Thursday, May 20, 2021

Israeli Embassy Says China is Anti-Semitic for Saying Jews Have Powerful Lobbies

The Jews are now claiming that the Chinese are anti-Semites. The Israeli embassy in China is making this claim outright.

We couldn’t even find what the Jews are referring to on any of the English language Chinese media outlets (CGTN’s Twitter accounttheir YouTube channel), so the Israeli embassy is complaining about Chinese language statements, which makes this even more extreme.

The recently-bombed Associated Press is highly concerned about these dangerous developments in China, which could lead to the Chinese building fake shower rooms to gas all of the innocent baby-killer Jews:

Israel’s Embassy in China is protesting what it describes as “blatant antisemitism” on a program run by the overseas channel of state broadcaster CCTV discussing the ongoing violence in Gaza and elsewhere.

In a tweet, the embassy said “we have hoped that the times of the ‘Jew’s controlling the world’ conspiracy theories were over, unfortunately antisemitism has shown its ugly face again.”

We are appalled to see blatant antisemitism expressed in an official Chinese media outlet,” the tweet said.

On the Tuesday CGTN broadcast, host Zheng Junfeng questioned whether U.S. support for Israel was truly based on shared democratic values, saying “some people believe that U.S. pro-Israeli policy is traceable to the influence of wealthy Jews in the U.S. and the Jewish lobby on U.S. foreign policy makers.”

Jews dominate finance and and internet sectors,” Zheng says, speaking in English. “So do they have the powerful lobbies some say? Possible.”

Zheng then accused the U.S. — China’s top geopolitical rival — of using Israel as a “beachhead” in the Middle East and a as proxy in its campaign to defeat pan-Arabism.

There was no immediate comment from CCTV and Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said he was “not aware of the situation.”

“China has repeatedly stated its position on the Palestine-Israel situation,” Zhao told reporters at a daily briefing.

Judaism is not one of China’s officially recognized religions and stereotypes about Jews as shrewd businesspeople and market manipulators are common among the Chinese public.

If I were the Jews, I would not want to draw attention to “Chinese Anti-Semitism.”

China, as most people know, is a completely isolated civilization. It has virtually no overlap whatsoever with the West in terms of cultural, political or social norms. So if China is developing hatred for Jews, that definitely starts to imply that the Jews are responsible for people hating them.

This is similar to when the Jews went to a remote Indian village in Guatemala and were accused of trying to undermine society and destroy the Catholic religion. They fled in 2014, claiming “anti-Semitism.”

It is one thing to say that White Christian Civilization has some thousands of years long vendetta against the Jews. But when you start claiming that all of these different isolated groups are in on it, it starts to really sound nutty.

Of course, the Judeo-Christians will believe it, because they believe the world is evil and hates the perfect and holy supreme Jewish race. But anyone else looking at “Chinese Anti-Semitism” has to be scratching their head.

That said, I can guarantee you, you’re going to start hearing a lot more about Chinese Anti-Semitism. We are entering into a battle between the West, which is completely run by Jews, and the East, which is completely run by the native people of the region.

I don’t want to accuse Chinese people of being literally autistic, but autism is the only thing you can really compare their mindset to. They are totally incapable of understanding why, if something is obviously true, you’re not allowed to say it. So they will continue to say that the Western world is dominated by Jews, and when they are accused of “anti-Semitism,” they will just look confused for a minute and brush it off.

This is all going to get very funny.


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