Monday, February 14, 2011

John Dickert and the "Embezzler"

I've been informed that Mayor Dickert spoke on WRJN yesterday. I believe he does that regularly, but I don't listen to the station, so I don't know. Apparently, he referenced a problem with his Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). He said there had been an "embezzler," who he fired. As it turns out, the only person fired from the NSP was Bill Bielefeldt, the city's award-winning lead abatement specialist who blew the whistle on lying John's lead paint removal violations in the NSP. Lying John responded by firing Bill, and Brian O'Connell sent the police to Bill's house to intimidate him. You can read the history here:

As I understand it, lying John and his cronies have been desperate to get something on Bill ever since they fired him. They've tried a number of different approaches, but nothing would stick. It appears that Mr. Bielefeldt is honest. (That alone would scare the hell out of a pathological liar like Dickert.) So I guess they've settled on "embezzler" as the purported reason for firing Bill, months after the fact, and minus any apparent criminal investigation.

Once the dust settles, there will be a wrongful termination lawsuit filed against the city. Mr. Bielefeldt will win (or, more likely, the city will settle), and the citizens of Racine will have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for lying John's deceit and arrogance.

Party on, lying John!


racineuncovered said...

And that is just the beginning!

Why Not? said...

Oooh I wish I was there to vote...