Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wolves v Sheep

"There lacks backbone and fiscal responsibility within the city"!

Not really - Cory Mason is a Blue Fisting Communist - he's shoving his
blue fist up City of Racine Taxpayers while providing overly generous
benefits - at taxpayers expense - to people of color and LGBT.

Wolves eat Sheep - that's what they do.

Sheep try to keep from being eaten.

The JT = "The Daily Wolf Howl" - the Sheep have grown tired - and no
longer subscribe.

Anonymous doesn't understand how The World works - your confusion is
readily explained explained that you operate on a different playing

A Ram can take down a Wolf - but the Wolf Pack can take down a Ram.

Rams are solitary - Wolves operate in Packs.


It is a lesson this Ram learned the hard way.

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