Thursday, October 28, 2021

Protest held in Ripon's Rotary Square against Smuckers’ vaccine policy

Individuals march around Ripon’s Rotary Square to voice their concerns surrounding the J.M. Smucker Co.’s COVID-19 vaccine policy.

 A vaccination policy from a local employer drew about 20 protesters to Ripon’s Rotary Square last week Thursday.

Several individuals in the crowd said they were either current or former J.M. Smuckers Co. employees, while others described themselves as concerned community members.

Individuals who said they either worked for or used to work for the company declined to be named.

Those in attendance felt it was wrong for a private company to mandate that employees receive a vaccine.

“My body, my choice; it should not be forced on anyone,” said one woman, who claimed to work for the company, already had COVID-19 and didn’t want to get vaccinated. “... Been there, done that. It’s a choice. That’s why we live in America.”

Another individual, a middle-aged male, said he used to work for the company, but quit because of its vaccination policy.

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