Sunday, February 24, 2019

Cops and Bars

Rick said he also has “numerous” nephews who are on the Racine Police, 
Mount Pleasant Police and Kenosha County Sheriff’s departments. 
“And countless friends that I had prior to Ricky’s and at Ricky’s who 
are police officers,” he added. “They would bring their coworkers and 
friends. I was very proud to say it was a place that law enforcement 
(personnel) would come in and feel at home, feel relaxed.” 
“It’s unfortunate that some things come to an end,” Smetana said, “but 
everything does.” 
NOTE: That there is a Steve Smetana on Racine Common Council - 
In addition to Mollie Jones - the Mother of a RPD Police Officer who 
has been on paid leave for.... years? 
The Common Council is neither - it is a biased group of connected 
Insiders who promote their best interests.


TSE said...

Maxines and Hit'N'Run specialist RPD Sgt. Stulo.

Rich Chiapette amd his wife Jennifer - Rich Didn't Do Nutthing'.

If drunk driving is a crime - most Cops are Kriminals.

TSE said...

Judge Dennis Barry was buried very quickly - the cause of death determined without an autopsy.




TSE said...

Where are the comments....

OH! Suddenly they disappeared....

Can't have THAT discussion.

Seriously - existing comments were trashed - and new comments not allowed.

Uh - WHY? Inquiring minds want to know.....