Friday, June 17, 2016

Racine County District Attorney Rich Chiapete SHOULD seek re-election

Fuck 'em, Rich.  Who the hell is going to take your place and do as good of a job?

Run, Rich, run!

Four for Fridays! Anyways

1)  What's your favorite soda pop?

2)  Toilet paper roll - over the front or hanging from the back?

3)  Who's your favorite president?

4)  Will the Packers take the Super Bowl this season?

Bonus question:

5)  Are you voting OrbsCorbs, Of Course for president?

Have a great day.

Four for Fridays!

I am so sorry I will not be able to post any questions today. I am on my way to pick up the Grandkids in Oshkosh. I have to do this early so I can be back in time to pick up Drew from work and get through all the stupid construction in Milwaukee. If I get back early I will post questions but I am not promising it.

"City of Racine Residents Are Stunned To Discover That 2016 Property Tax Rates Under Mayor John Dickert Exceed Those of City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel by Almost Double!"

From News The JT Can't Use:

While the news media has been quick to report on the massive property tax increases enacted by City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, they have failed to point out that those large increases bring the total property tax rate to only about HALF of what many Cities in South East Wisconsin charge. Is it any wonder that the productive People of Illinois aren’t flocking to residential properties in Racine and SE Wisconsin? An entire region of Wisconsin’s Rust Belt  which is quickly morphing into Detroit West with corrupt and criminal politicians who are looting the tax base, levying outrageously high property taxes, suffering from high rates of crime (which is often under-reported), curtailed services and large sections of failing infrastructure populated by illegal immigrants, the unemployed, those who depend upon public assistance, and recent Third World EB-5 Immigrants."

Read more:

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Charlie's Latest Gift

I paid back the money to an old internet friend that she had lent me over the years.  Her delightful response?

In the last shot, on the far right, is the cat tree I bought Chalie recently.  As I was doing so, my friend was doing the same.  So Charlie ended up with two new cat trees.  Yay.  The one on the right is on a table and is only four feet tall.  It came assembled with everything except the top perch had to be attached. 

The one from my friend took almost four hours to assemble (1 hour work, 3 hours swearing).  It's seven feet tall and Charlie can easily reach the ceiling from the top perch.  He and I are very happy with this gift.  Thank you, Ms. N.

Not a fan..

Content warning -
Rambling therapeutic rant of sorts ahead....

I enjoy a good holiday. Recently, I've sought out fun holidays that you don't hear about until it's too late. Some are fun, some are for a cause, some are just weird. Some I can really get into - for instance, next week, the 22nd is national Chocolate Eclair Day. Definitely celebrating that one!

Then there are the established ones, and the one coming up always feels like a punch in the gut to me.
Fathers Day..... Not a fan.
I'm happy for those that had good fathers or at least tolerable ones, ones that were there in some fashion. Kids that had happy childhoods and fathers they could count on.
I realize that I'm not the only 'fatherless' kid out there. Some don't even know who their fathers are. Some come not only from broken but completely shattered homes. Some of us, grew up exposed to abuse, others, neglect, or even abandonment. For those of us, Father's day sucks.

I enjoy celebrating my husband, who is a great dad to our girls. That part, yes, I enjoy and he is worth celebrating. His dad, who wholeheartedly stepped up and was a stand in dad to me, has been gone a decade already. That still breaks my heart. He was an amazing guy who I'm glad to have had there for me. My own 'father', I've been estranged from for over 35 years and have only seen him maybe 3 times in all those years. Fathers day is a reminder of the feeling of not being lovable, not being good enough, not being enough for him not to be a monster. Yes, he was evil, and it felt like I wasn't good enough for him not to be horrible to. All these years later and that feeling still plagues me. I hate when it gets to me, then I get very angry and unpleasant. Great legacy you left, dear ol' 'dad'...

To the fatherless out there who either don't know, didn't know or unfortunately did know your fathers, it's not your fault. Some dads are just bad, and some are beyond horrible. It's not our fault. Try to let go of the guilt of not feeling like you're good enough or unlovable. It takes a LOT of work and is a life long process. Shoot, I'm 50 and I still suck at it. Know you're good enough and worth loving, even if you never felt it growing up or at whatever stage of life you are in. Dads can be terribly damaging. I may be bumped, bruised and dented but I'm still standing. Find a way to shine. Don't let their horrible example take away who you are. I don't want to only shine, I want to sparkle, gosh darn it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Billy Joel - 'You May Be Right [About Voting For OrbsCorbs, Of Course!]'"

Vote OrbsCorbs, of course!


I know that some postings are not going to be on the JTI's but I thought I would post some birds to share with everyone still. So here are some pictures.

          This is a picture of a  Eastern Towhee the picture was taken at Cliffside Park in Crestview Wi.

        This is a picture of a Savannah Sparrow the picture was taken at Cliffside Park in Crestview Wi.

This is a picture of a Eastern Meadowlark the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

This is a picture of a Great Egret the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

This is a picture of a Song Sparrow the picture was taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Brighton Wi.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OrbsCorbs for President!

Vote for me and I'll set you free!

I've decided to use as the platform from which I'll launch my campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America.
The only good government is less government!

I believe that all of our troops and equipment overseas and in other nations should be brought home immediately.  Foreign aid to everybody should end immediately.  Secure our borders immediately.

I like Ike!

If you want to do business overseas, you are free to do so.  However, under no circumstances will any of the US military be used to protect your interests abroad.  Hire mercenaries.  Or, if you can find them, the A-Team.

I'll gladly debate any other candidate on anything other than the issues.  I have issues.  You have issues.  We all have issues.  We all also have assholes, but you don't want to debate about that, do you?

Submit questions below, and in response, I'll lie like the best of them.

P.S.  Send me money.  Lots and lots of money.  It's tax deductible, I think.  I'm running against Trump and Hilary.  I can't run on empty, you know.  

"Former Employee Accuses Wahlen of Intimidation, Wrongful Termination"

From Racine County Eye:

By Heather Asiyanbi in Government · June 13, 2016 · No comments

"Former Mount Pleasant Payroll Coordinator Jillian Schumacher Monday in public comments before the village board accused Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen of firing her for being a whistleblower.

"Schumacher said she was fired unfairly and without any prior warning because she questioned financial processes that didn’t align with the personnel handbook or standard practices.

"'In short, I believe I was terminated for being a whistleblower and not blindly following policies I felt were unprofessional,' she continued.

"Specifically, Schumacher claims Wahlen fired her just four months after she had a positive review during which she was awarded another week of vacation and told she was on track to receive a raise. Schumacher worked for Mount Pleasant for 13 months.

"'In January of 2016 my vacation was increased to 3 weeks and I was on schedule for a raise. I had received no verbal or written warnings and no suspensions as outlined in the discipline section of the personnel manual. I had every reason to believe I was a competent and valued employee,' her comments to trustees read.

"But, last month, Schumacher told the board that Wahlen called her into his office and asked if she wanted to quit or be terminated. She elected termination and said she believes Wahlen fired her because:
  • Pay for staff is arbitrary negotiated by the Village Administrator on a personal basis rather than as a uniform employee policy. Pay for similar positions vary without regard to experience or job description.
  • Raises are arbitrarily awarded or withheld and do not follow village personnel handbook guidelines.
  • Some salaried staff are allotted comp. time while others are not. The result is that some staff are paid when absent and others have to use vacation time.
  • Village fees were waived by staff for certain residents but charged to others – without oversight or board approval.
  • Fees and bills were not routinely deposited and at times were allowed to collect in a box if staff was absent. In early 2016, during property tax season, as much as $2 million dollars or more sat in the village office without deposit – vulnerable to fraud or neglect.
  • Two village employees – Jo Gleason and Dianne Flannery – were paid well over the $8.57/hour wage for poll workers on election day; Gleason was allotted her regular rate of nearly $18/hour.
"When she brought her concerns to Wahlen, Schumacher said he threatened to 'dock' her pay. A few weeks later, he fired her.

"Board members were clearly surprised by Schumacher’s comments. After the meeting, Village President Jerry Garski said he takes the allegations seriously.

"'This was surprising … it’s the first we’ve heard of these issues, and we will look into them,' he said after the board meeting.

"He did not offer any additional comment.

"Wahlen was not at the meeting because he is on vacation this week. Racine County Eye did send him an email to his village email address and will update this story if we reach him for comment. His contract with the village expired on May 13, and negotiations for a new one have not begun, according to sources close to the village.

"To listen to Schumacher’s comments, click the link below:"

 Jillian Schumacher Payroll Coordinator from Rees Roberts on Vimeo

Read more: 


Sunday, June 12, 2016

JT Irregulars

I put in eight years of blood, sweat,and tears.  And some laughs.  I'd gladly put in another eight, but it's not to be.  I feel like I've lost a family member or put down a beloved pet.