Friday, May 21, 2021


Wisconsin parents have spent the last year scrambling to help cover learning loss created by the pandemic. For students living in Racine, any learning loss is particularly harmful considering the district was a low-performing school district prior to the pandemic. Despite this unfortunate reality, local leaders in Racine continue to purposefully confuse parents and make it as difficult as possible for families to access the educational options available to their students.

The first thing the district did was update their website to refer to its own public-school options as the “School Choice” program. Of course, the phrasing of this option is misleading for parents when the state has long referred to the Racine, Wisconsin and Milwaukee Parental Choice Programs as the “choice programs.” In fact, the Department of Public Instruction’s (DPI) website for parents to complete applications is called the “private school choice programs.” The district is actually referring to the public school options available to its students within the district that are not assigned to students based on their address.

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