Tuesday, February 16, 2010

State Approves Spending for High Speed Train

I’m playing JT...Copying AP news!

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - State lawmakers gave approval Tuesday to spending $810 million in federal stimulus funding on a high-speed rail line between Madison and Milwaukee, despite the objections of Republicans who said it would cost too much and be underused.

The vote clears the way for the state Department of Transportation to begin creating proposals and soliciting bids for environmental studies on where to place the train stations and other work.

JT article on high speed train

So if it makes 6 stops from Milwaukee to Mad Town at a average of 6 minutes that is 36 minutes of sit time! So in reality, the train has to make it from Milwaukee to Mad Town in less then 40 minutes (40 + 35 sit time). You can drive there in 75 minutes. OH, now you have your own vehicle to drive around Madison with, otherwise you have to rely on someone picking you up, rent a car, taxi or taking a bus to your final destination.


Anonymous said...

It's a heck of alot closer to Sun Prairie than it is to Madison. It will stop at the Dane County Airport. That's about 10 miles from Camp Randall.
And this ain't free money the state is getting. People will soon realize that in about 2 months when they find out were the money is REALLY coming from.

hale-bopp said...

The problem in this country is we have not had a plan for integrated public transit in, oh, forever. The reason things work in Europe is that they planned to have rail and planned their local transit system to complement their rail network. When I got off the train in Strasborg a couple of years ago, even a silly Yankee like me who speaks no French could quickly find the local transit to get to my hotel.

The U.S. isn't very good at planning decades ahead, but that is what need to be done if the car culture is ever going to change (well, it IS going to change...the real question is whether our planning will lessen the pain or our lack of planning make it more painful).

Why Not? said...

I use the train and public transit all the time. Actually we do not have a car here. I would definitely use a train between madison and milwaukee, but I do hope they have thought out how to bring it close to other forms of public transport. I personally do not like driving in bigger unknown cities, but I can see that if not planned out right it would be a waste of money until they can get all forms of public transportation working together.

kkdither said...

I've always hated those questions on tests... if a train leaves Milwaukee traveling 80 miles an hour and another one leaves Minneapolis traveling 60 miles an hour... at what time and station do they meet? eek!

But, I do love to ride the train. Bring it on! Yes, money is scare right now. It might not be the best time to keep spending, spending, spending.

Hale is right though... we are sorely in need of mass transportation; but only if it is really planned, done well and affordable for the regular joe to utilize.

Anonymous said...

This country did rely on trains at one time. Passenger air service did bit into them, but there demise was to to federal government intervetion. It was called the Interstate system. The northeast corridor is an example where trains are more efficient and practical. The proposed run between Milwaukee and Sun Prairie just isn't practical. Rather than construct a NEW system, reopen and upgrade trackage going into Madison on the current Empire builder to the Twin Cities. And if is it shown to be needed, then add the commuter run between MKE and MSN. But KK is right on in her post. But I don't give this much hope since politicians just can't pass up spending our money. And opposition would come from companies like the MegaBus that has a very lucrative business running buses between the Cities Milwauke and Chicago.