Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There I am!

Here, where the little blue flag sits, 
will one day be my final resting place. 
Just to the right, just out of the shot, 
is the flag where my sister and fiance will be, 
right next to me and my hubby. 
I loved the view, a nice place to visit. 

My niece, as well as a girl from work, 
think this is terribly morbid. 
How is pre-planning, being prepared
and having it all set and paid for
so the girls won't have to worry what to do
with us someday ,  morbid? 
I found it quite a relief to finally have a plan, so
our kids don't have to go thru figuring anything out. 
Kids these days... .like I'm going to live forever...
I have to die if I'm ever to haunt them! :)
(ok, now that may be slightly morbid)


lizardmom said...

and I think ms froggy concurs that she's happy this will be planned and better yet - paid for, one less thing for her to worry about in case of our untimely demise... the future son in law wanted to keep me on their mantel someday... like I want somebody to dust my dust, nope!

legal stranger said...

Endust by J-wax solves the dusting issue,laugh'in.

lizardmom said...

so does a leaf blower :)

BL Basketcase said...

I think this is absolutely a grand idea. It sets you free to make decisions when there is no pressure. It allows that you spend
within your means and frees your loved ones from making decisions that may be rash. They may have so much grief to deal with and the
arrangement process may confuse
an already clouded mind.

Great job, Lizard Mom! If you want me to take a peek, I am off
on Wednesday.