Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Founding Fathers were "Radical Nut Jobs" with long hair

The Founding Fathers were "Radical Nut Jobs" with long hair - like 
mine. Thanks for the compliment. When you see me riding my Motobecane 
(bicycle) around Ratcine - with my long hair blowing in the wind - 
throw up a Peace sign and shout "What's up Big Daddy"? 


TSE said...

The front bicycle is still my favorite - and is actually nearly twice as heavy as the Red Carbon Fiber bicycle behind it. I still haven't taken out the Red on Black Motobecane because I need to make a few adjustments - but when it is done - *WOW* I know it will be a quick bike and very responsive.

You can't compare these bicycles with Wally World trash. I'm strong enough to be able to get Wally World trash to perform - but Motobecane bicycles are high performance.

The third bike - still isn't finished being built - and the fourth bike (not pictured) is for going to work.

TSE said...

TSE said...

And the hair ain't grey or white - as the beard proves.

The hair on my head is Platinum Blonde.