Sunday, July 29, 2018

Shipping and Handling

As anyone who shops online knows, one of the biggest tdrawbacks are shipping and handling charges.  I've bought items where the shipping and handling were more than what I bought.  Shipping charges are pretty straightforward.  I can understand those.  But handling charges gall me.  Don't you pay your employees?  Isn't it their job to fill internet orders?  So why the surcharge?  Does the "handling" money go directly to them?

As anyone who shops online at eBay knows, sometimes the s&h charges are excessive.  I hate pricks who charge $5 s&h while only spending $1.50 to mail something.  The other $3.50 is just more profit.  Why?  I don't know.  Handling charges are the biggest rip off online.  Even the large companies do it.  Again, don't you pay your employees to do this job?  Or are they dependent upon handling charges for their pay?

I don't expect that my little rant will change anything.  But I feel better geting it off my chest.  And I won't buy from people who charge excessive s&h.

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