Thursday, May 6, 2021

Meanwhile, On the Earth…

 I’m just gonna leave this here.

Actually, no – I’m not going just just leave that there.

I’m going to say it: the world has gone hecking insane.

No human being could deal with this without feeling like they’ve gone insane – unless they’d already gone insane.

“What would you like to do next? Learn the gory details of a brutal Islamic murder carried out in the streets of your civilization by savages your government imported into your home without ever explaining why? Or learn ancient tantric techniques for giving women the much ballyhooed ‘female orgasm’ without using a vibrating Japanese device? It’s your choice, reader! Now, let me tell you about high-profile pederasts, child kidnappings and black people!”

Yes, that is the Daily Mail, and yes, people know what they’re getting into when they go to that site – but it is one of the top five most popular news sites in the world.

And is it really that much different than the New York Times or The Guardian?

If anything, it’s just more honest.

We have crossed the threshold.

Reality has collapsed and we are living in a diabolical circus show put on in the ruins of its burned-out husk.


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