Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Woman Married to Herself Says She’s Open to Cheating on Herself, Thinks She’s Quite a Catch



Women marrying themselves is much more common than many people think.

Daily Mail:

A woman who is married to herself has insisted the process has made her more eligible because it has taught her how to deal with her own issues so a partner doesn’t have to.

Sophie Tanner, 42, wed herself in a Brighton ceremony in 2015, five years after her last serious relationship, which came to an end when she discovered her boyfriend had cheated on her with one of her close friends.

Sophie Tanner, 42

She decided upon the wedding, which was a symbolic ritual, as a way to express love for herself and believes her relationships with friends and family have improved as a result.

But she added that she is open to the possibility of finding love with a man but admitted it is not a priority right now.

Why does a woman think that any man would be interested in a 42-year-old woman?

Well, probably because there actually are such men.

It’s sick.

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