Monday, January 18, 2021

The Family in Search of Extinction

"Either families are grouped into larger units based on deep and lasting personal ties, or their eradication is just a matter of time. Religious communities sometimes function as temporary shelters where families find protection and solidarity. But these communities are based on strict moral uniformity, which excludes divergent people, which is why they become easy victims of the drainage of the faithful by the “crisis of generations”. The patriarchal family is not an ethical-dogmatic unit: it is a biological and functional unit forged around permanent objective interests, where the bad and misfits always end up being used in some function useful to the group.

Ultimately, if patriarchy was a bad thing, the rich would not keep it jealously for themselves, but would distribute it to the poor, preferring instead to crumble into small nuclear families. If they do precisely the opposite, it is because they know what they are doing".

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