold this asshole in.

"Half-Looped Compulsory"

From The Shepherd Express:

"Foxconn land acquisition hearing set"

From The Journal

MOUNT PLEASANT — A public hearing next month will help determine whether the Village of Mount Pleasant can acquire all the land needed for the $10 billion Foxconn Technology Group project — even from property owners who refuse to sell all of their land.

On Monday the Mount Pleasant Community Development Authority set a hearing for 5 p.m. March 20 at the Village Hall, 8811 Campus Drive. That hearing could lead to village acquisitions of any remaining pieces of property needed for the massive Foxconn project.

Before the CDA meeting, Mount Pleasant’s property acquisition attorney and expert, Alan Marcuvitz, gave an update on Foxconn-related property acquisitions so far and what the process will be for the village to seek the rest of what will be needed.

As of Monday, Marcuvitz said, between $82 million and $85 million in total land purchase options were in hand in the three Foxconn areas combined. The village exercised all of those options and now owns those roughly 1,700 acres. Most purchases of large tracts of land are being made for $50,000 per acre.

Read more:

I keep thinking of the house in the middle of Western Publishing's parking lot on Mound Ave.

"WILL Press Release | WILL Sues Rep. Brostoff in E-mail Dispute"

 In Press Releases, Roth v. Brostoff, WILL News
Rep. wants over $3,200 to print e-mails that were requested electronically

February 16, 2018 – Milwaukee, WI –  The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (“WILL”) has sued State Representative Jonathan Brostoff (D-Milwaukee) in Dane County Circuit Court for violating the State’s Open Records Law. Brostoff is refusing to turn over electronic records, instead insisting on printing them and charging unnecessary fees. The complaint can be found here.

On July 10, 2017, WILL Research Fellow Collin Roth made a record request to Brostoff for emails relating to occupational licensing reform, specifically asking for the emails in electronic format.

Instead, Brostoff printed off thousands of pages of documents and sent Roth an invoice for $3,239.76.

WILL attorneys wrote back pointing out that the law requires custodians to provide electronic records when requested and does not allow charging for paper copies of electronic files, but Brostoff would not relent.

In a very similar case, on January 22, 2018, a Dane County Circuit Court judge ruled that State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) needed to provide electronic files when requested. When informed of this case, Rep. Brostoff still refused to comply.

Legally, custodians are required to provide electronic records when requested. The law explicitly defines records to include electronic files, and a printout of the text of an email doesn’t reproduce everything in the actual electronic file. Just like a transcript captures only one facet of a video recording, a printout is no substitute for an original email file.

According to WILL President Rick Esenberg, “This is not about ideological differences. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats occasionally fail to meet their obligations under our open records and open meetings laws. We’ve worked with advocates across the political spectrum to fix that. This is just the latest fight.”

In addition to a requirement under the law, providing records electronically is the smart thing to do.

Why would a public servant waste taxpayer resources printing out copies of electronic files? That method is slower, more expensive, and less convenient for everybody than just copying the files onto a CD or flash drive (or even just emailing the files directly to the requester if the request is small).

“I see this all too frequently,” said Tom Kamenick, Deputy Counsel and open government specialist at WILL. “Instead of doing things the easy way, custodians intentionally make the process difficult and expensive, discouraging people from even making records requests. We shouldn’t put up with that.”

“For more than a year, WILL has been on the frontlines of an effort to reform Wisconsin’s occupational licensing laws and promote economic freedom,” said Collin Roth. “We believe citizens have a right to earn a living and that burdensome and unreasonable regulations often stand in the way of meaningful work. As with any public policy debate, government transparency is critical.”

"Talking Racine Episode 59 Community Forum on Machinery Row"

"Talking Racine holds a community forum on Machinery Row about misdeeds and corruption in city government. Held at Gateway Technical College on 2-17-2018. We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI."

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Monday, February 19, 2018

"Scientists create first human-sheep hybrids — what that means for the future of organ transplants"

4:17 p.m Monday, Feb. 19, 2018 National/World News

Scientists say they’ve grown sheep embryos with human cells, an achievement that could one day supply organs for human transplants and offer a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

Researchers from Stanford University and the University of California presented their new work at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, the Guardian reported.

The scientists’ research builds on a controversial breakthrough made in 2017 in which they described similar experiments with human-pig chimeras. A chimera is an organism that has a mixture of genetically different tissues typically formed by embryo fusion, mutation or grafting.

This time, by fusing human stem cells into sheep embryos, the scientists were able to grow chimeras into fetal animals over 28 days.

“Even today, the best matched organs, except if they come from identical twins, don’t last very long because with time, the immune system continuously is attacking them,” researcher Dr. Pablo Ross of the University of California, Davis, said in a press briefing.

If it’s possible to grow human organs inside other species, such transplants could be useful beyond critical conditions. However, the sheep embryos created are only 0.01 percent human by cell count. While it’s better than the 0.001 percent of the human-pig embryos, Ross noted that in order to grow human organs, the proportion needs to be closer to 1 percent.

“It could take five years or it could take 10 years, but I think eventually we will be able to do this,” researcher Hiro Nakauchi said.

In addition, the scientists believe their strategy may lead to a cure for Type 1 diabetes, which occurs when the body fails to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. This insulin, Newsweek reported, is typically secreted by pancreatic islet cells.

While the process is often used experimentally, human islet cell transplants have had limited long-term success because the body typically rejects it.

“In theory, scientists could use a recipient’s own cells to tailor-make organs that are compatible with their bodies. This could reduce the chance of immune system rejection,” Newsweek reported.

In 2017, researchers used this method to successfully grow mouse pancreases in rats, which showed that transplants using the pancreas could cure diabetes in diabetic mice. 

The researchers know how controversial their work is, but said that with funding, the research could be accelerated. Currently, the U.S. National Institutes of Health forbids public funding of human-animal hybrids. But in 2016, according to National Geographic, the agency signaled that the moratorium could be lifted.

“All of these approaches are controversial, and none of them are perfect, but they offer hope to people who are dying on a daily basis,” Ross told National Geographic. “We need to explore all possible alternatives to provide organs to ailing people.”

Every hour, six people in the United States are added to the national waiting list for organ transplants, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. And each day, about 20 people die waiting.

In the U.S. alone, more than one hundred thousand people need heart transplants each year, yet only about 2,000 actually receive one. 

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