Sunday, March 23, 2014

"RootWorks – Cui Bono?"

From Racine Exposed:

"Racine Exposed asks, Is there yet another sweetheart deal in the works for friends of the mayor? A sweetheart deal to maximize profits and payouts made between RootWorks Board members, property owners and renters on the Mound Avenue Bluff, and City of Racine officials? A deal that is rife with corruption and was hatched between Racine City Hall officials and Insiders at a Racine Development Authority meeting on April Fools Day of 2013?"

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Tricky Dicky said...

No, it's not OK, and Mound Avenue Associates should not be allowed to buy off the crimes of Curt.

Mound Avenue Associates is a holding company of S.C. Johnson. family company with a pedophilia problem.

Profligate Son: A Billionaire Scion's Sex Crime Allegations Rock A Company Town

Drive into Racine, Wis. from the north and the first thing you notice are the cheap strip malls and dilapidated houses. Between fast-food joints, Cigarette City sells discounted Marlboros. Almost every storefront on State Street is boarded up. Kids on push bikes hustle passersby for coins outside a Walgreens.

But get farther downtown and everything changes. The name Johnson pops up everywhere—on signposts, street corners and the shiny Johnson Building on Main Street, which houses the Johnson Financial Group, Johnson Bank and sports retailer Johnson Outdoors.

Curt has rarely made public appearances. Still, rumors of past drug and alcohol abuse ricochet quietly around Racine, although Curt has never been arrested or charged with any drug-related crime. In the early 1990s, after finishing an M.B.A. at Northwestern, Curt was sent to Mexico as S.C. Johnson’s general manager for the region—his last official role at the parent company. The Mexico gig has been described by close observers as a way for the Johnsons to conceal Curt’s addiction problems, far away from Wisconsin. “It’s an open secret in Racine,” says a local with family members who work for the company; like many sources for this story, she declined to speak for attribution.

The Johnsons have a family history of addiction. Sam was a very public alcoholic. He revealed his lifelong battle with the disease in a 2001 documentary; his candor was surprising enough that the Wall Street Journal ran a story on his coming-out. Sam’s mother was also a problem drinker. Her alcoholism led to the demise of her marriage. Some locals contend that Sam protected Curt up until his death in 2004, first by sending him to Mexico, then by allowing him to run Diversey without the responsibility of representing the parent company or the family, leaving those tasks to the capable Fisk and the likable Helen.

“It’s impossible to find a family in Racine who does not have a direct relationship with the Johnson family, whether through employment or schooling or whatever else,” explains a civil servant who has relatives on both sides of her family working at Diversey. The trial could be moved to Madison, according to a source in the Wisconsin legal system. Whatever happens, Racine will always feel like Johnsonville.

Anonymous said...

There will be no trial.
Money buys a verdict before trial has occurred.

Tricky Dicky said...

Money buys a verdict before trial has occurred.


Therefore, the State is criminal.

If the State is criminal, it cannot Judge.

The people are not then worthy of life.

Because the people are criminal.