Saturday, May 5, 2018


"A Day to Remember"

"Racine mayor orders review of police department culture"

From The Journal

RACINE — Racine Mayor Cory Mason announced Friday that he is launching a review of the city’s Police Department to study its “cultural climate” after a survey on officers’ morale raised concerns of racial and gender bias.
Mason has directed the city’s attorney, human resources manager and affirmative action officer to investigate those concerns, according to a press release. The decision comes after the morale survey “revealed a number of Racine Police Department personnel who chose to make racially charged and sexist comments,” the release states.
The Journal Times reported earlier this week on that survey, conducted in mid-March by a human resource consulting firm at the request of the city’s police unions. Among other revelations, the survey highlighted complaints about morale and department leadership.
The survey also generated complaints about advancement opportunities, according to an overview of the survey results that was provided to The Journal Times. The overview states that 30 comments were provided regarding development and advancement, with the most commonly expressed sentiment on the topic being: “People are promoted based on friendship, race or gender.”
“In particular, it is alleged that the chief is making promotions ‘based on demographics’ and ‘does not promote people on merit but rather on favoritism,’ ” the overview states.
Some responding commenters also complained about the department’s “extensive” paid leave practice for “select officers.”

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Go get 'em, Mayor Cory! 

Open Blog - Weekend

Friday, May 4, 2018

"Charges to be filed against officer accused in excessive force incident at Park High"

From The Journal

RACINE — Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley is expected to file charges against Racine Police Officer Brinelle Nabors, who is accused of using excessive force against a Park High School student in 2015.
As of Thursday afternoon a criminal complaint had not yet been filed, but Graveley said he has arranged with Patrick Cafferty, Nabors’ defense attorney, to have an initial appearance in Racine County Circuit Court next Thursday.
Graveley said his office was asked to be the special prosecutor in the case, which involved a Racine police officer and occurred in Racine County.
His office received the case Feb. 20, 2017. He said it took over a year because it had to obtain information from civil litigation that was also going on.
“I think you have an obligation to review all evidence,” Graveley said.
The City of Racine last year settled a federal lawsuit filed by the student in 2016 for $400,000. The student alleged that Nabors threw him to the ground, punched him and slammed him against lockers while another officer failed to intervene. The incident reportedly occurred on Nov. 20, 2015.
According to the complaint, officers took the student into custody because they believed a bottle he put in the trash contained a mixture of codeine-based cough syrup, soda and candy. The student and his family maintained the bottle contained juice.
The student faced criminal charges in the case that were subsequently dismissed.
Nabors joined the Racine Police Department in 2012, following in the footsteps of his father, Maurice Nabors. Brinelle Nabors had previously been a student at Park High School and previously worked as a school liaison officer along with his father.

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"WiGWAG presents: News with a twist! A squirrel campaigns for easier access to acorns, an unlikely Trump lookalike, the NRA reveals its hypocrisy and more!"

From Wisconsin

A campaign flyer for "Furry Boi"
Photo: Stephen Boyle

We might be inspired by the stories of the day, the tabloid at the checkout counter, gossip in our ears or a reader's tip in our email. If it strikes us as a little bit off, a lot of silly, positively preposterous or reveals the absurdity of our present situation with the president, it’s WiGWAG. News with a twist.

Furred up

At the University of California, Berkeley, a squirrel campaigning for easier access to acorns won its election to the Associated Students of the University of California Senate. But the sophomore behind the “Furry Boi” campaign has a different set of priorities. Those include the environment, disabilities and mental illness, which he may or may not address in a squirrel costume.

Indoor/outdoor club

Penn State University says the Penn State Outing Club founded in 1920 can’t organize outdoor activities after this semester. The administration also sank outdoor activities planned by groups of spelunkers and divers. The school cited the great risks of the wilderness but WiGWAG suspects the real threat is liability coverage.

Equal playing field

Milwaukee Bucks’ star Giannis Antetokounmpo tipped the winning basket in Game 6 of the team’s battle with the Boston Celtics for a shot at the Western Conference finals. So, it became national news when one of the city’s most popular taco restaurants didn’t have room to seat him and his girlfriend for a postgame dinner. Bel Air Cantina issued an apology, but — in a state that’s virtually ruled by special-interest money — we can’t help but appreciate the rare story of an equal playing field.

Leaders of the pack 

Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson is recruiting for its summer internship program with an offer that includes a free motorcycle. The company will pay eight college students or recent graduates to ride a motorcycle and share the adventures on social media. And at the end of the 12-week internship, they keep the bike. 

Serial killers, maybe try Pinterest?

Facebook has published 27 pages of its rules — what you can and cannot do on the social media platform. The guidelines even clarify that serial murderers are prohibited from the service. At Facebook, anyone who has committed two or more murders over “multiple incidents or locations” qualifies as a serial killer and is banned. But if you’ve only committed a single homicide? Post away!

Trump’s twin found in a field in Spain?

A woman in Spain has found unexpected fame on social media for bearing a striking resemblance to Donald Trump. A journalist reporting on farming in northwestern Spain posted on Instagram a picture of Dolores Leis dressed in farm clothing with a hoe over her shoulder, prompting thousands of responses. The 64-year-old has since been asked to comment on pressing U.S. policy and international issues — though she has shown more concern for a moth plague threatening her potato crops. About the resemblance, she told the La Voz de Galicia newspaper, “I say that it must be because of the color of the hair.” 

Somewhere, over the mouse head

California’s Disneyland and the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida, are debuting rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse ears for sale in anticipation of Pride month. The ears are known officially as the “Mickey Mouse Rainbow Love” hat.

Memories best forgotten

The Indiana pizzeria made famous for announcing it would not cater same-sex weddings has closed. The married couple who owned Memories Pizza was emboldened to issue the statement following the enactment of then-Gov. Mike Pence’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” Kevin and Crystal O’Connor said their departure was not provoked by the controversy over their business, but rather their desire to retire. They could afford it. Evangelical Christians raised more than $840,000 for them online.

Don’t drink and kiss

Alcohol drinkers have nasty mouths, according to a study recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Microbiome. Researchers found that drinking, especially heavy drinking, helps bad bacteria thrive in the mouth while creating a negative environment for good bacteria. 

Keeping it classy

At a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump announced that Macron had dandruff on his shoulders and, with the cameras rolling, proceeded to brush it off. It was just one more example of the odd, dueling-alphas bromance between the two men.

Pot boom

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2014, business has boomed. Denver now has 170 pot dispensaries — more than the number of Starbucks, McDonald’s and 7-Eleven stores in the city combined.

But what about schools?

The NRA has banned guns from Mike Pence’s speech at its annual leadership forum in Dallas. Enough said.


Four for Fridays!

It has been a long week for me. My sons dog died Monday and then Wednesday night I get news that one of my cousins has six months to live because his cancer has spread really bad.
Lets see it is time for me to do Four for Fridays and it is May 4th. How many times can this happen for us. So I decided to have questions on the movie for today.

1) Have you seen the first three Star Wars movies?

2) Have you seen the three new Star Wars movies?

3) How much of Star Wars fan are you?

4) Which character in the movie do you like the most?

I hope you have a great weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

It's about time that you got here.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

"Survey: Racine police morale 'absolutely horrible'"

From The Journal

RACINE — Poor morale and lack of leadership came up as two of the biggest issues facing the Racine Police Department, according to a survey completed earlier this year that was recently released to The Journal Times.

The survey was conducted in mid-March, about two months after the fatal police-involved shooting of Donte Shannon. It was completed at the request of the city’s police unions: the Racine Police Association, representing officers; and the Staff Officers Association, representing supervisors. The results show that “absolutely horrible” morale was a frequently identified issue.

Union officials declined to talk to The Journal Times directly but answered questions about the survey through the state’s police association.

Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, said the police unions wanted to gain insight about the struggles the department faces in attracting and retaining officers.

“The two associations intend to use the survey results, which they have only begun to process, as a collaborative tool to help develop long-term competitive strategies to attract and retain officers and otherwise enhance the city’s overall capacity to keep the community safe,” Palmer stated.
He said the police associations funded the approximately $6,000 survey.

It was conducted by Chicago-based Standard & Associates. The survey consisted of 103 questions spanning 18 categories. Although officers shared some positive feedback, they also complained about management, working conditions and overall department morale.

The Journal Times reviewed only an overview about the survey results. The full report was not given to The Journal Times.

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"Freedom's Safest Place | Real Empowerment"

"10 Apocalyptic Natural Disasters That Are Waiting To Happen"

Open Blog - Thursday

Right back at ya!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

"Foxconn Uses Loophole To Drain 7 Million Gallons Of Water Per Day From Lake Michigan"

Taiwanese tech manufacturer Foxconn will siphon seven million gallons of water per day from Lake Michigan after their upcoming Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin plant was granted approval by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Approximately 20% of the world’s fresh water can be found in the Great Lakes, which has historically been used for public purposes such as water utilities and drinking water – and protected by the 2008 Great Lakes Compact agreement intended to preserve the resource.
The agreement states “In general, there is a ban on new diversions of water from the Basin but limited exceptions could be allowed in communities near the Basin when rigorous standards are met.
Exceptions to the compact can be granted if permission is received from all eight governors of states which surround the great lakes
Foxconn, however, did not receive permission for the water draw – instead using a loophole which allowed the nearby town of Racine, which falls inside the Great Lakes Basin, to request the additional water and pipe it to the Foxconn factory in Mount Pleasant – a city served by the Racine water utility.
The request from Racine was allowed because water utility serves a small percentage of residents in Mount Pleasant. That allowed the DNR to say the diversion qualified as being used for “public water supply purposes” and would not require the type of stringent review applied to other cases. The DNR did acknowledge that the diversion would “partially” include the Foxconn facility. –Gizmodo
This loophole has angered environmentalists, which executive director of the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Kerry Schulmann, says is “a thinly veiled attempt to degrade the Great Lakes Compact, one of the finest conservation achievements in a generation.”
Meanwhile, the Compact Implementation Coalition – organized to ensure that the Great Lakes Compact is adhered to, slammed the decision. “The CIC feels it is unfortunate that DNR is ignoring not only the spirit, intent and plain language of the Great Lakes Compact, but also the voiced concerns of thousands of Wisconsin citizens,” said the group in a statement.

"City of Racine Administrator Jim Palenick Feels 'LUCKY'"

Palenick marks 1st-year anniversary; sees ‘bright’ future for city

Jim Palenick has now held that job for about one year. In that time, he’s worked for three mayors, helped develop a proposed event center that the City Council ultimately rejected and is now working to help Racine capitalize on a $10 billion manufacturing campus in neighboring Mount Pleasant.
Palenick was appointed by former Mayor John Dickert to succeed Tom Friedel as Racine’s administrator, a role created in 2003 to manage Racine’s day-to-day operations. The City Council approved Palenick’s hiring March 21, 2017, by a vote of 10-3, granting him a three-year contract with a starting salary of $140,000.
The words of yet another “Dickert Disaster” appointed Toady who spouts lies for the remaining Fools of Racine – who are parted from their money – daily.
Being paid $140,000G + Bennies from the unwitting dupes aka City of Racine Taxpayers only confirms that lying and embezzling pays – in the rogue, criminal and corrupt State of WI! I bet Jim feels *LUCKY* because he won the lottery from the taxpaying FOOLS of City of Racine – who pay the bills!

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my wonderful, wonderful friends!  How are you?  What's everyone talking about?  The weather.  It's been gorgeous.  I think maybe spring is here, though I loathe to say it aloud for fear of queering the deal.  I've had to turn on the air conditioning when the sun beats down on the house in the morning.  Well, it is May.  It might snow tomorrow.

"Palenick marks 1st-year anniversary; sees 'bright' future for city" says the headline on the article [ ].  As noted in the comments on the story, Mr. Palenick does nothing, but is paid handsomely.  What does a "City Administrator" do?  Why, he administrates, of course.  Nice work if you can find it. Mr. Palenick, a Dickert pick, is locked in for two more years.  Why does Racine get raped over and over?  It seems as if all of the money ends up in private pockets.  Foxconn will only facilitate this process.  Poor Racine.

 Mr. Trump continues to flabbergast hordes of people, left and right.  He is the President of the United States, but he acts like a child.  He has the perfect pout face.  I wonder how long he had to work on that?  He simply is not up to the job of being president.  He tweets insults.  What a twit.

My boys, however, are perfect, especially SeƱor Zanza.  They can do no wrong in my eyes.  

Have ypu driven past Pritchard Park lately?  It looks like a bomb went off.  Easily, 90% of the forest must have been ash trees.  Now imagine this superimposed on the rest of the city.  It's coming folks, sooner rather than later.  We have no easy cure for the Emerald Ash Borer.  The best we can do now is take down the infected trees.  Racine will look utterly naked.  Us and hundreds of other communities.  Well, I've lived through two deforestations in Racine: the beautiful elm and the stalwart ash trees.  Have any of our critters played havoc in other nations?  I hope not, but I suspect so.  We just can't handle our own success.  And we're often trying to dominate the weather, which is impossible.

I see that Foxconn is moving right along entirely on government money.  I don't think they have a penny invested yet.  Just wait - we'll be halfway done with construction and they'll announce other plans.  Thanks Racine County and Mount Pleasant, but no thanks.  We'll see you on the flip side.  Oh, I don't want to believe that this will happen, but I've got a tingling in my toes.  The toes are never wrong, never.  If Foxconn does poop on us, what can we do?  Sue them?  Ha!  That would take a minimum of 10 years.  

No, Foxconn has us dancing like unfortunate cowboys.  So far, all we have are promises and other words from Foxconn.  "Oops, we misspoke.  So sorry.  Goodbye."  Poor Racine.  We always get screwed.  I know of no reason why this time should be any different.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers,  I love each and every one of you. Keep the faith.

Enjoy the weather.  It will still get plenty cool, but we're gaining every day.  Thank God we get to see another spring.
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Open Blog - Wednesday

Halfway through the work week.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"Johnny Cash - 'Hurt' (Official Video) HD"

"Ready for Your Close-Up"

From The Shepherd Express:

May 01, 2018
3:44 p.m.

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, I know a lot of you’s are
looking forwards to the summertime season coming up, unlike yours truly who does not appreciate in the least that time of year when if it’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity for crying out loud.
Be that as it may, June, July and August, I’d like to give you’s a little something else to look forward to, and so shall I provide you with a sneak preview of some of my blockhead-busting essays I’ll be delivering come summer on this page in front of you. In fact, if I were you I’d go pitch my pup tent right now outside the door of wherever it is you go to pick up your Shepherd Express, and prepare to camp there all summer long ’cause every week you’re going to want to be among the first to have experienced the highflying load of linguistic legerdemain I got lined up in store for you on summer’s shelves as soon as I think of it.
And the good news is that you can still carry in all the Good & Plenty and ice-cold bottled beer you can stand when reading these upcoming essays ’cause why would I care, what the fock.
Starbucks Wars: Darth Loiter vs. Princess Barista: During a slow news week, I may expand my thoughts about the first guy maybe a couple five-thousand years ago to discover coffee, when he got it into his head that it would be a grand idea to grind up some beans he happened to notice hanging off a tree somewheres, toss the ground-up stuff into some hot water and then drink this dredge just to see what the heck would happen. What the fock did people back then need a coffee buzz for, anyways. What, they were a little groggy in the morning from staying up too late with the TV or ’cause they were cramming for final exams? Yeah, I don’t think so, either.
Mission: Impossible—Successful Marriage: The feel-good, laff-riot essay of the summer slated for a June release in time for the slew of matrimonial ceremonies that take place this month. There won’t be a dry eye or dry seat left in the house once you’s get done reading this one. For better or worse, a rhetorical question—“What are you, focking nuts?”—begs for the hearts and minds of the soon-to-be-damned. There’ll also be this memorable word-picture:
A man is in court on trial for murder. The judge says, “You are charged with beating your wife to with a hammer.” A voice from the back of the court yells, “You bastard!”
The judge glares and then continues, “You are also charged with beating your mother-in-law with a hammer.” Again the voice from the back of the court bellows, “You bastard!!” The judge pounds his gavel and says, “We cannot have any more of these outbursts from you, sir, or I shall charge you with contempt. Now, what is the problem?”
And the guy in the back of the courtroom stands and says, “Your honor, 15 years I’ve lived next door to that bastard, and every time I asked to borrow a hammer, he said he didn’t have one!”
Bender Man: This one’s strictly for the youth in my reading audience so they got a little something to kill time with besides shoplifting. I’ll toss in a couple of lighthearted riddles: “How come Raggedy Ann got banned from the toy chest? Give up? ’Cause she kept sitting on Pinocchio’s face and saying, ‘Lie to me, lie to me, damn it!’” “What’s green and hangs from trees? Giraffe snot.” I’ll pass along some age-appropriate wisdom like, “Never, ever mix good booze with soda.” And I’ll wind it up with a fun essay question for which I’ll ask them to send their answers to me for some kind of bullshit prize: “Compare and contrast the Neolithic Revolution with the Counter-Reformation, and if you don’t cite your sources, you’ll never see your dog again.”
Captain Kumbalek: Religiosity War: Here, I get a bug up my butt but good that turns me into a crusading super-humanist who battles all forms of religious belief during the course of one helluva action-packed essay, I kid you not. Be you Muslim, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Aztec, Mormon, Deadhead, Pente-focking-costalist or Jehovah’s Witness, I’m kicking your fanatical fanny around the block and back. Possessed only with the powers of regular common sense and an ounce of compassion for his fellow creature, it’s one man’s attempt to set the world on a sane and just path as we leave all the various Lords, Lordettes and what-nots shrinking to nothingness in the rearview mirror.
So there you go. All that’s left for me to do is to go bask in the bright lights of the Uptowner tavern/charm school and get down to work, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.

"US: Vet implanted heroin in puppies for Colombia drug ring"

From The Journal

NEW YORK (AP) — A veterinarian accused of implanting liquid heroin in puppies for a Colombian drug trafficking ring is now in custody in New York.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said on Tuesday that Andres Lopez Elorza was awaiting a court appearance in Brooklyn.

Lopez, who is Venezuelan, was arrested in 2015 in Spain. He was extradicted to the U.S. on Monday.

U.S. authorities say Lopez stitched packets of heroin into the bellies of Labrador retrievers and other breeds sent on commercial flights to New York City. They say the packets were then cut out of the puppies, who died in the process.

Ten puppies were rescued during a 2005 raid on a farm in Colombia.

There was no immediate information on a U.S. attorney who could comment on his behalf.

Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

"A scientist just turned 104. His birthday wish is to die"

David Goodall, 104, plans to fly to Switzerland in early May to die. (Exit International/AFP/Getty Images)

Champagne bubbles danced in fancy glasses and birthday candles burned atop a cheesecake marking 104 years of a long and accomplished life.

David Goodall listened quietly as his loved ones started to sing.

Then he took a breath, made a wish and blew out the flames.

But Goodall was not wholeheartedly celebrating the milestone this month in Perth, Australia. The botanist and ecologist, who is thought to be the country’s oldest scientist, said that he has lived too long. And now, he said, he is ready to die.

“I greatly regret having reached that age. I would much prefer to be 20 or 30 years younger,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. When asked whether he had a nice birthday, he told the news organization: “No, I’m not happy. I want to die. ... It’s not sad, particularly. What is sad is if one is prevented.”

“My feeling is that an old person like myself should have full citizenship rights, including the right of assisted suicide,” the 104-year-old added.

Goodall is set to travel more than 8,000 miles this week to Switzerland. That country, like most others, has not passed legislation legalizing assisted suicide, but under some circumstances its laws do not forbid it.

It’s there, in northwestern Switzerland, where Goodall plans to die.

"Alice Cooper - Lady Is A Tramp (Good To See You Again 1973)"

No Kats allowed.

Open Blog - Tuesday


Monday, April 30, 2018

"Women in Love!"

"Van Halen - Van Halen II - Women In Love"

"Stormy Daniels Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Trump"

Stormy Daniels' legal team - led by lawyer Michael Avenatti - must be getting bored since a federal judge in Los Angeles ordered a 90-day delay of her lawsuit against President Trump and his former personal attorney Mike Cohen (who has promised to plead the fifth during the proceedings). Because Stormy has filed another defamation lawsuit, this time exclusively against President Trump, as Reuters reports.
The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in New York on Monday, seeks damages from Trump for a tweet he sent earlier this month where he criticized a composite sketch that, Daniels said, depicted a man who had threatened her in 2011. He reportedly demanded that she stay quiet about her sexual encounter with Trump. That would've been around the time she gave an interview about her affair with Trump to In Touch magazine which wasn't published until recently.
Her previous lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles, sought to have her released from an NDA she signed shortly before the 2016 vote where she also accepted a $130,000 "hush money" payment from Cohen.
"A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!," Trump said.
According to the filing, cited by the Associate Press and Reuters, the tweet was "false and defamatory" arguing that Trump knew what he was saying out Daniels' claim was false and also disparaging.
The lawsuit also claims Daniels has been exposed to death threats and other threats of "physical violence."
Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.
"We intend on teaching Mr. Trump that you cannot simply make things up about someone and disseminate them without serious consequences," Avenatti said.
As the Associated Press points out, Daniels, aided by Avenatti, has sought to keep her case in the public eye. She revealed the sketch that Trump mocked during an appearance on the View earlier this month. Trump is facing another defamation lawsuit in New York, this one filed by Summer Zervos, a former "The Apprentice" contestant who says Trump made unwanted sexual contact with her in 2007. She sued him after Trump dismissed her claims.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Loyal Trumpista"

She is an example of the perfect Trumpling:
1. submissive, resistant to new experiences
2. complete obedience to authority
3. a rigid hierarchical view of society
4. an Elite Godly Sun Caste is destined to rule over all others
5. experiences relative deprivation: being deprived
of something which she believes her ethno-group is entitled

Open Blog - Monday

On Monday I can sparkle OR shine, but not both.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

"This pregnancy Barbie with removable belly is the most wrong thing on the internet"

Jan 5, 2018 05:38 PM

Barbie's famous for her tiny waist and unrealistic proportions, but the latest crop of unofficial Barbie dolls have been bucking that trend, introducing the world to Barbies with acne, with curves, and with cellulite. It seems like you can find a Barbie doll to represent practically any kind of woman on Amazon and Etsy, which is a movement we can totally get behind — until we saw this doll, that is. When we wished for a pregnant Barbie, we didn't quite expect this.

 Real Pregnant Doll Mom Doll Have a Baby in Her Tummy with Small Shoes for Barbie" (yes, that's the whole name) is listed on Amazon for under $5, and is very obviously not made by Mattel.

Though she could probably benefit from a slightly less orange hair color, her face looks pretty... normal.

 Seems pretty standard.

 However, "Barbie's" baby is stored in her removable stomach.


Imagine if losing baby weight was as easy as popping your pregnancy belly on and off?
It's a little creepy to have a full-blown baby to pop in and out of her stomach, but that's not the worst part.




... How?? Why?
2018, why did you do this to us? Why?
We're all for unique Barbie dolls that represent every woman. But this one needs to go back to the drawing board, stat.


"White House Correspondents' Dinner: Michelle Wolf FULL monologue"

"Mr. Microphone By Ronco Commercial, 1978"

"CLARENCE 'Gatemouth' BROWN Pressure Cooker"