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Alan Greenspan says economy will start to fade ‘very dramatically’ because of entitlement burden

Economic growth won’t last as the U.S. labors under the burden of growing entitlement programs and weakness around the world, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told CNBC.
The long-time central bank chief repeated his warnings about the weight that Social Security, Medicare and other programs are having on what have been otherwise solid gains over the past few years.
“I think the real problem is over the long run, we’ve got this significant continued drain coming from entitlements, which are basically draining capital investment dollar for dollar,” he told CNBC’s Sara Eisen during a “Squawk on the Street ” interview.
“Without any major change in entitlements, entitlements are going to rise. Why? Because the population is aging. There’s no way to reverse that, and the politics of it are awful, as you well know,” Greenspan added.
While he said the economy looks “reasonably good” in the short run, he expects that over the longer term, growth “fades very dramatically.”
The man known as “The Maestro” while he ran the Fed 19 years from the Reagan to the George W. Bush administrations spoke as signs for growth have turned more positive lately. In its latest GDP forecast, the Atlanta Fed now sees the increase running at 2.3 percent. A month ago, the tracker had put the level at 0.2 percent.
However, Greenspan said much of the improvement has come from a rise in stock market prices: He sees a “stock market aura” in the economy. A rise of 10 percent in the S&P 500 corresponds to a 1 percent real GDP increase, he said. The S&P 500 has risen nearly 16 percent in 2019 and is on track for its best performance in history should current trends hold.
The economy “is going to begin to fade out because Europe is not doing well and we still have a problem where there’s a very substantial fiscal problem associated with entitlements.”


RIP Jay Hanson!

From Peak Oil Barrel:
Sat, 2019-04-06 09:53 — Sheila Newman
I have just learned, regretfully, of the death of Jay Hanson. My first report was that it occurred in a diving accident. Subsequently, it has been clarified that he fell ill after diving, and died that night. Jay Hanson lived in Hawaii. He was the founder of multiple energy resources or peak oil lists from the 1990s, starting with the incredibly popular Dieoff website and DieOff list which looked at peak oil, population numbers, and scarcity. An intermediate list was Killer Ape-Peak Oil. The last list of which we are aware was [America2Point0] which Hanson closed ‘until further notice’ on 20 December 2016. Hanson was teetotal for many years and studied evolutionary psychology. He believed that humans would be ultimately unable to deal with resource scarcity or human induced climate change because they could not cope with major environmental and evolutionary problems involving themselves.
His list gave rise to a number of other lists, such as EnergyResources and ERT, as people formed different views on the energy resources and human survival outlook.
Jay Hanson’s dieoff page can be found in its old and new forms by clicking on the links: and There is a 2003 interview by Scott Meredith at It was my own participation in the DieOff list and subsequent ones, especially EnergyResources, and then the Australian Running on Empty one (roeoz) that caused me to edit two editions of a multi-scientist authored book called The Final Energy Crisis, Pluto Press, UK, 2005 and 2008. The first edition was initiated and partly edited by Andrew McKillop, and finished by me, Sheila Newman, and the second edition, in 2008, was entirely edited by me, with mostly new articles.
The whole ‘peak oil’ and energy resources debate or story or study is not over by any means. Fracking is a desperate and ruinous sort of pause, which has been used to crank up demand. It seems that we have already entered the oil wars, however most of the public have little ability to understand this, due to the influence of the corporate press and similar on our education systems, which focus less and less on science and history. US-NATO activity in the Middle East, the East and South America – notable threats towards Venezuela – are signs of this.
Jay Hanson was a charismatic internet figure, and it seems odd today that his death is not being widely reported. He was likable, trenchant and a little despotic, with many avid and admiring acolytes and friends.
This article and obituary is a very quick response to the sad news. My condolences to his family and close friends, and to the movement he began.

Jay Hanson, my internet friend. He was probably more responsible for starting the whole Peak Oil Awareness Movement than any other person. May he rest in peace.
Thanks to Sheila Newman. Without your reporting, Jay’s death would have gone completely unreported.

Captain Caveman Adds:

Thanks for the Wisdom and Insights! Jay Hanson was one of the Great Thinkers of our time, and will be missed. RIP – Jay.

Website portal allows public to apply for city boards, commissions

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, 
I do believe that you are a good-hearted person, and I thank you for 
beginning to come around to the concept of Open Government.... 
See JT :
But I don't want Government to be involved in all aspects of my life - 
or intrusive. OR cost me an arm or leg to fund. 
I prefer to be poor and powerless, which makes me spiritually rich and 
powerful, as I have nothing to lose. 
I know that State mandates have forced your hand - which is also wrong 
- but PLEASE - GET OUT OF MY LIFE and stop the excessive taxation and 
The State of WI - CON - SIN  has become a Kriminal Enterprise, 
existing merely for profit and gain - at the expense of those who work 
in the private sector. 
Tim & Cindy 

Kid Rock Ft Billy Gibbons - If I Were President (Live At MTV 20th Anniversary)

Rush - Xanadu (Official Music Video)

New 32" Monitor!

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Japanese adults are not getting laid, according to a new study which found that around 25% of heterosexual Japanese adults between ages 18 and 39 have never had sex.

When broken down by age group, nearly 80% of those under 20 who are virgins, 40% of those between 20-24, and nearly 10% aged 35-39 reporting never having had sex. Of course, this means that if things don't change - there's a whole lot of 40-year-old virgins roaming around Japan. 

Perhaps unrealistic expectations set by tentacle porn, large-breasted hentai girls and used-panty vending machines have intimidated Japanese women into closing up shop until later in life. Or maybe high levels of soy combined with the #MeToo era have created a population of ultra-feminized men afraid to make the first move?
Likely virgin carrying a "Waifu pillow" 
The study also found that - brace yourself - men who make more money have more sex than those with lower incomes.
"Although the discussion around cause and effect becomes very complex when considering who becomes sexually experienced and who remains a virgin, we show that heterosexual inexperience is at least partly a socioeconomic issue for men. Simply put, money talks," said lead author Cyrus Ghaznavi.
Used panty vending machine in Japan
The decline in sexually active Japanese adults during their reproductive years is worrisome, and the Japanese government is well aware of what's to come if things don't change, and soon.

In recent years, local governments have boosted their efforts to pair off heterosexual singles in a bid to reverse the country's declining fertility rate.
"There seems to be a national push to get people to really think about this issue and feel a sense of urgency," Choo said.
Furthermore, despite Japan's multibillion-dollar porn industry, Choo said discussions around porn and sex remain taboo. "Sex is seen as dirty and corrupting in Japan," Choo said.
"My students can't use the word 'penis' or 'vagina,' and if a woman expresses any knowledge or interest in sex, you're seen as a fallen women. Men don't talk about it, either." -CNN
According to Kukhee Choo, a media studies professor at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan actually began to embrace the Western concepts of free love and sexual liberation following WWII. As Japan's economy skyrocketed into the '80s - at one point becoming the world's second-largest economy, working stiffs became the dominant idea of masculinity. After Japan's economy went tits up in the '90s, the ensuing period of financial insecurity and economic stagnation was a real confidence killer when it comes to getting laid, according to Japanese studies professor Shigeru Kashima of Meiji University.
"Over the past two decades, some Japanese men have found it hard to face external hardships and fear rejection," said Kashima. "There's also an attitude of men devoting themselves more to their hobbies compared to women dedicating themselves to work."
"Some people are in a relationship and they're sexless. Some people don't want to be in a relationship because they don't want to be sexual. This is all going on at the same time among young people in Japan," said Choo.
As we noted last May, sexless men are known as "otaku," - a Japanese term for socially awkward gents who have isolated themselves from their families and romantic prospects alike. "[T]hese “geeks” tend to be diehard anime and manga fans who have little interest in dating," wrote Luisa Tam in the South China Morning Post

Taking it one step further are the "soshoku danshi," which translates to "grass-eating men" or "herbivore men" - a term coined by Japanese columnist Maki Fukasawa who describes these particular isolationists as having a "monk-like approach to life and relationships," which of course includes no sex.
Studies in Japan estimate that this class of men, normally in their 20s and 30s, account for around 60 per cent to 70 per cent of the male population. Obviously, their reluctance to procreate is a major cause for concern. Japan has had one of lowest birth rates in the world for nearly a decade now. -SCMP
“These herbivore men don’t connect with others, they don’t establish their own families or have children and don’t really contribute anything meaningful to society, either tangibly or intangibly,” says Dr. Paul Wong Wai-ching, associate professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong. “They are like parasites who often live with their parents. So you can imagine how it’s going to affect society in the long run, socially and economically.”
It didn't always used to be this way. During the Edo period (1603 - 1868), Japan was downright freaky - as evidenced by Shunga - erotic art typically made using woodblock print techniques. And while contemporary Japanese porn blurs out genitals, Shunga artists tended to draw oversized naughty bits.
The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, Hokusai, 1814
During the Heian period (794-1185) there was an entire Japanese school of Shingon Buddhism devoted to sexual energyknown as Tachikawa-ryu. While most of its rites have been destroyed, we know that Devotees used ritual sex to reach enlightenment.

"Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman is the supreme buddha activity. Sex is the source of intense pleasure, the root of creation, necessary for every living being, and a natural act of regeneration. To be united as a man and woman is to united with Buddha," reads one of the sacred Tantras.
Alas, Tachikawa-ryu is no more - having been outlawed in the 13th century, with most of its writings either burned or sealed away at various monasteries.
And now, Japan has a serious virgin epidemi.


Four for Fridays!

Good morning everyone I hope you enjoyed your week with some nice weather. I can deal with the rain more than the nasty S word. Just so everyone knows everything went real good for my Mom's Memorial. If it wasn't for Drew being there with me I think I would have lost it. Here are your questions.

1) Have you ever been arrested for drunk driving?

2) When you drink alcohol do you drink at home or out with friends?

3) When was the last time you drank alcohol?

4) Was the last time you drank alcohol at home or out with friends?

Have a great weekend!

Foxconn is confusing the hell out of Wisconsin

was summer in Wisconsin, and Foxconn seemed to be everywhere. But also: nowhere at all.
Starting last June, officials with the Taiwanese tech manufacturing giant began popping up in all corners of the state and announcing new projects. It had been almost a year since then-Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) offered the company a subsidy package that came to total $4.5 billion. Both Walker, who was in the midst of a reelection campaign, and Foxconn, which had just confirmed that it would build a far smaller factory than it had initially promised, seemed eager to make a good impression.
First, there was Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, announcing a new headquarters and “innovation center” in Milwaukee. Days later, Gou was standing in a field 40 minutes south in Mount Pleasant, digging gold shovels into the dirt with Walker, Paul Ryan, and President Trump, who declared Foxconn’s factory the “eighth wonder of the world.” Then it was off to Green Bay, where Foxconn announced another innovation center, and then Eau Claire, where Foxconn announced two more — a full “technology hub.”
Next came a $100 million gift to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a venture fund, and competitions to design the innovation centers, with fast turnarounds — just two weeks to submit proposals — and plans to open in just months. As summer turned to fall, Foxconn kept going: an innovation center for Racine, and another groundbreaking, for a Foxconn expansion at a nearby technical college. More branded ball caps, more gold shovels. One observer quipped that Foxconn had created jobs in the Wisconsin events business, at least.
Then the announcements stopped.
In January, work at the Mount Pleasant factory came to a halt, and Foxconn officials began to publicly waffle about their plans. In the span of a single week, Woo said that the company wouldn’t build a factory, then that whatever Foxconn was building “cannot be simply described as a factory,” then, after a call with Trump, that Foxconn would build a factory after all.
Throughout its gyrations, Foxconn maintained that it would create 13,000 jobs, though what those 13,000 people would be doing shifted gradually from manufacturing to research into what Foxconn calls its “AI 8K+5G ecosystem.” Other than buzzwords for high-resolution screens and high-speed cell networks, what this ecosystem is has never been fully explained. In February, a Foxconn executive cheerfully likened the company’s vague, morphing plans to designing and building an airplane midflight. 

Sin City Welcomes Uncut Ricky Jarstad to The Ratcine Jungle!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Sent to Rep Robin Vos

Dear Representative Vos, 
DO you understand the problem here? As Racine Police Department Sgt. 
Samuel Stulo declares to a Racine County Sheriffs Department Deputy: 
At one point, Stulo appears to become agitated and ask deputies to get 
off of him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t want to feel like a 
f***ing criminal, man,” Stulo said. 
From JT: 
I have to agree with RPD Officer Sgt. Samuel Stulo, because drunk 
driving CAN'T be a crime! It is merely a civil violation of a 
contractual agreement with Department of Motor Vehicles. 
NOW - RPD Officer Sgt. Samual Stulo did cause injury, and property 
damage, and fled the scene, for which he was rightfully charged. 
But RPD Officer Sgt. Samuel Stulo reveals something in his statements 
and actions for all with eyes to see, and ears to hear - is that under 
NORMAL circumstances - as proven by former Racine County DA Rich 
Chiapete, former Racine Mayor John Dickert, and former Chief of Mount 
Pleasant Police Department Tim Zarzecki - that a double standard 
exists. One for private Residents, one for connected public officials 
whether elected, appointed, or employees. Which is absolutely 
Meanwhile, the Progressive City of Racine, led by Mayor Cory Mason, 
continues to suffer multiple lawsuits and taxpayers are forced to pay, 
while the malfeasant officials who committed the crimes are seemingly 
NEVER held accountable, or required to reimburse the taxpayers. This 
is an OUTRAGE! 
We need accountability in government - and the taxpayers need to be 
indemnified against paying the cost. I am asking that you work on some 
Legislation which will END the looting of the Taxpayers and hold 
malfeasant and  criminal State Actors liable and responsible. 
See also: 
Thank you  for your time.

Dear Nadane Zoltar

 I am sorry, but I'm unable to deliver another blog today.  Ongoing health problems bedevil me, but I will do my best to deliver next week.

Open Blog - Wednesday

I'm the only member and you can't join.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

From the Corner

From The Shepherd Express:

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, again I’m suffering from what they call post-NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament letdown syndrome, also known as PNCAAMCBTLS. Heard of it? Yeah, there’s no TV ads with drugs for it either.
And in my depressive state, I was sitting around with nothing better to do than to think I ought to decide pretty damn soon to decide about from which side of the presidential candidacy pot I ought to pee—in it, or on it.
And whenever I got an important decision to pull off, I first seek counsel with my personal brain trust, already ensconced within the friendly confines of The Uptowner tavern/charm school, majestically crammed onto the wistfully historic corner of Humboldt and Center. Come along if you’d like, but you buy the first round. Let’s get going.
Ernie: What the fock, where’d the bartender go?
Little Jimmy Iodine: Hey, Artie! Over here. Put a load on your keister.
Art: Mornin’ gents, what do you know, what do you hear.
Herbie: I heard the reason all the trees in Kentucky lean to the south is because Tennessee sucks and Ohio blows.
Julius: Hey Ray, what does a Kentucky Wildcat do on Halloween?
Ray: Pump kin, ain’a?
Art: Listen fellas, I need to tap your smarts on an important decision I got to be mulling over on soon.
Emil: What the hell is “mulling”?
Herbie: “Mulling” is one of those words you only ever find in a newspaper headline. I think it means same thing as “bullshit.”
Ernie: Artie, you want to “tap” something important? How ’bout you get behind the goddamn bar and tap me a focking Leinie.
Julius: Artie, if what you’re “mulling” is about paying back that ten bucks you owe me, I say yea before I mull to kick your butt ’round the block and back but good.
Art: Hey! One for Julius over here. Yeah, put it on Ray’s tab.
Little Jimmy Iodine: So what you trying to decide, Artie?
Art: To run for president or not.
Herbie: Oh christ, not this again. How many times you run now, five, six?
Ray: Yeah, about the same number as votes he’s gotten all put together, ain’a?
Little Jimmy: Isn’t it a little too early to decide, Artie?
Art: Might be. But in 2016, I didn’t officially declare ’til dang near middle of October, and I learned that two weeks to raise some dough and get my platform together for the people to stand on just wasn’t enough time.
Ernie: Hold on, Artie. I thought you’s were going to run for the county sheriff.
Ray: Did you say “for” or “from”?
Art: I might bail on that race, whenever it is. I’d probably need a driver’s license to be sheriff, and I don’t have the dough to get one. For christ sakes, how would that look, the county sheriff trying to pull over a speeder from the back seat of a focking freeway flyer?
Little Jimmy: I don’t think you should be president, Artie. It’s too dangerous. We haven’t had an assassination for a while, but you’re just the kind of guy some crackpot would hanker to take a pot shot at, I kid you not.
Herbie: You know, with civil wars all around the globe everywhere, I wonder what Abe Lincoln would say if he came back today.
Ray: First thing he’d say: “Hey, how did that show turn out anyways?”
Emil: What the fock are you talking about?
Ray: Listen numbnuts, Abe got shot watching a play, I think it was Damn Yankees. Never saw the end of the goddamn thing. For christ sakes, didn’t you ever have any history?
Julius: He got shot by one of the actors, ain’a? Probably Abe was a little hepped up from the winning the Civil War and he was heckling or something.
Ernie: Or maybe he was trying to open a candy wrapper and it was really loud. Actors hate that kind of crap when they’re trying to act.
Little Jimmy: You’s guys, he got shot from the back by the actor John Wilkes Booth, who was not cast in the production Abe was watching 154 years ago this April. He sure was a great president, even if he was Republican.
Herbie: You don’t hear Republicans talk much about Honest Abe these days, ain’a? They’re always jerking their beefaroni about Ronald Reagan this, Reagan that, but you sure don’t hear them talk about the Ol’ Railsplitter.
Art: I’m guessing that’s ’cause he was for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That means all the people—not just the rich focks.
(Hey, it’s getting late and I know you got to go, but thanks for letting us bend your ear, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.)

Must be great to be Latvian!

ortunately, I now have an answer for every "whataboutmeeist" who is 
in some sort of mixed-race marriage, interracial relationship, has 
mixed-race children, or has a half-Chinese step-brother married to a 
Filippino woman who has adopted Congolese orphans. Read this paper: 
    When competition between groups becomes violent the female of a 
mixed marriage and her offspring are often vulnerable to violence by 
not only the group from which her male partner is assigned but also to 
violent acts by members of the group with which she is identified. 
When the goal of an adversary is to eliminate manifestations of 
identity the role of the individual within a society, including 
children and other non-combatants, is of little consequence. Using the 
conflict in the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda as a focus this essay 
takes a bio-social and cultural comparative approach in exploring the 
situational factors underlying genocidal behavior wherein the woman in 
a mixed conjugal union and her offspring are disproportionately 
vulnerable to violence. The possible co-evolvement of individual 
behaviors with group-level institutions is considered as worthy of 
more focused attention in an attempt to understand the intense 
vulnerability of some women and children in environments of lethal 
Be sure to bookmark the URL, as no doubt it will prove useful for 
commenters here in answering the inevitable questions from the What 
About Me crowd in the future. 
And to all of those who have wonderful [nationality] [family members] 
and wish to dispute the probable outcome of mass immigration and 
demographic change in their [political entity], I cordially invite you 
to take the matter up with Ralph Hartley at the Department of 
Anthropology, University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska.

How Many Current Federal Lawsuits are Open VS City of Racine

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Once Again, Time to Play, “How Many Federal Lawsuits Have Been Filed 
Against City of Racine”? 
And *WOW* only 2 recently filed actions are open! This is a vast 
improvement from the days of the Dickert Disaster - but anything goes 
in the City of Ill Repute. 
Meanwhile, the attitude and words of RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo - speak 
VOLUMES! The JT provided a very thorough and excellent article which 
displayed the problems at RPD for all with ears to hear - that the RPD 
itself is a criminal organization where special rules for special 
people is expected. Kinda like Rich and Jennifer Chiapette, and John 
Graft and Corruption rule the City of Ill Repute. It is on full 
display in the conduct, words, and action of Sgt. Sam Stulo. You can't 
cover it up any more -  it is in the Public's face. 
But WAIT! There are at least 4 more actions pending in Circuit Court. 
Plus - UNKNOWNS and OTHER UNKNOWN COVER-UPS. It's the Ratcine way. 
And guess who is gonna pay for the malfeasance and general 
incompetence committed by City of Racine Actors…… yep, the Underdog 
Read the latest post here: 
It’s not my place to run the train 
The whistle I can’t blow. 
It’s not my place to say how far 
The train’s allowed to go. 
It’s not my place to shoot off steam 
Nor even clang the bell. 
But let the damn thing jump the track 
And see who catches hell. 
Tim & Cindy 

Parents Charged In College Admissions Scam Now Hiring "Prison Life Consultants"

In news that should surprise no one, affluent Hollywood elites are scared shitless of going to jail, but they have every intention of doing so fully prepared for the experience.
The parents once seeking "consultation" on the easy way to get their kids into elite universities are now seeking another type of consultation: what prison life could be like. 
As a result of the "largest college admissions scandal in history", actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were among 15 other parents and celebs who appeared before a judge last Wednesday afternoon, accused of cheating to get their kids into elite universities like USC and Yale. Most defendants have remained mum on their legal strategies as they head to "face the music" as a result of their involvement in the scheme.
Some parents are considering plea deals, while others are seeking out consultants to help them with advice on what prison life could be life. Parents are seeking advice from a former convicted felon, Justin Paperny, who now works as a "prison consultant". He recently told CBS that he had been hired by one parent charged in the scheme, while he is "in talks" with others.

He said: "They're scared and it's 'Can I survive in prison? Am I cut out for prison?' What's most surprising to me about the first conversation is how many of them didn't view their actions as criminal."
Paperny recounts parents asking additional questions like: ""What's it like? What will my job be? Can my family visit? Is there email? Is there internet?" He has said the more important conversations he's been having with his "clients" have been about accepting responsibility, which can lead to a lighter sentence.
What is his sage-like advice, that frightened parents are probably paying tens of thousands of dollars for?
"I would encourage defendants, any defendants, if they broke the law to own it, to acknowledge it, to run not walk towards taking a plea agreement. Those that respond more appropriately should get better prison sentences."
We have been following the admissions scandal at length. We recently wrote about how financial speaking gigs and elite high schools helped facilitate the scam for years.
As a result of the scandal, UCLA's Men's Soccer Coach and former U.S. Men's national team player Jorge Salcedo recently resigned from his position at the university. We also wrote about how students were being encouraged to fake learning disabilities in order to cheat on college entrance exams.
We also profiled one Harvard test-taking "whiz" that was responsible for helping students at the center of the scandal get high scores on admissions tests. Prior to that, we reported on the tipster who gave the SEC the lead on the admissions scandal. He was in the midst of being investigated for a pump and dump scam at the time.

We reported last month that the universities involved were facing class action lawsuits from their students. Additionally, we reported on major tax implications that could be waiting for the parents involved - including potential civil tax fraud penalties and interest charges on any bribe amounts they wrote off.
Finally, after the scandal was reported, we unveiled that William Rick Singer was the man who brokered and facilitated many of the bribes.
Our original take on the entire scandal can be read here

Once Again, Time to Play, “How Many Federal Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against City of Racine”?

With JT reporting on 2 new Federal Lawsuits being filed against City of Racine, in which Taxpayers will be forced to pay all costs if the City loses or settles, It seems prudent to take a look at the Docket of the Federal Court. But first….

Water employee suing city for racial discrimination

RACINE — A Racine Water Utility employee filed a civil action lawsuit against the City of Racine alleging that he was discriminated against based on his race and physical disability from an injury sustained on the job.
Shannon McDonald, of McDonald and Kloth, LLC. which represents Endel Williams, said the goal was to improve working conditions for minorities at the City.
“The goal is to stop the discrimination and harassment that’s been happening at the city,” said McDonald. “Not just for Mr. Williams but for all city employees who experience this type of bias.”
The City has not yet filed its defense but the City Attorney’s office released the following statement:
“The City of Racine is aware that Racine Water Utility employee Endel Williams has filed a lawsuit against the City. The City disputes the allegations in the Complaint and will vigorously defend this action.”

Allegations of racism

Williams, who is black, started working as a construction worker with the water department in February 2007.
According to the complaint filed on Aug. 14, by Williams’ legal representation, he “became aware” that his supervisor made racially derogatory remarks about him, such as referring to Williams as a “(n-word)” and the “Mayor’s Token (n-word).”
In August 2015, the general manager disciplined Williams for being insubordinate to his supervisor. Williams objected and later that month lodged a complaint to the City alleging the City had discriminated against him and harassed him due to his race.
Williams claims that at that time he made the general manager aware of the racist remarks his supervisor made about him and other blacks in the workplace.

Man sues, alleging Racine police officer hit him during diabetic seizure

RACINE — A Racine man filed a lawsuit in federal court last month, alleging that a Racine Police officer punched him while he was in the midst of a diabetic seizure.
A March 12 federal lawsuit filed by Tyran Pinkins, 34, names the City of Racine, Racine Police Officer Joshua Diedrich and five other unknown Racine Police officers, as defendants in the suit.
According to court documents, the lawsuit stems from an Oct. 6, 2016, incident. On that evening, RPD Officer Diedrich was flagged down near the intersection of State Street and Lake Avenue by a person trying to get emergency medical care for Pinkins.
Diedrich called for a rescue squad stating that Pinkins was having a seizure. During the encounter, the officer asked Pinkins questions to which Pinkins did not respond.
When Pinkins began to sway toward the road and walk away, the officer took hold him. The court document alleges that Pinkins began to uncontrollably flail around due to a diabetic seizure, causing the officer to tackle him.
The lawsuit alleges that during the encounter, the officer punched Pinkins in the face multiple times with a closed fist causing Pinkins “permanent injuries” to his vision, jaw and teeth.
Pinkins believes the officer’s punches were deadly force, and were “excessive and done with a reckless and/or callous disregard for the Plaintiff’s rights,” filing documents state.
As a result of the encounter, Pinkins was hospitalized. After he was released, on Oct. 7, 2016, he was arrested and charged with battery to a law enforcement officer, attempt to disarm a peace officer, resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.

Second incident

As part of the lawsuit, Pinkins mentions a second incident that allegedly occurred on Oct. 29, 2017. At the time, Pinkins was homeless and living at HALO, 2000 DeKoven Ave.
Pinkins was listening to headphones during overnight hours when another person complained that Pinkins was listening to his music too loudly. The woman then called police.
When Racine Police arrived, Pinkins was in the bathroom. He claims that police barged into the restroom and began yelling at him, who was somewhat disoriented. Pinkins says Racine Police deployed a Taser on him which had to later be surgically removed from his back.
Court documents state that Pinkins alleges that Racine Police may have remembered him from the earlier encounter, which is why, he believes, that he was Tasered.

Not quite sure where this one will go, But RPD Sgt. Sam Stulo insists he didndu nuffin’ and should have been released to his wife with no charges…..

With video: Body cam footage of Racine Police sergeant’s arrest obtained

RACINE — Nearly six hours of body cam footage of the arrest of a Racine Police sergeant accused of OWI and hit-and-run causing injury was released last week, after The Journal Times made an open records request with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.
The footage shows Racine Police Sgt. Samuel Stulo speaking with a Racine County Sheriff’s deputy after the crash, with a visibly swollen chin and raspy voice saying he got punched in the throat.
Stulo admits going to a local bar for “two or three beers,” and said he wasn’t sure if he hit a car because he was on his phone. “I don’t know if I hit it (the car),” Stulo says. “I was on my phone, you know how we are, looking at our phones.”
The video shows Stulo attempting various field sobriety tests. According to a Racine County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Stulo failed the field sobriety test after he reportedly crashed his truck into a parked car on State Street, injuring a woman just before 8 p.m. on Dec. 17.
Footage shows Stulo explain to deputies that he has a bad hip and back, which is why he can’t perform well on the tests. “You guys are setting me up to fail,” Stulo says in the video.
“This is what we do for everybody,” a deputy replies.
“I’m not everybody,” Stulo responds.
When a deputy presents a portable Breathalyzer, Stulo says “I’m not doing that.” He then asks for a lawyer and is arrested. “You guys could have took me home,” Stulo said, as he is put into the back of a deputy squad car. “I would have took the accident and moved on.”

Squad car footage

Footage from the squad car shows Stulo repeatedly asking for a lawyer and stating that he failed his field sobriety testing due to medical issues.
“All you guys had to do was just let my wife take me home, man,” Stulo said. “It’s not going to stick with my back and my hip problems. It’s not going to stick. I got so much medical documentation, it’s not going to stick.”
When the deputy asked if he could perform a blood draw, Stulo said he would not do anything without speaking with a lawyer first. “I’m not consenting to s**t,” Stulo is heard saying. “I’m not consenting to nothing.”
Nearly two hours after the crash, Stulo’s blood-alcohol content was later found to be 0.182 percent, more than two times the legal limit, state records show.
The Journal Times received the results through an open records request filed with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, which conducts blood-alcohol tests for the state.
“I just lost everything … I respect what you guys are doing, but I just lost it all,” Stulo said.

At the hospital

The footage also shows deputies taking Stulo into the hospital. As he is being led in, Stulo continues to ask to walk on his own and for a lawyer. “You really want to do this, huh?” Stulo said.
At one point, Stulo appears to become agitated and ask deputies to get off of him. “I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t want to feel like a f***ing criminal, man,” Stulo said.

So now it’s time to check out the Federal Court Docket for City of Racine; from PACER:

Only 2 Federal cases open – WELL, THAT’S  A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from the years of the Dickert Disaster!

In local Circuit Courts, City of Racine is being sued for:

Property Damage:


Unclassified – But connected with the Machinery Row Chicanary!

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Uh, I'll just have a burger.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Did Jan Comment First?


First comment:

My people stay strong in song.  They also love to run around with wreathes in their hair so there's lots of festivals.

Annual Raymond Neighborhood Watch meeting to focus on dangers of marijuana

Cannabis, in the flowering stage, grows inside a greenhouse on Feb. 8 in Angels Camp, Calif. Raymond Neighborhood Watch will host a presentation on the dangers of marijuana, led by a Racine County Sheriff's Office deputy.
RAYMOND — A representative from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office will lead a presentation later this month on the dangers of marijuana.

Sponsored by the Raymond Neighborhood Watch Board of Directors, the free presentation will be given during Raymond’s annual Neighborhood Watch meeting, scheduled from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 25, at the Raymond Town Hall, 2255 S. 76th St.

The event’s guest speaker will be Kevin Burke from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, who has been in law enforcement for 20 years.

Burke is a standardized field sobriety test instructor, drug recognition expert instructor and was named the Wisconsin Drug Recognition Expert of the year in 2014 and 2015. He also attended the Borkenstein alcohol and drug courses.

Burke’s presentation will focus on marijuana and its danger. The topic of his presentation will be “Novel Psychoactive Substance: Types, Mechanisms of Actions and Effects.”

The meeting comes weeks after the City of Racine approved a $75 forfeiture amount of marijuana possession citations last week.

A directive ordering Racine Police Chief Art Howell to issue citations — rather than criminal charge recommendations — for all first-possession offenses of 25 grams or fewer is now in effect.

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And we are nuts.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Convair B-58 HUSTLER Champion of Champions

Is this even legal?

Notice the first comment~ which references Odin! 
Just say NO! to LOKI! 
I am aware of the history of the swastika, and the origin of most of 
the symbols equated with hate. I understand that this dance has 
nothing to do with my political beliefs. As an Odinist, it is nice to 
see it separated. As a National Socialist, it is nice to see the 
Latvians shake off political correctness and embrace their heritage! 
All races and nationalities should do that.