Sunday, June 30, 2019

Asserting my Christian Rights:

A Christian negotiate with a Jew?

I have the Authority to act on a Death Warrant - for Bearing False
Witness, Theft, and Lying/Deception.

BS: From a Jewish point of view, where we don't believe in the
divinity of Christ. There you can make an argument, that the Gospels
which were written significantly-

JR: He was just a prophet.

BS: No, no, no. We don't even think he was a prophet.

JR: What do you think he was? What do you guys think he was?

BS: Well, I, I, I, what do I think he was historically? I think he was
a Jew who tried to lead a revolt against the Romans and got killed for
his trouble. Just like a lot of other Jews at that time who tried to
lead revolts against the Romans and got killed for their trouble.

JR: So he became legend, and story, and it became a bigger and bigger
deal as time went on.

BS: Yeah, he had a group of followers and that gradually grew.

JR: Do you think he was resurrected?

BS: No. That's not a Jewish belief.


TSE said...

Even Roman appointed overseer of Palestine, Pontius Pilot could not find Jesus Christ guilty of any offense - he left that to the Jews - who charged Jesus with false crimes.

An innocent Man was executed based upon false Jewish supplied testimony.

That is historical fact.

TSE said...

I have no disagreements with Ben Shapiro - an honest Jew who revealed the TRUTH to the multitude of deceived Christians.

My ongoing concern is with Barb and Don Elmer - who falsely accused me of being a child molester - based upon the false testimony of my neighbors, Dick & Lynn. Barb Elmer is a criminal of the highest order - who joined my false accusers - on scanty and baseless evidence.

Barb Elmer is a criminal - who I have the right to execute - under Christian Law - for falsely accusing me of being a child molester. State of WI law protects her from me delivering the punishment she so justly deserves.