Monday, September 6, 2021

More Bad ass Friends of mine

 Gary got 50 years - I personally met Him and talked to him.

The rest got 20.

They wouldn't recognize the Judge or the Judicial process.

Friends of mine.......... and I could tell ya more - but not now. Meet me in Little Bohemia.

So ya wondered what I was doing in Tennessee?

In what may be the largest joint prosecution of sovereign citizens, authorities are bringing a 320-count criminal indictment against 10 of the antigovernment activists just arrested after a year-long investigation in Tennessee.

The suspects—all Tennessee residents—are charged with filing fraudulent liens and forgery, both felonies, which carry possible prison sentences upon conviction. A special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the case in Nashville.

It began, authorities say, after one of the sovereign citizen defendants, Lee Harold Cromwell, filed bogus liens for millions of dollars after he was arrested for recklessly driving his Dodge Ram pickup backward, striking several people and killing a man in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on July 4, 2015.

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