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"Wisconsin Governor Pushes Forward With Plan To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients"

Anyone looking to take advantage of the federal food stamp program in the state of Wisconsin may soon have to pee in a cup before rushing to the grocery store each month for their taxpayer subsidized sugary beverages and assortment of Hostess baked goods.  As the StarTribune points out today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took steps earlier today that could eventually make his state the first to require drug tests for able-bodied adults applying for food stamps.
Gov. Scott Walker moved ahead Monday with his plans to make Wisconsin the first state to drug test able-bodied adults applying for food stamps, a move blocked by the federal government or found to be unconstitutional when other states have tried.

Wisconsin's plan was approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature more than two years ago, but it languished because it conflicts with federal rules prohibiting states from imposing additional eligibility criteria on food stamp recipients.

Walker approved a rule change to implement the screening and sent it to the Legislature for review Monday. Walker spokesman Tom Evenson said the governor believes he has the authority to implement the rule.

The Legislature has four months to review the rule and it could take a year after its approval before the testing would begin. Lawsuits by those who oppose the drug testing are expected once it's implemented, assuming the federal government doesn't step in and block it in the meantime.

Under the plan, childless FoodShare participants who fail a drug test would be eligible for state-funded rehabilitation treatment if they don't have any other way to pay for it. FoodShare is Wisconsin's name for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

"Voters with Facts"

Eau Claire is using TIF districts to hand millions of dollars to a private developer in order to build a new performing arts center and other buildings in its historic downtown district. TIF districts have become the favorite tool of crony capitalists to pay off well-connected business owners while making it “look” like taxes aren’t being spent. TIF districts were created by the legislature to permit cities to deal with truly run-down dumps by permitting those cities to borrow against the growth in tax revenue that development of such blighted areas would bring. But cities are first supposed to make sure that (1) the area is truly blighted, and (2) development wouldn’t happen in the area without the TIF district.
In Eau Claire, neither of those two things happened – the government officials merely reached those conclusions without actually seeing any evidence that they were true. On behalf of Voters With Facts, a group opposed to the project, and dozens of local property taxpayers, we sued to challenge two TIF districts.
The circuit court dismissed our case, concluding that the plaintiffs lacked standing (despite case law stretching back a hundred years permitting taxpayers to challenge the unlawful expenditure of tax dollars) and that it would be improper for a court to “second guess” a city’s decision to create a TIF district.
We appealed, and the appellate court partially reversed.  The court agreed that the plaintiffs lacked standing, under a different theory than that used by the circuit court – that the plaintiffs were wrong on the merits and therefore lacked standing.  However, the court also concluded that our alternative claim for certiorari review could survive.
The Wisconsin Supreme Court granted a petition to hear the case, which will be scheduled for oral argument in the first half of 2018.

"The Unknown Politician"

"WI IS Expensive..."

The Tax Farmers continue to loot and scoot...

When Scott Walker was elected governor in 2010, Wisconsin
was one of the worst states in the country in which to do business.
Since then, we have seen bold and impactful reforms, and
Wisconsin has made great strides. It has clawed its way to 15th
place in the CNBC Global CFO Council ranking, from 29th in
Still, much work remains. Even in the CNBC ranking, Wisconsin
remains below the national average in friendliness to business
and cost of doing business. According to the Kaiser Family
Foundation, in 2014, Wisconsin’s state and local spending per
person ($7,797) was 43 percent higher than the national average
($5,457) despite an average income below the national average.
Even after $2 billion in tax cuts, Wisconsin’s working families
bear the highest state and local tax burden of any Midwestern
state, much higher than Minnesota, and higher than any state
except New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California—all
states with significantly higher levels of income. Even after several
years of outperforming the nation in economic growth, Wisconsin
still lags behind the national average in both per capita income
and family income, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

"An Unfit MTP Village President"

Dear Village Board,
Cindy wanted me to ask Village President David DeGroot what was the significance of the yellow/black striped tie he wore at the Foxconn Contract ceremony?
Please view the attached image:
The juxtaposition of yellow on black has an actual history, in regards to SNAKES:

Red Touch Yellow, Kills a Fellow. Red Touch Black, Friend of Jack
Nevertheless, perhaps the Yellow in Dave's tie signified the color of an Egg Yolk -

DeGroot Blames Village President Supporters In Egging Home, No Arrests Made

Mount Pleasant Trustee David DeGroot circulated a press release Friday March, 10 alleging that supporters of village president Jerry Garski egged his house in a politically motivated attack, though investigators are not so sure.
I am now asking that, in accordance with Cindy's request - that you provide me with a list of names of those who you believe were responsible. You do have some people in mind? - Right?
So what did the review of the video capture? Since according to RCE:
DeGroot captured the incident on a surveillance system that he finished installing only the day before. He  turned the video over to Investigators.
Lt. Detective Scott Geyer with the Mount Pleasant Police Department is investigating the incident. Asked if police had any reason to believe it was politically motivated, he responded, “No, I wouldn’t make that leap.”
There are no suspects at this time, Geyer said, but investigators are still reviewing the video.
Dave - in your opinion - did those Investigators do their due diligence?
Perhaps malfeasant in their duties to capture the culprits who egged your house?
According to Mr. DeGroot:
When DeGroot was asked why he waited 10 days to circulate the release, he said he wanted to wait until he had all his facts in order, “I couldn’t say that I turned the evidence over to the police.” He was still figuring out how to get the video out of the system.
When asked why he assumed the attack was politically motivated, DeGroot responded, “Why would it be anything else.”
The above aren't facts -

It is merely speculation and hearsay.
Dave - what do the voices in your head tell you?
Please tell us - because some of us are worried that you may be.... in need of medical attention.
Are you FIT to be Village President?

Cindy and I say NOT!
Tim & Cindy

"Prostitute or Politician"

Dear Village Board,
According to the JT, Governor Scott Walker signed 8 bills at a Racine COP house,

Senate Bill 308 — The bill increases the penalty for patronizing a prostitute to a felony for persons convicted of a third or subsequent violation, with a maximum sentence of 3.5 years, a fine up to $10,000 or both.

I must admit - that I am ignorant as to the difference between a Prostitute and a Politician

Would someone be so kind as to tell me the difference between a Politician and  Prostitute?

Is Scott Walker even educated enough to know the difference?


Tim & Cindy

"The First Legal Challenge"

Dear County Board,
While an indirect challenge to the Foxconn MTP politician overreach and land grab, WILL is directing a challenge against the City of Eau Claire:

The $10 billion Foxconn factory in Racine County could be “imperiled” by a lawsuit challenging an economic development project in Eau Claire, according to the state Department of Justice.
At issue is whether local economic incentives can result in cash payments to a private developer or company — which in the Eau Claire case include $1.5 million, but in the Foxconn case total $100 million.
The state is seeking to intervene in support of the Eau Claire project in a lawsuit brought by the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty on behalf of local taxpayers who say Eau Claire abused Wisconsin’s tax incremental financing (TIF) law.
The case, Voters with Facts v. City of Eau Claire, is now before the state Supreme Court after both the district court and an appellate court ruled in favor of the city.
Rick Esenberg, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in the Eau Claire lawsuit, is arguing that the $1.5 million direct payment plus half of the redevelopment payment are an illegal property tax rebate for the property owner, which would violate the state Constitution’s requirement that property taxes be assessed in a uniform manner, known as the uniformity clause.
Esenberg said it’s possible the argument could also apply to Foxconn, though he hasn’t studied the Foxconn project in depth. He said the lawsuit isn’t challenging the use of TIF districts, but is more narrowly focused on the cash payment to developers.
“If the uniformity clause prohibits payment to a taxpayer, and we think it does, then if you want to do the Foxconn deal you’ve got to do it without making a payment to a taxpayer out of a TIF district,” Esenberg said.
Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott Walker, Representatives Robin Vos,  Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.


Tim &Cindy

Open Blog - Weekend

That's an order!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Four for Fridays!

I am so sorry this is being posted late today. I was busy taking care of another project I have going for a Christmas present. So many things going on this time of the year for me. I have been out taking Christmas decorations too and we will be going to Candy Cane Lane to get pictures. Here are your questions.

1) How are you handling the cold weather that has jump out at us?

2) With the cold weather are you going to hibernate?

3) What is the coldest temperature that you will go outside?

4) Do you like this cold weather or would you prefer the warm weather?

Have a great weekend and keep warm.

"A Letter From The Indian Workers of the International Metalworkers Federation to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou"

Dear County Board,

Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott Walker, Representatives Robin Vos,  Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.
Tim &Cindy

Open Blog - Friday

Enjoy yourself.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Gang of Four

Dear Village Board -
As MTP moves forward with the David Degroot Disaster.....
Let us remember that one of Dave's heroes - a Trump Supporter - sold this T-Shirt:

'Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required'
and created controversy.
Imagine replacing Journalist with..... Politician.
Of course not,... (but Scott Walker did approve Industrial Hemp - which makes excellent ropers.

With the gang of four in control of MTP - Degroot - Havn - Hewitt and Honorary Trustee Anna Marie Clausen -
The future will be Golden - or maybe NOT!

So Governor Scott Walker along with Representatives Robin Vos and Cory Mason want to violate the Wisconsin Constitution, steal people’s property, destroy generational Farms & a Community, loosen environmental protections, and provide taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaires and their Corporations – YOU CAN COUNT US OUT OF THEIR CRIMINAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE PEOPLE!
Tim & Cindy

Alltime10s Thursdays

Open Blog - Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi, gang.  So sorry to be late.  I had a, er, medical procedure performed this morning and things got a little harrier than expected.  I punched out two orderlies before they realized that something was up.  So they had to hold me while the orderlies decided whether or no they wanted to press charges.  I reminded them that if they pressed charges, their children will be ugly, and stupid  (like their parents).

So they finally let me go.  I told the orderlies not to forget what I had told them.  Grr.  I think one was afraid, and the other one is always drunk.

Have you heard the glorious news? 

"Pizza Hut Will Now Deliver Cold Beer and Wine to Pair With Your Pie" -

Now if only they would do something about their crappy pizza.  

I must say that it feels well when the Journal Times headline reads: Mayor's event center veto upheld  

The Green Bay Packers pulled one out of the fire last week.  Think they can do it again?

The Irregular Football League is already into its playoffs:

 I was very happy to hear that Mayor Mason's veto of the events center stood its ground.  It's good to give a new mayor a sense of security.

Want to know what's depressing?  Click on  Our once vibrant local news and blogs are dying.  

Thank you for reading my blog today.  When it comes to being irregular, it takes one to know one.

If you have a problem, give me a holla.  I can only make it worse.  I love you all.

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Open Blog - Wednesday

Yes, please do.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Done and Donne"

From the Shepherd Express:

December 5, 2017
4:42 PM

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? Listen, I got a confession to make. Let me tell you, when I started to see Christmas kaboodle in some stores before Columbus Day for crying out loud, I got to admit that I started to look a little forward to the holidays, what the fock. But now with the holiday season heating up big-time but good, I must confess that I’m sitting here with not a thing to celebrate but my own failure to deliver the goods I had on my list this week for you’s. Here’s why.

I thought for sure by now at this late date in the season, I’d have this holiday song I’ve been working on for years ready for your preview, ’cause if you hear what I hear this time of year every year, you know damn well that the creaky seasonal canon needs new ammunition. Yes sir, I believed that “Every Day’s Just Another Focking Holiday” not only would hit the charts Numero Uno with a big ol’ bullet but it would be the first holiday tune in human history that could be played each and every day of the year. And then some hotshot impresario would turn it into a Broadway musical and I’d be a millionaire, I kid you not.

But I’m having troubles working out the bridge to the tune, such that I feel like jumping off a bridge like a regular George Bailey, and it definitely is not a wonderful life. Not when you’re flirting with the iron maiden of deep, dark despair on account of another failure—that being my inability once again to get the Art Kumbalek Mistletoe Belt Buckle to the holiday market. This really blows.

And I tell you, based on the number of queries I field throughout the year as to the availability of this fine gift idea, the Art Kumbalek Mistletoe Belt Buckle is also a million-dollar moneymaker waiting to happen. You may recall that the AKMBB is conceptualized to be so much more than just a focking stocking-stuffer gag gift, in that the belt buckle is designed to be compatible with the Art Kumbalek Big Boy Belt. Modeled on Batman’s ultra-handy utility belt, the snazzy Big Boy Belt—to be available with the Mistletoe Belt Buckle for only an additional buck two-eighty—would sport all kind of clips, loops and high-tech doo-dads so as to hold practical items like a can of beer, Bowie knife, Chapstick, flask, carton of Pall Malls, an extra pair of socks; so that you could cart this stuff around the town and maintain accessible convenience.

But alas, again with the production problems in that this Santa can’t locate a decent sweatshop. I found that a lot of these Fourth World elves are looking to make 14 cents an hour and I simply can’t do business if I have to focking fork out blue-chip Third World wages like that. Hey, who could? You tell me.

It just occurred to me that some of you’s right now may also be feeling failure and disappointment this time of year even as I write and you read, and the least I could do is give you a handy tip since I got experience in this area. You know what I do when I get disappointed cum out of whack? Nothing, not a goddamn thing that’s what, ’cause why bother? Just suck it up and steady yourself for the next load of dashed desire due down the pike any second. And never ever forget that your crap casserole might not be some other knucklehead’s filet mig-focking-non; so what makes you think you’re so hoity-toity special you can’t have some disappointment once in a while? You tell me.

And then I’ll tell you to remember this: “No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if Clod bee washed away by Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.”

I got to tell you, those old farts who wrote stuff a couple hundred years before TV couldn’t spell for crap. I had to read the above a couple, three focking times until I understood that the important thing not to forget is that every time a bell tolls, an angel gets its wings ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.


Open Blog - Tuesday

Hi guys!

Monday, December 4, 2017

"An Impotent Racine County Board"

Dear County Board -
Seems like everyone is fighting over a slice of the pie that hasn't even been produced - much less baked.
SO what does Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave have to say about this?

Should Milwaukee annex part of Racine County for Foxconn-related housing?

If state and local authorities aren't willing to invest in transportation options to ferry low-income Milwaukee workers to the proposed $10 billion Foxconn plant in Mount Pleasant, Milwaukee Ald. Bob Bauman has another idea.
What if, Bauman suggests, the city annexed a piece of land in Racine County and helped build a neighborhood of affordable single- and multi-family homes where transplanted Milwaukee workers could live?
That's one of the ideas the 4th District alderman would like his colleagues on the Common Council's Zoning, Neighborhood & Development Committee to consider at its Dec. 12 meeting. Bauman has asked the city attorney's office and Department of City Development to weigh in on the feasibility of creating what he calls a "satellite community" for Milwaukee workers near the planned Foxconn plant.
Just *WOW*
Concerned Residents of MTP can only hope that David DeGroot is a one term President - like Donald Trump - and kicked to the curb by informed voters in the next election - along with Havn and Hewitt.
Please join Cindy and me in JUST SAYING NO TO the unconstitutional counter-revolution promulgated by Scott Walker & Co.
So Governor Scott Walker along with Representatives Robin Vos and Cory Mason want to violate the Wisconsin Constitution, steal people’s property, destroy generational Farms & a Community, loosen environmental protections, and provide taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaires and their Corporations – YOU CAN COUNT US OUT OF THEIR CRIMINAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE PEOPLE!
Tim & Cindy

"The MTP David DeGroot Disaster"

Dear Village Board -
From the Journal Times:

Village administrator looks to ‘fix’ finance department

MOUNT PLEASANT — In her first Village Board meeting as administrator, Maureen Murphy presented some bold moves for Mount Pleasant.
Having only been on the job officially for a few days, Murphy told the board on Monday that there are “some issues with our payroll taxes getting paid.”
“There is just no time to go through our normal procedure, which would be a committee report,” Murphy said. “The year is ending and I am immensely concerned, so with your permission, I will proceed to fix the finance department.”
After trustees Gary Feest and Jon Hansen raised concerns about the same auditing firm also organizing the village’s books, Murphy told the board she would bring in a different company.
“I’ve gotten the message from the board and the concerns you’ve addressed,” Murphy said. “I will use a different auditing firm for this. I don’t want there to be any doubt in what we’re doing.”
Murphy also proposed that the board hire an assistant village administrator, which would be paid for out of funds from the village administrator budget for 2018.
The words that come to mind concerning the Village President can only be  a bumbling, stumbling, mindless, clueless - Tea-party (er) .
Perhaps Village President David DeGroot would like to tell Resident Taxpayers what exactly is in that TEA - that allows Village finances to wildly careen out of control - like a drunken Sailor on shore leave!
And now - ANOTHER Village Employee (see COST CENTER) will be required to sort out the David DeGroot Disaster.
Please - allow me to provide some direction here - especially to Havn, Hewitt and DeGroot and honorary Trustee Anna Marie Clausen -
You need to END the creepy cyber -stalking of/ devotion to/ time spent at/providing Insider information to - the author of the hate-speech blog:
Mt. Pleasant burns while you fools fiddle with Cyber Hate and REVENGE!
Concerned Residents of MTP can only hope that David DeGroot is a one term President - like Donald Trump - and kicked to the curb by informed voters in the next election - along with Havn and Hewitt.
Please join Cindy and me in JUST SAYING NO TO the unconstitutional counter-revolution promulgated by Scott Walker & Co.
So Governor Scott Walker along with Representatives Robin Vos and Cory Mason want to violate the Wisconsin Constitution, steal people’s property, destroy generational Farms & a Community, loosen environmental protections, and provide taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaires and their Corporations – YOU CAN COUNT US OUT OF THEIR CRIMINAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE PEOPLE!
Tim & Cindy

Open Blog - Monday

Bring back the sun.  Ack, I need the sun!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

"Chinese Researchers Experiment With Anti-Gay Spray"

Tyler Durden's picture
Powerful first-hand accounts expose how state-owned hospitals are using electric shock machines and medication to convert gays back to some form of 'normalcy'. The practice is an open secret in China, where a majority of gays are forced by their families into hospitals, because the culture labels it as a curable-disease.
 Even the World Psychiatric Association has come out denouncing the practice as “unethical, unscientific and harmful”.
It’s been rumored that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have received better treatment than those in China, who have been put through the conversion process.
With that being said, the Chinese knew the rest of the world was going to figure out about the inhuman treatments to literally shock the gay out of you; and so, back in 2015, the Government approved a research team at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to study the effects of spraying oxytocin up the noses of homosexual men to see how it affects their sexual orientation.
 Oxytocin has been best known for its roles in the female reproduction system. Recently, scientist have been investigating oxytocin’s role in various behaviors including, orgasm, social recognition, bonding, and maternal behaviors. The article says it’s also known as the ‘love hormone’ or the ‘cuddle hormone’ because levels of oxytocin are increased during hugs and orgasms. Oxytocin’s connection in love and sexuality is not well understood, which spurred the scientist’s two years clinical, to spray the natural hormone up gay men’s noses.

Read more:

"To The Village Board"

Dear Village Board,
The Boom/Bust lessons from the Bakken will prove to be a bitter pill for Scott Walker and SE WI to swallow.
Please join Cindy and me in just saying NO! to Governor Scott Walker along with Representatives Robin Vos and Cory Mason violating the Wisconsin Constitution, stealing people’s property, destroying generational Farms & a Community, loosening environmental protections, and providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaires and their Corporations – YOU CAN COUNT US OUT OF THEIR CRIMINAL REVOLUTION AGAINST THE PEOPLE!
Tim & Cindy

"The Boom/Bust Lessons of Williston ND Will Prove to be a Bitter Pill for Scott Walker and SE WI to Swallow"

"Impeach Trump and Walker!"

Dear Village Board -
As the case for impeachment against U.S. President  Donald Trump grows - so does the case against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
Being involved in unconstitutional activities, violating the rights of the people, and granting privately held corporate interests superior rights to that of the natural person - IS A CRIME, and an offense against nature.

Yesterday in The Internecine Deep State Conflict Moves to Stage Two I suggested that the conflict was heating up, a move confirmed by former Trump advisor Michael Flynn's guilty plea that he lied to the F.B.I. regarding his contact with Russian officials.
The case for impeachment now becomes clear: prosecutors will attempt to prove that Trump made contact with the Russians in violation of the Logan Act, which forbids private citizens from dealing in matters of state with foreign governments.
According to the Wikipedia entry on The Logan ActTo date, only two people have ever been indicted for violating the Act's provisions. However, no person has ever been prosecuted for alleged violations of the Act.
(There are of course other potential charges, which we will learn more about as legal commentators across the spectrum weigh in.)
Concerned Racine County Residents Just Say NO To Foxconn!
It is time to IMPEACH IU.S.  President Donald Trump and WI  governor Scott Walker for their crimes against the people.
Tim & Cindy

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Open Blog - Weekend

That looks so inviting.  What a great way to spend your weekend, and your income.

Friday, December 1, 2017

"Supermoon 2017: This weekend’s full moon is the biggest of the year"

The supermoon shines brightly through the clouds in June 2013. (Kevin Ambrose)

"The last full moon of 2017 will appear especially plump and vibrant in the night sky this weekend.
As it reaches fullness, the moon will also be making its closest approach to Earth around the same time, designating it a “supermoon.”

"Because of the moon’s extra-close approach to Earth, it will appear about 14 percent bigger than if it were at its farthest away point in its orbit. It will shine up to 30 percent brighter, not only because it’s close to Earth, but also because Earth will be nearing its closest to the sun in early January.

"'The sunlight reaching and reflecting off the Moon this time of year is about 7 percent more intense' than in the summer, explains NASA.

"The moon officially turns full at 10:47 a.m. Sunday, but it will look full or very close to full to the naked eye Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

"December’s full moon is known as the Cold Moon or Frost Moon because of the cold weather at this time of year. It is also sometimes referred to as the Moon Before Yule (Yule is an old northern European winter festival, associated with Christmas)"

Read more:

Industrialization: Prelude to Collapse

Dear 1000 Friends,

For your consideration:

Carrying Capacity, Overshoot and Species Extinction
Paul Chefurka got (stole)  his ideas from William Catton:
In a way, the world-view of the party imposed itself most successfully on the people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding, they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything, and what they swallowed did them no harm, because it left no residue behind, just like a grain of corn will pass undigested through the body of a bird. —George Orwell, 1984


Industrialization: Prelude to Collapse
by William Catton

CIRCUMSTANCE: The Age of Exuberance is over, population has already overshot carrying capacity, and prodigal Homo sapiens has drawn down the world's savings deposits.
CONSEQUENCE: All forms of human organization and behavior that are based on the assumption of limitlessness must change to forms that accord with finite limits.
Darwinian 1 - aka Ron Patterson still argues that the Darwinian THEORY of Evolution is concrete fact...
Well, he couldn't be more wrong.
And quite frankly, the Universe teems with life and doesn't care.

As  a constructive alternative - I suggest that you consider the following:


Tim & Cindy

"WiGWAG: Borat saves the day, Black Friday in Vegas, and more"

From Wisconsin Gazette:

News with a twist

Whom do you believe?

Donald Trump claims Time magazine was considering naming him person of the year but he dropped out of the running. The magazine says it never happened.

Buh-bye, please

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., told CNN that during a phone conference on the economy, Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn pretended there was a bad connection in order to end the call with his rambling boss. The White House denies it.

Ungodly sight

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton apologized for not using “better judgment” when he sent a nude image of himself to a woman he was dating. The revealing picture somehow ended up in an anonymous tweet. Barton is an evangelical Christian who’s rated 100 percent by the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition of America.

Fast on the draw

A Tennessee man accidentally shot himself and his wife during a discussion at their church about concealed carry. He apparently forgot the gun was loaded when he squeezed the trigger while pulling it out of his pocket.

Sausage to the world

Greggs, a British bakery chain, was denounced for releasing an Advent calendar in which the Three Wise Men are gathered around a sausage in place of the baby Jesus. In calling for a boycott, one man tweeted: “Offended, yes. As a Christian, they’ve depicted my Lord and Saviour as a sausage roll.” The U.K. Evangelical Alliance told BBC Money that it wasn’t “too outraged” about the calendar, but rather concerned about the holiday being used for marketing.

Trump appears in beagle’s ear

Who can forget the images of Jesus in a Cheeto and the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich? Now added to the list of strange appearances is Donald Trump in a dog’s ear. A photo taken by a woman of her beagle’s infected inner ear went viral after she posted it on Facebook and people discovered its striking resemblance to the president. Well, he does bark quite a bit.

Weinstein aloft

Law & Order frequently serves up fictionalized true-crime stories to its viewers, so it’s not surprising that the ubiquitous franchise is turning to the Harvey Weinstein saga for inspiration. But Law & Order: SVU is changing the setting from Hollywood to the “boys club” culture of airline pilots, according to Entertainment Weekly. Look for it sometime next year.

Weedy retail

Wal-Mart or weed? That was the question some gift-givers in Las Vegas were asking on Black Friday, as they decided whether to head first to a big-box store or one of 40 dispensaries offering discounts on marijuana flower products. Some dispensaries were offering an eighth of an ounce discount on marijuana edibles and others offered the more traditional buy-one, get-one. Think the dispensaries will ever go online for Cyber Monday?

Budding civil case

In a lawsuit filed against their local police department and Nationwide Insurance Co., a man and a woman allege police in Pennsylvania’s Buffalo Township handcuffed them for hours after confusing their hibiscus plant for marijuana. The couple said they had filed an insurance claim about a fallen tree at their home and the claims adjuster sent photos of the tree and a suspicious flowering plant to police. Police, armed with assault rifles, went to the home to investigate. By the way, hibiscus petals do make a fine, soothing tea.

Oh, Cheez Whiz!

A 76-year-old Pennsylvania man was buried with two cheesesteaks from Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia — apparently because the sandwiches are just that good. The AP reported Richard Lussi’s grandson once asked, what do you want to take with you when you die? And the man replied, “What do you think? Pat’s cheesesteak.” But, he added, “no onions, because they’ll come back to haunt me.”

Big gulp

Just how much soda gets consumed in Cook County, Illinois? The county board recently repealed a penny-per-ounce tax on soda and other sweetened beverages in October after months of legal and political feuding. Now the county that includes Chicago says it must layoff 323 people and eliminate 1,000 vacant posts to fill a budget hole of about $200 million.

Wigged hooligans

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen will pay the fines assessed six tourists detained by authorities in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana for dressing up as his character Borat. The tourists were fined $68 each for “minor hooliganism” after parading in lime green “mankinis” and black wigs, like Borat in the 2006 movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The film isn’t popular in Kazakhstan — to put it mildly.


Four for Fridays!

So it is the first day of December now it is time to feel like there is not enough time in a day to get things done. Here are your questions.

1) With Christmas sneaking up on you do you feel like you are rushed to get things done?

2) Have you started your baking if you are making cookies?

3) Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

4) Do you have your Christmas decorations up?

Hope everyone is enjoying this nice weather.

Open Blog - Friday

It will thrill you if it doesn't kill you.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

"Edging Closer"

and quite frankly, the Universe teems with life and doesn't care.

Either Way, We Lose

"Walker Announces National Ad Campaign To Attract Workers"

"Campaign To Focus On Bringing Veterans, Young Professionals To Wisconsin"

"(AP)---Gov. Scott Walker is calling on the Legislature to approve nearly $7 million to pay for a national ad campaign to bring more workers into Wisconsin.

"Walker announced the new marketing effort at a meeting Wednesday of the state chamber of commerce. Walker says the campaign will focus on bringing military veterans and their families to the state as well as young professionals currently living in the Midwest, particularly in cities like Chicago, Detroit and the Twin Cities.

"The push to attract more workers comes as Foxconn Technology Group proceeds with its plan to open a display-screen factory in between Milwaukee and Chicago that could employ more than 3,000 people.

"Walker says the need for workers goes beyond just Foxconn, but includes all employers across the state."

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"10 Predictions That Sci Fi Got Hilariously Wrong"

Open Blog - Thirsty Thursday

Bottoms up, ladies.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"Racine Uncovered ending, Journal Times to administer Facebook page"

"RACINE COUNTY — After 10 years in business of sharing local news — particularly about area crime and lost pets — the Racine Uncovered website is shutting down on Thursday.

"'From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank everybody for their support over the last 10 years; it’s been a lot of fun,' Racine Uncovered administrators Beth David, a community activist, and Corey Becker, stated in a post on Racine Uncovered’s website.

"Following the official shutdown, traffic from Racine Uncovered searches will go to In addition, Journal Times staff will be taking over as administrators of the Racine Uncovered Facebook page.

"The Journal Times wants to ensure those readers won’t miss any local news, which is why The Journal Times will continue to post stories to the page, particularly about area crime and other topics of area interest.

"Journal Times staff will also respond to Racine Uncovered messages and post messages from area residents about lost pets, in hopes of helping reunite owners with those pets.

"The Journal Times will also continue to post directly to and our facebook page

"In the Racine Uncovered post, David and Becker stated: 'During our 10 years we’ve had the privilege to work with some great people who in addition to being friends are also some of the best people we could ever hope to meet or collaborate with.'

"However, they stated they no longer have the time to invest in the site and wanted to end on a high note rather than keep publishing without being able to dedicate adequate time to it.

"'The Journal Times welcomes the Racine Uncovered readers,' Managing Editor Stephanie Jones said of the collaboration. 'We take our responsibility of informing area residents of safety concerns very seriously, along with providing full coverage of what is happening in our entire county. We look forward to continuing to share safety stories as well as hard-hitting news and features about people doing good in the community.'"


Why didn't you give it to Racine County Eye?  The Journal Times is run by lying pigs. I remember when people flocked to Racine Uncovered to get away from the Journal Times.  Watch as everything Beth built up is torn down.

"Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY"

Good, good, good.  Actually, this is great.  We are witnessing a major change in sexual attitudes and mores.  Bust every last one of the assholes who commit these crimes.

"A Losing Proposition"

Dear County Board,
In life there are Winners and Losers.
We're betting you lose.
Good luck with your throw of the dice.

RACINE COUNTY — Twenty-four hours after approval by Village of Mount Pleasant, the Racine County Board on Tuesday also voted unanimously to approve the development agreement between the village, county and Foxconn Technology Group.
A special signing ceremony with village, county and Foxconn officials is expected to be held on Friday.
Cindy and I bet that the coming legal challenges, Impeach Walker movement,  inevitable set-backs, delays, logistic problems, bureaucratic incompetence,  and any major negative changes in the US Economy, such as if the price of energy increases substantially,or energy supplies falter, markets crash, or Trumps war in the Middle East, Africa, and with North Korea/China, will kill the Foxconn deal.
Pax Americana.
At best - phase one will prove to be a disaster - and phases 2 and 3 will never happen. Employee turnover, absenteeism, low productivity, incompetence, excessive overtime, and an inability to compete in the Global Market will force Foxconn to abandon MTP.
The challenge is for you to prove us wrong - and I believe you will fail. Your plan B will be - Bankruptcy! You're starting out in negative territory with less than no eggs in your basket - but you've already counted your Roosters and Hens....
Thomas Cole and The Course of Empire:

Good luck.


Tim & Cindy

"They elected me twice"

Dear Village Board,
The claim made by  Village President David DeGroot:

 “The villagers actually did pick (a trustee), they actually did vote in an election back in April and they elected me as trustee and they elected me as president,” DeGroot said. “They elected me twice knowing I couldn’t possibly serve both positions"

Can only mean one of two things -
1. DeGroot electors vote early and often OR:
2. There is a substantial and large number of low informed voters in MTP.
As for DeGroots claim that :

" I couldn’t possibly serve both positions"
Cindy and I not only agree - we claim that Dave is UNFIT for any government position - elected or appointed.
As for Dave's claim that ,"I don’t think the board is doing its job,”
Well, Dave has failed to do his job of protecting Taxpayers and making good decisions in accordance with a limited, constitutional,  and small government. Instead he has raised taxes; increased spending, bonding & debt service ; added additional unaccountable  taxpayer funded bureaucrats & services; increased salaries and benefits; and engaged in excessive and potentially unconstitutional political overreach. 
The only position Dave is suitable for is to be spanked out of office by the Concerned Residents of Mount Pleasant.

Clearly, stupidity knows no limits, nor is painful.

Tim & Cindy

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, Santa's little (and not so little) helpers!  How are you?  You survived one more turkey day. But, of course, the best is yet to come: Christmas, perhaps the only holiday that can drive people to tears and guns.  It can make you temporarily insane.  I'm lucky to have my two men to help me survive the rest of the holidays.  They will do all of the decorating, if I let them.  And I will.

The Packers lost.  Ho-hum.  The next spectacle has them hosting Tampa Bay this Sunday afternoon.

Here are the standings from the Irregular Football League:

 My Screaming Psychics have clinched a playoff spot.  Hurray!  Mow 'em down, boys!

Our new mayor, Cory Mason, seems to have his head on straight.  He's keeping campaign promises.  To be honest, I also like his selection of ties.  Ex-mayor lying John seemed to own two ties, one blue, the other red. 

Foxconn fever has hit the area big time.  Every day there's a new agreement that's been signed.  There's been a huge amount of talk, but very little constructing.  Oh, and a lot of money has been borrowed or transferred.  "Don't worry," the politicians say, "Foxconn will repay more than it borrowed."  Right.

Junior finally got his drivers license.  It only took six tries.  He has no vehicle, but I'm sure he's looking.  Then the full court press will be applied to me to finance this venture.  I've already told him "no" a hundred times.  Still he asks.  He'll suggest it can be his Christmas present.  He'll suggest waiting on me hand and foot.  He'll promise anything to get that car. 

The weather the last couple of days hasn't been so bad.  Temperatures hit the 50s a couple of times.  There was some actual sunlight.  This adds a couple more days to your raking schedule.  Again, I have the boys to do that.

Don't forget to throw some money into one of the red kettles.  This can be a very difficult time of year for those suffering from poverty and/or mental illness.  Give thanks for what you have.  There's always someone who has less.
Please donate:
If you don't like PayPal, send me a note at and I'll send you my street address so you can send a check or money order.  Thank you

Open Blog - Wacky Wednesday

Hot damn!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"A Better Area"

"It would have been a better idea to have bought out and bulldozed the MTP/Racine ghetto stock of dilapidated and crumbling buildings and former industrial sites around the former Case Foundry plant and build Foxconn in that area - close to the People who might work there, and the displaced people would have become many of the workers and fill the Uptown/Downtown market rate housing."

They were smart to locate next to the interstate.  While I like the idea of taking over the old Case Clausen Works land, willing workers no longer live in the immediate area.  The people there don't know how to work.  We'd be better off putting a prison there.

"Liberal Gun Club: Hillary Voters Who Refuse to Give up Their Guns"


The Liberal Gun Club (LGC) is an emerging gun rights organization with leaders who voted for Hillary Clinton yet refuse to give up their guns.

LGC sees guns the same way they see abortion, contending that government attempts to ban either are wrong.

According to ABC News, the LGC has roughly 7,500 members in chapters throughout the nation. 

Lara Smith, president of the California LGC chapter, said, “I’m a liberal. I voted for Hillary Clinton. But I’m a strong Second Amendment supporter.”
She added, “I see everybody else’s views as inconsistent. Abortion and gun rights are the flip side of the same issue. If you’re for banning one and not the other there’s a real inherent inconsistency in there. My view is that neither of them should be banned. I’m arguing that I’m more liberal than even my liberal friends. The liberal view on most things is, I might not like it, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to ban it.”
Shemira Fermon, a member of LGC, approaches the topic by asking how many other freedoms Americans would give up if gun rights were taken away. She said, “The government says, ‘Hey we’re going to change this so everybody has to give up their guns.’ What else is going to be next?”
Fermon added, “I have an issue, and trust issues in general with law enforcement. Now you’re telling me what little slim chance of protection I had is now gone, and is given to people that I don’t trust at all. How is that fair?”

Lara Smith believes Pres. Trump responded to the Texas church attack correctly by refusing to blame guns for the horrendous crime. She said, “These guns existed way before this increase in mass shooting,”
Other groups that are not necessarily conservative in their political leanings have also emerged in the wake of mass public attacks during the past few years. One of the most prominent is the Pink Pistols, which garnered national attention with their calls for the gay community to arm up for self-defense in the wake of the Orlando Pulse attack.
Pink Pistols spokesperson Gwendolyn Patton said, “We teach queers to shoot and we teach the world we did it.”
AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at