Monday, November 30, 2020

Visitors to Utah’s mysterious obelisk left behind human waste, scarred the land

(Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management) A triangular hole in the ground and a piece of metal are all that remains of the mysterious Utah "obelisk," which disappeared Friday.

 As mysteriously as it came, the world-famous Utah obelisk illegally installed in a San Juan County redrock slot canyon disappeared Friday night, the Bureau of Land Management confirmed. Photos show that whoever removed the sculpture left only a triangular hole and a piece of metal — but the many visitors who flocked to the remote site over the week of Thanksgiving also left evidence of their journeys behind.

On Sunday, the BLM said in a news release that people “parked on vegetation and left behind human waste” when visiting the undeveloped site, which is not equipped with a designated parking lot or restrooms. Photos the agency tweeted Sunday show where the shining steel pillar once stood, as well as a group of vehicles parked off a dirt road in sagebrush, the red landscape scarred by crisscrossing tire tracks, and what could be a piece of toilet paper sticking out of the ground.

Driving off designated roads and trails in the Monticello Field Office is illegal, the BLM also said.

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