Friday, January 15, 2021

MTP/City of Racine Water Agreement

Just FYI - or any other interested Mark who lives in MTP and is on the hook for millions each year. Be sure to see section D and note how the $$$ flowing to City of Ratcine from the shiny sewer pipe forced down the throats of MTP residents courtesy of MTP Village Idiot David DeGroot and former Village Administrator Kurt Wahlen increases over time.Village Idiots, er, Residents make up any shortfall! Better yet still, Kurt Wahlen is one of the litigants suing City of Ratcine to maintain his 100% taxpayer funded healthcare for life! City of Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason (signatory to the agreement) bent over MTP Village Idiot David DeGoof and showed him where "The Big One" goes! BOHICA MTP Residents - you've been Fox-scammed by the Foxconn failure - but you will fund City of Ratcine retiree healthcare! ! SCAM-O-RAMA Ratcine and MTP! Enjoy the shotshow from SE WI!

1 comment:

TSE said...

MTP Village TEA-TARD David DeGoof took it straight up the shitter from McMayor Cory "Butterball" Mason. And that shit's gotta flow somewhere!

Mason = 1
DeGoof = 0