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Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! It has been a busier week than usual.... Some overtime, some days out there in the sunshine. Good to have the temperatures back up there... Anyways, your questions....

1) What kind/model of car do you want to test drive?

2) What is your favorite instrumental song?

3) What do you enjoy the most being outdoors?

4) What cartoon do you still like to watch?

Enjoy your weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

“'We Are Racine' to begin Peaceful Solutions Education Program"

From RacineUncovered:

"We Are Racine has partnered with Peaceful Solution Character Education from Abilene, Texas to begin a first ever program in Racine, Wisconsin. We will start doing this program in conjunction with our summer programs

"W.A.R. and PCSE are devoted to promoting character education as its main tool for positive character development. Teachers and volunteers with We Are Racine will begin teaching The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program (PSCEP) with a variety of courses to area children. We want to reach all ages so the impact of character change can be realized and effected in society.

"It is so important to establish a foundation of moral excellence by teaching right from wrong and positive ways to deal with conflict in our lives. It is a given that every child born will face conflicts and have to make choices on a daily basis. If we can give them the tools they will need to be able to weigh their choices and choose to act in a positive manner, then they will have that foundation to be upright, moral citizens in the societies of tomorrow.

"Conflict Resolution… Self- Control… Honesty… Respect.

"These are all character traits that must be learned. They are the tools that can be used to foster peace.

"We all know what kind of world we live in… but we can live in a better world."

Read more:

We Are Racine:

"Settlement agreement reached in District Attorney OWI case"

From RacineUncovered:

"The prosecution and the defense in the City of Racine –v- William R. Chiapete case have reached a settlement agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Mr. Chiapete pleads guilty to all charges. Mr. Chiapete will be required to pay forfeitures and costs totaling $1,205.00 and have his driver license revoked for one year. He will also be required to install an ignition interlock device on his vehicles and will only be permitted to drive a vehicle with an ignition interlock device installed for one year.

"The settlement agreement has been filed with the Racine Municipal Court. Kenosha Municipal Judge Michael Easton, who was appointed to hear the case after Racine Municipal Judge Mark Nielsen recused himself. Judge Easton is aware the parties have reached an agreement, however he has not yet reviewed the actual written agreement. Judge Easton has the discretion to accept or reject the parties’ agreement."
Deputy City Attorney
City of Racine, Wisconsin

Read more:

Also see:

This Saturday - Root River Rollers Roller Derby

From RacineUncovered:

"Tickets are $9. Root River Rollers Derby are donating a portion of our proceeds to the Women’s Resource Center. There will be a kringle eating contest during half time. The WRC will also be conducting a 50/50 raffle. We secured a historic venue for this monumental event. Racine has never before had their very own roller derby team.

"Like them on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Their website is"

Read more:

I may be there.

Open Blog - Thursday

Go on. You deserve it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"The Ultimate Warrior Is Dead At Age 54"

"We've got some very bad news to report. Wrestling legend The Ultimate Warrior has died at the age of 54. After typing that, it feels like someone just kicked my childhood in the crotch.

"Warrior began his career with WWF (before it was renamed WWE) back in 1987, and quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers of his generation. He even kicked Hulk Hogan's ass at Wrestlemania VI, and people were happy about it. Considering Hogan's popularity at the time, that's pretty amazing.

"One bright note is that he lived to see his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, which took place just a few days ago. He also attended WrestleMania 30, and gave this short speech on last night's Monday Night Raw.

"Warrior was his legal name, by the way. His original name was James Brian Hellwig, but he had it changed in 1993. He leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

"At any rate, R.I.P. Warrior."

Read more:

While I scanned the net for news and blogs about the Ultimate Warrior, I was struck by how many of the online tributes were written by young men who remember the Ultimate Warrior as one of their heroes growing up. The Ultimate Warrior made an impression on a generation.

A Night On Kitt Peak

Last night I was fortunate enough to accompany a U of Arizona student on a trip up Kitt Peak. He was trying to observe an exoplanet transit with the 0.9 meter telescope (he got data...has to analyze it to see if he saw the planet). We also took some pretty pictures (again, pending analysis) with the telescope. 
Fortunately, there were times I could sneak outside with my camera and take some pics. The Moon was waxing gibbous so it's light would dominate until it set. Fortunately, there are still interesting things you can photograph. Mars was at opposition last night so I took a couple of pictures of Mars and Spica as they rose over the domes.
As twilight ended, I setup  for a shot I have wanted to do for a long time. I walked down to the McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope. This famous telescope looks like the number 7 on its side. It is polar aligned which means that the tunnel points straight toward the north star (less than half the tunnel is above's really a cool scope!) I set up my camera at the base of the telescope where the tunnel went underground and set my intervalometer to take a whole bunch of 30 second exposures which I then stacked to produce the star trails shown below. The one star at the tip of the telescope that stays still is the North Star.
McMath-Pierce Star TrailsI then went back to the 0.9 meter scope and setup  for a star trails shot pointing toward the 4 meter telescope. Some clouds started rolling in and I stopped after a while thinking my photo wouldn't come out. I processed it anyway and the moving clouds created an interesting image. Maybe I should have kept taking more images to make the trails longer!
Star Trails over 4 meter clouds
Did some visual observing for a while and then after the Moon set, went for some images of the Milky Way rising.
Great night, but got very little sleep...say, that sounds like a good idea.

Reprinted with permission from the Half-Astrophysicist Blog.

Poll: Should Rich Chiapete Resign As Racine County DA?

I'm bumping up this blog because the poll continues to be popular.

Originally published on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 3:56 PM:

Also, Racine Exposed has a story up on the Chiapete arrest:

Also see: 

"County of Racine DA, Republican Rich Chiapete’s Big Nite Out"

From Racine Exposed:

"LuckyTV | Uitsmijter" [Bouncer]


I'm sure some people will find this disrespectful, but I like the new pope and wish him no dishonor.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my spring flora and fauna!  How are you?  The slow slog to warmer temperatures continues, but it still seems cold outside.  Until the ground and lakes thaw out, we’re going to be chilly.  Then it will suddenly be in the high 90 degrees and warmer for a few weeks, then back to the cold.  Summer’s over.  Oh my.

Oh my, indeed, for what has transpired in Racine since my last blog.  I do hope that federal agents or employees who are in the area and/or monitoring Racine don’t get the wrong impression.  Then again, I’m not so sure anymore what the “right” impression is.

The murder of a patron occurred outside the downtown bar of one of Mr. Mayor Dickert’s best friends.  The federal civil rights lawsuit related to Pattern or Practice that has been brought against the city alleges different treatment for different bars in Racine.  It’s horrid that someone died.  But, given that someone has, what action or inaction will be taken against the bar owner?  This seems to be right up the federal lawsuit’s alley, and it doesn’t bode well for Racine.

Then, of course, we have the OWI and hit-and-run alleged against our District Attorney.  Oh dear.  Another black eye for Racine.  How many eyes do we have?

Remember when Mr. Ex-Mayor Becker was targeted for OWI, but he made it home safely before the police arrived?  Then it turns out that he’s a pedophile.  We would have been better off keeping him drunk.

I’m sorry for the negative tone of this blog, but there are some very strange things happening in this town and we need the likes of a St. Patrick to drive our snakes out and into Lake Michigan.

The good news is that it looks like two cold cases of murder may finally be solved.  Thank you to all the people in and out of law enforcement who worked on these cases.  May this be balm for the victims’ families.  May justice finally be done.

Another issue has been the censorship at the Journal Times site.  They seemed to have taken it up a notch or two lately to protect Mr. Mayor and his friends.  That is precisely why this site exists.  We got fed up with the Journal Times’ censorship of our comments, so we started our own site.  Ta-da!  Please join us.

I can’t leave you on such a sour note.  Watch this video.  It has the answers to all of our problems:

May we always help each other, Irregular or not.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I enjoy your company and consider all visitors my friends.  Love, love, love is in the air.

What’s the meaning of meaning’s meaning?  Ask

Enjoy the longer, warmer days, my friends.   May spring dig us out of the snow and ice.  Early blooming bulbs are poking through the soil.  Hello, my lovelies.  Facinorous!

Open Blog - Wednesday

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Local Loyalty - Nick James Studios

Welcome back!
Today, I want to introduce you to a man named Nick.
Nick is the man behind Nick James Studios.
Nick mainly works with videography but is also a very talented photographer. He records, edits and masters his own work. He does weddings, and other occasions and events, as well as recording little league games and even a funeral for a loved one who couldn't make it. 
Nick's goal is to keep things small and personal and ultimately affordable by doing everything himself from home.
He uses high def camcorders and masters everything 
with professional editing software. 
He got his start recording weddings 
as gifts for friends and family and found 
there was quite a need for affordable wedding videography.
Nick works by word of mouth, and could use our help!
Do you know someone getting married? 
Doing something awesome that needs to be shared? 
Give Nick a call, he's here to help!
 Nick's 3 words are -
1. Small
2. Personalized
3. Affordable
He also works with home IT stuff, like computer repair/virus removal, home networking set ups, and hands on education for software and hardware.
Nick's a pretty awesome go-to guy, with lots of talent and knowledge to share. 
Don't forget to let him know you saw it here!

Open Blog - Monday

Is that possible?

Sunday, April 6, 2014