Friday, March 9, 2018

How long?


How long before the rivalry between the  privately financed brewery vs. the taxpayer funded Flynn’s brewery causes them to go *BUST*!  Not to mention the lack of regular customers in Downtown Racine? In addition to the ever increasing criminal charges related to drunk driving?

Good Faith trumps 4th Amendment Rights in WI – I thought I already presented this…. Poor ol’ George Meyers – insisting on his Constitutional Rights! He is OLD, FRAIL, and CONFUSED. Next time he does that, insisting on Rights, Probable Cause, Victim, Complainant, Due Process,  etc. etc. – he might get shot by the Cop he questioned/asserted because the Cop was annoyed – and justifiably so. Assertion of any so-called "Rights" - especially those found in the Governments Constitution, is dangerous and subject to Judicial interpretation, usually in favor of the Government !

Meanwhile…  The City of Racine is building Foxconn’s water supply and sewer systems, along with contracting  – at taxpayer expense –  WITHOUT APPROVAL! Just like an exploited Third World Nation!

“A question was asked about why a water pipeline is in the process of being built despite the DNR not granting Racine’s application.
“I don’t have an answer to that question,” Pfeiffer said. “They are not allowed to serve water unless they have a diversion application or would be in violation of state statutes. They’re not allowed to serve water even if those facilities are being built.

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