Thursday, May 13, 2021

Time to Face Facts: The Upcoming Generation of Trannies Will be More Attractive Than Women


All men need to prepare themselves for something: the upcoming generation of trannies is going to be more attractive than women. You need to prepare your mind for this fact, because otherwise you might end up killing a tranny.

Most men think of trannies as men in dresses. This is of course what they are, and what they will always be. However, what has happened over the last few years is that prepubescent boys have been shot with puberty blockers and then with estrogen. What this means is that hormonally, these male children are becoming adult females. They are having a female puberty.

The process of puberty is driven entirely by hormones, and virtually all sex signifiers are developed in puberty. If you look at a male and female child of the same age, you can usually only tell them apart by their hair and clothes, and maybe their mannerisms – but their bodies are the same. The only difference you might notice is that boys are a little bit bigger.

The upcoming trannies will develop bone and cartilage structure, muscle mass, fat distribution (including breasts) that will be the same as a woman’s. Also, because they will maintain male brains, they will be smarter than women, and thus actually better at being women than women.

There is not going to be a way to tell these new trannies from real women, except that they will likely be better looking. Because they have male brains, they will understand dieting, and stay slim, unlike women, who turn into disgusting blobs because they lack the ability to restrain themselves. The new trannies will also actually be more feminine as well, because their hormones will be regulated, whereas women take birth control pills that make them masculine by tricking their bodies into producing extra testosterone.

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