Monday, December 4, 2017

"The MTP David DeGroot Disaster"

Dear Village Board -
From the Journal Times:

Village administrator looks to ‘fix’ finance department

MOUNT PLEASANT — In her first Village Board meeting as administrator, Maureen Murphy presented some bold moves for Mount Pleasant.
Having only been on the job officially for a few days, Murphy told the board on Monday that there are “some issues with our payroll taxes getting paid.”
“There is just no time to go through our normal procedure, which would be a committee report,” Murphy said. “The year is ending and I am immensely concerned, so with your permission, I will proceed to fix the finance department.”
After trustees Gary Feest and Jon Hansen raised concerns about the same auditing firm also organizing the village’s books, Murphy told the board she would bring in a different company.
“I’ve gotten the message from the board and the concerns you’ve addressed,” Murphy said. “I will use a different auditing firm for this. I don’t want there to be any doubt in what we’re doing.”
Murphy also proposed that the board hire an assistant village administrator, which would be paid for out of funds from the village administrator budget for 2018.
The words that come to mind concerning the Village President can only be  a bumbling, stumbling, mindless, clueless - Tea-party (er) .
Perhaps Village President David DeGroot would like to tell Resident Taxpayers what exactly is in that TEA - that allows Village finances to wildly careen out of control - like a drunken Sailor on shore leave!
And now - ANOTHER Village Employee (see COST CENTER) will be required to sort out the David DeGroot Disaster.
Please - allow me to provide some direction here - especially to Havn, Hewitt and DeGroot and honorary Trustee Anna Marie Clausen -
You need to END the creepy cyber -stalking of/ devotion to/ time spent at/providing Insider information to - the author of the hate-speech blog:
Mt. Pleasant burns while you fools fiddle with Cyber Hate and REVENGE!
Concerned Residents of MTP can only hope that David DeGroot is a one term President - like Donald Trump - and kicked to the curb by informed voters in the next election - along with Havn and Hewitt.
Please join Cindy and me in JUST SAYING NO TO the unconstitutional counter-revolution promulgated by Scott Walker & Co.
So Governor Scott Walker along with Representatives Robin Vos and Cory Mason want to violate the Wisconsin Constitution, steal people’s property, destroy generational Farms & a Community, loosen environmental protections, and provide taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaires and their Corporations – YOU CAN COUNT US OUT OF THEIR CRIMINAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE PEOPLE!
Tim & Cindy

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