Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's that time again - Bird of the week nominations

Hello all my fellow sufferers of Irregularity! It's time to nominate the person place or thing that you think deserves to be flipped the bird this week. Who smashed your pumpkin. Who tainted your candy. Who pooped bagged your doorstep this week. Who ticked you off so bad you want to flip them the bird? Name and reason please.


racineuncovered said...

Mayor John Dickert - Because he lied and in my opinion doesn't have a clue

Sassa said...

The stores that play Christmas music and display items ALREADY.

Huck Finn said...

Main Moon II.

For being unwilling to take phone/delivery orders from the deaf relays. I got told they were too busy to take my order Tuesday night due to the relay. When I got there ten minutes later, I found the place near empty. When I talked with the owner, she told me that I should call between 2:30 and 3:30 in the afternoon for any phone orders. I guess I'm not allowed spur of the moment decisions like other able people.

For their terrible customer service to the disabled, I nominate the Main Moon II.

Why Not? said...

My husband and I ate at Main Moon II this last summer and for 2 days after we were sicker than dogs.. things coming out of both ends. It was awful.. They were the only thing we ate in common and no one also ate.. Pretty sure we got something there. So probably saved yourself Huck..

Lizardmom said...

not a fan of main moon either, but there is a fantastic place out in Burlington that is awesome!

my gripe tho is lazy people, one person who shall remain nameless, who wants me to do all the work so they don't have to do anything but stand around and talk while everybody else works, I think we all know people like that, LAZY PEOPLE! long story, just yelling after I left, I feel a bit better now

OrbsCorbs said...

Sassa, "ALREADY"? I thought Sept. 1 was the start of the retail Christmas season. Mom's been getting Christmas catalogs and solicitations in the mail for at least a month.

kkdither said...

Magazine companies who automatically renew subscriptions, without any approval.

They then badger you about not paying for something you never asked for.

Reader's Digest has been threatening my DECEASED mother for months now to pay.

The letters keep getting worse and worse. One of the them attacked the character of someone who would subscribe, and also give a gift subscription, then not pay up!


RWWackoStu said...

I will add on the caledonia town board for cutting funding for bus swervice and turning Caledonia into an island.