Thursday, February 7, 2019

Parking Utility

Dear City of Racine Alderpersons, 
Journal Times just ran this article where City Administrator Nick 
Palenick is alleged to have stated: 
"Palenick reported the meters bring in a modest profit — $53,659 in 
2017, $41,030 in 2018 — but said that is not their purpose". 
A "PROFIT"? Is that true - and where did City Administrator Nick 
Palenick obtain those numbers from? 
A Profit would be AFTER expenses were deducted...... so what is the 
actual revenue stream? 
I've looked at the 2017 Audited Financial Report for City of Racine - 
and cannot find the number he provided the Journal Times with. Can any 
Alderperson point me to the actual source of the information - besides 
I do find a Parking Utility chart - which indicates that it is being 
operated at a major loss of over $500,000 per year. What is a meter 
maid(s) paid - and how about the expenses for vehicle(s), maintenance, 
and the tax free fringe? Now I do realize that this number also 
includes the parking ramps - So there may be another number - hidden 
I truly cannot believe that the Parking Meters Revenues are exceeding 
Expenses - and I do NOT believe - until I see actual audited numbers - 
that a Profit is being generated - but then again - this type of 
"little white lie" is to be expected from the generally incompetent 
Administration which operates the City - usually at a loss. 
If there is NO Alderperson at City Hall who can show me - in an 
audited financial report where Nick Palenick got his numbers from - 
and that the Profit is REAL - that is Revenues exceed expenses - then 
he needs to be *FIRED* because he is incompetent. Just like City 
Attorney Scott Letteney who mis-classified many public open records as 
Attorney-Client privilege. 
There is Revenue vs. Expenses. Profit vs. Loss. Does City 
Administrator Nick Palenick understand these distinctions? I suspect 
he may not. 
As for Mayor Cory Mason - why did he run for Mayor if he couldn't 
handle the job? Having to increase the City Administration Office 
number of employees from a bloated 3 to an outrageous 5! Taxpayer 
funded position! He needs to resign. 
The 2017 Audited Financial Report just shows how lousy the City 
Administration is when judged as to "Stewardship' - see attached 
With Foxconn being severely scaled back, it is time to eliminate 3 of 
the 5 positions in the Mayor's office. 
And Alderperson Terry McCarthy - City of Ratcine isn't the "Community 
of Choice" - it's the Community of VICE. 
FIRE! City of Attorney Scott Letteney and his entire staff. 
FIRE! City Administrator Nick Palenick and 3 more in the Mayor's Office! 
RESIGN! Mayor Cory Mason! 
*FREE* Sandy and stop the hate! Protect the Taxpayers who live in and 
love the City of Vice. 
Then we have  the issue of Mayor Cory Mason's Top-Secret $100,000 RPD 
Police study..... 
Nine months later: Police morale study results and cost still not released... 
So when does the Mason's Lakefront property get properly assessed? LOL! 
Tim & Cindy 

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TSE said...

And IF the Parking Meters are actually making a profit - it would be one of the few activities in which City of Racine government is involved with which is profitable - so why would the Alderpersons want to eliminate it?

General Incompetence reigns at Ratcine Vice City Hall -