Monday, May 24, 2021

Trannies and Blood Rituals: Wokeism is Turning Into a Satanic New Religion

We say often that “mask wearers are like a cult” or “global warming fanaticism is a new religion.” These statements are true. Leftists believe in things that are demonstrably false and then claim it is “science.” Virtually everything they believe is demonstrably false, and much of it is totally goofy.

Most of these things are shrouded in technobabble, however. The believers in manmade global warming believe it with religious fervor, but they also at least make the claim that it is falsifiable, and point to people claiming to have collected data to make their charts.

However, things are getting more explicitly metaphysical as the woke doctrine evolves.

The most obvious example of unadulterated metaphysics is the tranny phenomenon. What they are claiming is that people are being born in the wrong bodies. This does not make any sense within the internal logic of atheism. The dogma taught by the likes of Richard Dawkins and the public school system is that human consciousness is a product of our brains. The fact that we are self-aware is purely a result of the body itself. Therefore, the idea that someone is “born in the wrong body” doesn’t make any sense.

We got to this point through a basic bait and switch. “Transgenderism” became mainstream as a result of the normalization of all sexual perversion. The story was: “people can do whatever makes them happy.” We were told not to judge others for their “sexual preferences,” as it was claimed that they were “consenting adults” that are “not hurting anyone.”

At some point, sometime around 2015, they started talking about transgenderism in terms of being “born that way.” This was clearly designed for the purpose of applying it to children, so that they could create child homosexuals. It is sexualizing children. But they couldn’t come out directly and say “we are sexualizing children,” so they dissociated the sexual dysphoria from sexuality. What you have now is something that equates to “this person’s soul is in the wrong body.” Therefore, they are to be injected with hormones to change their bodies, and they may have their genitals mutilated.

The tranny agenda serves a purpose: they are attempting to legalize sex with children by first sexualizing children. They will then later claim that it is abuse of the children to not let them “express themselves” sexually by having sex with adults.

It’s all obviously very sick, but what’s notable is the way people were willing to accept this metaphysical concept as a reasoning for turning children into homosexual playthings.

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