Friday, July 7, 2023

Healthcare is a dangerous joke these days . . .

I recently underwent an angioplasty to repair blood vessels in a leg.  This procedure was conducted at Aurora's hospital in Kenosha, where I have faced many challenges from their incompetent care.  In preparing for the procedure, I was instructed to ingest nothing after midnight the night begore.  This included medications.  I have extremely high blood pressure and take three medications for it, two of them three times a day.  By the time that the angioplasty was completed, I had missed two doses of my medication.  Then came the news that the hospital wouldn't release me because my blood pressure was too high, even though they had instructed me to stop taking my medications.  And they wouldn't give me any medications because they "couldn't find" my doctor.

This is the second time that I have encountered such insanity at the same "hospital" (actually a profit center for Aurora).  They deny me the blood pressure medication that I have taken for thirty years, then complain that my blood pressure  is too high.  Wtf?

Just like last time, I informed the staff that I was leaving at the appointed time, with or without their consent.  And I did.  Be aware that your healthcare is overseen by the same type of swine administrators that run any other corrupt business.  Their primary concern is profit.  Actual healthcare is further down on their list; much, much further down.