Friday, June 28, 2019

Good Point:

Good point. Cleaning toilets is a skill that could be trained into
them. When they go back, it will be a useless skill, because
installing and maintaining toilets is a skill that they are not
capable of mastering.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, missionaries dig wells for the locals, and come
back to find the wells fouled, unused, destroyed. Wells are too
high-tech for the Sub-Saharans: if given a hole in the ground with
water at the bottom, they are unable to maintain it.

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OrbsCorbs said...

I agree 100%. Trump has some good ideas concerning "immigration." I use quotes because the USA and Europe are really under attack from the less developed countries. They have Africa and we have South and Central America attacking under the guise of "immigration." Immigration is supposed to be orderly. Instead, the unwanted are flooding into the USA and Europe.

I am the son of immigrants. My parents were WWII refugees, but they had to wait nearly three years in a DP camp to be sponsored into the USA. They had to live on a farm in their first year into the USA and perform farm work for their sponsor. My old man hated farm work. He had been trained as a skilled machinist in his homeland and he considered farm work as beneath him. But he did it, he had to do it, and their sponsor got "free" labor for a year by providing shelter and work for a year.

Also, according to my mom, they almost ended up going to Australia. They had no choice - whoever sponsored them first got the nod. I almost ended up shouting "Oy!' instead of "Shit!" I am deeply grateful for my parents' sacrifice and their immigration into the USA. This is still the best country in the world, but we're fading fast.

As I get older and nearer to death, I worry the most about climate change as our "gift" to the millennials. They have every reason to be pissed at us, but they, too, will fail to change the world.