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Friday, February 26, 2016

"City, SCJ hosting forum on bed bugs"

From The Journal  

"RACINE — You likely remember the headlines: 'Bedbugs gaining ground,' 'Bedbugs Bite Their Way Across the Country,' 'Bedbug reports on the rise.'

"It’s been more than five years since the scourge of bed bugs re-entered Americans’ consciousness and furniture.

"In the last couple years, national and local news stories about the bugs have been reduced to a trickle but local health officials and area exterminators say the pests remain a real issue.

To help educate people about the bugs, the City of Racine Health Department will present a free community interest program on the pests at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 3, at the SC Johnson Golden Rondelle Theater, 1525 Howe St.

"Funded by SC Johnson, the 'Bed Bug Blues' will feature experts in the areas of bug biology and behavior, bug prevention and control and related family and housing laws.

"Speakers at the forum will include SCJ Urban entomologist Jennifer Gordon; Randy Rupert, the team leader for Bed Bug Services at Batzner Pest Control, and Gai Lorenzen, the managing attorney for Legal Action of Wisconsin’s Racine office.

Still a problem

"Bed bug populations in the United States began increasing around 2010. More affordable air travel and increased urbanization were two possible causes for the spike, scientists said at the time. Although they are not known to spread disease and should not be considered a medical or public health hazard, they are an incredible nuisance, Racine Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox said.

"That’s why she wanted to host a public information forum on the issue — both to clear up misconceptions and to remind people that the pests remain a problem.

"The Health Department, which only inspects licensed facilities like hotels for the pests, gets several calls a week about bed bugs, Bowersox said. But often times, the people who contact the department are unclear about what the bugs are, or whether they should be concerned.

"The fact that the bugs haven’t been in the news lately also has given people a false sense of security about the pests, Bowersox said, which can lead to more infestations.

"'As long as it is not being reported or they are not hearing about it, people think the problem has been eradicated. So then they walk down the sidewalk and there is a mattress laying there that somebody tossed. It looks pretty good to them. They pick it up. They bring it home. It’s full of bed bugs,' Bowersox said.
Rupert said Batzner, which is headquartered in New Berlin and serves most of southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, continues to get calls about bed bug infestations.

"'It seems like it is plateauing, but it is plateauing at a pretty high peak,' Rupert said. 'Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re gone. Believe me, they’re not.'

Read more:

Since I moved in, I know of five other cases of bed bugs here.  You can tell when you walk down the hall and they have the portable furnaces going.

Indeed, bed bugs are the reason why I live here now.  I assume they've finally cleaned out the old apartment building.  I should see if there's any openings.

The big problem is the shit they spread everywhere.  I'm so glad they're gone - for now.

I'd be afraid to attend this presentation because I assume some people with bed bugs will be there.       

Four for Fridays!

I think the weeks are going faster and faster on me. Yesterday I told Drew that I had to think of my four questions for today so he helped me with them. Here are your questions for today.

1) Do you think that it is right for the game shows to leave out people from other countries?

2) Have you or do you use a space heater in the winter?

3) What kind of crafts do you like to do?

4) Do you plant flowers or vegetables in the Spring?

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Open Blog - Friday

Well, that will blind you.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Retired Racine judge calls out Walker on Lincoln Hills incident"

From The Journal

"MOUNT PLEASANT — Retired Racine County Circuit Court Judge Richard Kreul was caught off guard when he heard a 2012 letter he sent to Gov. Scott Walker about a sexual assault at Lincoln Hills had surfaced.

"That surprise turned to outrage after learning the governor never saw the letter and that years passed until investigations into problems at the Irma youth prison began.

"'I guess the expression would be, "They swept it under the rug," Kreul said this week in a phone interview from his home in Texas, where he moved after retirement.

"The revelation of the letter and memo about the sexual assault involving a Racine County youth added more fuel to the firestorm over Lincoln Hills, which was part of a discussion Thursday during a Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC) legislative breakfast at Roma Lodge, 7130 Spring St.

"State lawmakers representing Racine County sparred on Lincoln Hills while pointing to the county as a potential model for statewide juvenile corrections reform"

Press Release

                                                                                                       Contact: Ken Otwaska 262/6643680
                                                                                                                          Gary Feest 262/9302667
                                                                                                                         Jon Hansen 262/4988954

                                           MT. PLEASANT EMERGENCY RESPONSE
                               Are All Resources Available Being Considered By Fire Chief?

MT. PLEASANT, WI February 25, 2016  In a recent presentation before the Mt. PleasantVillage Board of Trustees, South Shore Fire Chief Robert Stedman discussed the issue of emergency response times. This presentation was offered in light of a contract negotiated in December for additional service in Elmwood Park and public criticism over increased emergency response times in certain areas of Mt. Pleasant.

“We do the best job we can,” Chief Stedman said. “We use the resources we have.”

Stedman did not take questions that evening. We would have liked to ask him if South Shore Fire Department is using all the resources that are currently available beyond just the ones we have?

Mt. Pleasant resident and former Village Technology Committee member, Rees Roberts wrote an OpEd this week detailing a meeting he had with Chief Stedman during the summer of 2015. In the meeting Mr. Roberts says he discussed at length the PulsePoint smartphone app which alerts certified citizens of a person within close range who is in need of emergency CPR.

At the time of the meeting, the Madison Fire Department had just implemented PulsePoint with great success. Last week, Mr. Roberts writes, the Greenfield Fire Department announced it is introducing the program to Milwaukee county and the city of Milwaukee is seriously considering PulsePoint as well. .

PulsePoint is low cost and requires no extra steps for dispatchers. The software runs in the background of the emergency dispatch computer system. PulsePoint first responders are volunteers, trained and certified in CPR. Their training and close proximity to an emergency cardiac arrest incident has been used over 100 times in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, Mr. Roberts reports his idea and conversation with Chief Stedman resulted in no action or further discussion. We believe this was a missed opportunity in which Mt. Pleasant could have led the state with an innovative idea to save lives.

In Chief Stedman’s presentation, he remarked that large portions of Mt. Pleasant particularly in the southeast and northeast areas are outside the American Heart Association recommended 4 minute lifesaving response zone. The Elmwood Park Fire/EMS contract adds roughly 200 more' households to our area of coverage.

The risk of fatality from cardiac arrest increases 10% for every 60 seconds that CPR is not administered. Just a few minutes longer can mean the difference between life and death.

As candidates for Mt. Pleasant Village Trustees, we believe “the best we can” is only good enough when you have exhausted every idea and resource available. Programs like PulsePoint are worth pursuing and discussing if we are going to be serious about lowering emergency response times and providing better service to the people of Mt. Pleasant.

As Village Trustees, each of us is committed to listening, respecting and engaging with the ideas and questions of residents in our community. Public safety is and always will be a top priority and no idea is too small if it means we function more effectively as a village. We believe Mr. Robert’s idea is a valid one and we would seek to join Madison, Milwaukee County and the city of Milwaukee in pursuing PulsePoint as a possibility for Mt. Pleasant.


Ken Otwaska
Candidate for Mt. Pleasant Trustee/Seat #2

Gary Feest
ReElection Candidate for Mt. Pleasant Trustee/Seat #4

Jon Hansen
Candidate for Mt. Pleasant Trustee/Seat #6

Top 10 Media Thursdays

Open Blog - Thursday

I'm not sure I want to live in a world where an animated piece of candy knows more about technology than I do.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my thawing friends.  How are you?  Are you enjoying the sudden spike in temperatures?  It's supposed to happen again this weekend.  Give it enough time and enough warm days, and buds will break.  For the landscape's sake, we need more snow and cold.  This is April weather.  It's really creepy.  It gets creepier every year.  Don't tell me we haven't messed up the environment.

We better get going on a solution.  So far, political accord has not been reached because of rogue nations like China and North Vietnam.  They may "agree" to certain terms, but there will be no enforcement once the delegates have dispersed.  So cut them off completely from foreign aid.  No arguing, no haggling, no sabre rattling, just cut them off. I bet we'd see a drop in their emissions then.  I believe that we could use this tactic with many nations, particularly the ones that profess hatred for us.  You hate us and call us the devil, to be shot on sight.  But you accept the $50 million in aid from us "devils."  Cut them off, completely.  Watch how quickly things change.

The warm weather has compelled Señor Zanza to do some roof repairs, with Junior as his assistant.  We have an A-frame roof, so it's quite steep.  Mostly, Señor Zanza was replacing shingles.  The old fashioned way: with hammer and nails.  Junior was content to simply be the weight on the end of Señor Zanza's ladder.

At least Señor Zanza tries to teach Junior some skills.  So far, they haven't found anything that Junior is particularly skillful in  If only they paid you to eat junk food and watch girls all day long, Junior would be rich. For some reason, it seems very difficult for Junior to understand this notion.  When I ask him who is supposed to pay him for watching girls, he says, "Who cares?  I'm not picky."

No wonder that sometimes I feel like burying my head in a pile of junk food.  Ice cream, cheese balls, and chocolate are calling my name.  I hear them now . . .

No, I'll remain strong.  Stuffing my face is not a solution for my son's stuffing his face.  I've talked with him, many times, about weight gain and proper nutrition.  He always says, "Look who's talking."  The little (big) brat!  I hate it when they use the truth and logic against you.  "Do as I say, not as I do," I say.  Then he sticks his tongue out.  Brat, brat, brat!  Sometimes the load of being a single mother is more than I can bear.  That's when my JTI friends chime in with help and advice.  Thank the Lord for Señor Zanza and the JTI!

What do you thank the Lord for?  Tell

Be careful of the melting snow and ice that refreezes overnight.  I'm starting a movement to rename Black Ice to African American Ice.  Enjoy the ups and downs of the week to come.  I love you all!      

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Just a little more oomph!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"RCCC has received numerous comments about it's content."

From Racine County Court Corruption:

"We really wish you would use the comment section of this blog instead of hiding behind emails.

"Many thought that the DSAT shot on Brian Whathisname was offensive. Too bad, It was a joke! what was offensive was the incompetent, malicious, selective prosecution of bullshit zoning ordininaces because a nosey neighbor didn't like bees."

Read more:

Otwaska - Feest - Hansen for Mt. Pleasant

Red Tailed Hawk!

Yesterday Drew and I took a drive to Kenosha County to do some birding. On the way to where we wanted to look at some birds we seen a Red Tailed Hawk on the side of the road. So I found a driveway and turned the car around but I could not find the hawk so then I turned around again and we found it. The reason we could not find the hawk is because it was down in a gully on the side of the road. This was on Hwy 45 south of Union Grove Wi. between Hwy KR and Hwy N. The hawk was eating his dinner right there on the side of the road. Here is the picture of the Red Tailed Hawk eating his dinner.

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Do as Snoopy does.